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Kitchen interier

We present a unique photographic material of the repair from the TV program "Housing issue", where the architect Tatiana Smirnova embodied a remarkable, eye-catching and genuinely interesting room for three diverse women.

The space has an area of ​​6.8 square meters. m. - one for two girlfriends Oli and Natasha, who together purchased apartments for mortgage lending. The situation is difficult, but together with the designer Tatiana, the project masters have developed a wonderful solution, how to improve the layout and get the most spectacular and bright result! Notice how colorful and rich the decoration came out, even the cold drizzling weather outside the window can not overshadow the feeling of the interior.

Kitchen interier

In this situation, the "Housing issue" program presented a unique chance to help the "solar baby" - Mashenka, as well as her caring mother Ole and Natasha's friend. Four years ago they together bought a small, but very cozy apartment. Each girl has her own room, but the kitchen area is one for everyone. The creative union of the program's employees and the decorator embodied an incredible beauty and strength project. In this small but cozy space it was possible to combine an excellent design, as well as a high technical component: a widescreen display, a hob, two refrigerators, an oven, and even a hood here were simply placed perfectly!

Kitchen interior details

"The title of the novel by the writer Françoise Sagan" A little sun in cold water "perfectly describes my idea and all aspects of this design transformation, as well as the systematically changing attitude towards people with some developmental disabilities, mood and passion for change," says Natalya Smirnova. Graceful door with frosted glass perfectly complements the design, and does not load space.

Kitchen interior details

Two close friends, one of whom has a little daughter, became owners of modest apartments. With a combined bathroom and toilet, a small kitchen and a large balcony that has an unbalanced geometric silhouette and exit to one of the rooms. The girls needed changes, which was achieved in this project: a bright poster that attracted attention became the main highlight of the project.

Round table

Workers in the same company and in the same mode of work, the housewives spend in the walls of their own apartment, too, are constantly together, and on the weekend Mashenka is added to them, which follows her mother.

In addition, it so happened that the girls have different dietary systems: Masha has a special diet, shown for health reasons, and Natasha is a vegetarian. Therefore, the house needs two refrigerators. In addition, it was necessary to organize an additional corner where you could relax or work out in sports.

Kitchen interior details

Good in the form of location and illumination, the apartment had several important planning flaws, which were laid during the construction phase.

Kitchen interior details

Such modest kitchens are currently being built only in the homes of the hotel type.

The lack of access to the balcony from the kitchen area, of course, the fault of the designers. But within the limits of even simple logical thinking this can not be explained.

Ceiling height is extremely low. The presence of gas required some limitations in the development of a conceptual idea and consultation with the employee of Mosgaz.


Various actions that are necessary at the stage of implementation of the conceived project with respect to dismantling works in the field of window sills and equipment of openings in interior partitions should have been agreed with the management of Moszhilinspektsii and confirmed by special documentation.

Kitchen interior details

This was done during the development of the project! Designers in the process of work have created an incredible decoration, which is fascinating and stunning at the same time.

Kitchen interior details

The need to find an excellent solution to the basic problems of life was clear to the architect. All her imagination and creative desire to find new ideas, she sent to develop an attractive and functional spatial approach. Since there are two families living in this small two-room apartment, the development of an aesthetic and universal space has become a paramount task of the master. Since there are two housewives in the kitchen, each one must have its own area.

The loggia was equipped with beautiful window blocks and weightless curtains, which allow the sun's rays to freely penetrate into this saturated room.

Kitchen interior details

In the far corner was built a rack with numerous shelves, where you can store not only accessories, but also books and household items.


In the kitchen area, a rational layout, effective location of household items and equipment allowed not to encumber the space and leave it filled with air and volume.

Kitchen interior details

Since the taste preferences and desires of the girls are different, but still limited to modernism, the designer saw it important to pick up a vigorous, harmonious solution with the two remaining rooms. In addition, she wanted to create a practical and multifunctional room on the loggia, but do not load it with unnecessary accessories and household items. Magnificent ornaments and decorative details found in this room its successful application, such as, for example, this glass bottle and an unusual teapot.

Kitchen interior details

A general picture of comfort was complemented by a round dining table, a comfortable semi-circular sofa and a comfortable armchair.

Kitchen interior details

Nevertheless, a place was also found for the location of a specific specific object, namely a widescreen image, which brought a deep sensation and spectacular appearance to the room, and at the same time, absorbed all aspects and color techniques.

Cup and saucer

A practical stand for drying dishes was hung on the wall, so it did not take up space on the work surface and fit into the overall design aesthetically.


The conceptual idea developed by the architect gave an opportunity:

  • Effectively equip the area of ​​the loggia, harmoniously combine it with the kitchen;
  • Develop for the hostess a place for secluded solitude, or vice versa, doing sports and gymnastics,
  • Equip space with innovative technical equipment that will allow the girls to cook food in front of each other,
  • To make a miniature variation of the dining area, which in some ways can replace the absence of a guest cabin.
Kitchen interior details

A beautiful illumination system completed the created look, powerful ceiling lamps perfectly illuminate the entire space.

Ceiling lamp

The technical side of the issue is beyond doubt, the kitchen was equipped with all necessary equipment, which was successfully placed on spacious shelves and niches.

Kitchen interior details

The master tried to turn to a wide range of textures and facing building materials, embodying the sea surface in the form of glass surfaces and varnish coatings, as well as the sun in the form of decoration with the use of oak wood. In this interior, elegant home appliances look extremely effective.

Kitchen interior details

A sink made of artificial stone in a yellow tinted palette complements the beautiful texture of wood.

Sink made of artificial stone

The modern cooking surface, which was installed on the kitchen island, can please both owners.

Kitchen stove

Pay attention to the layout of the apartment and the layout of the furniture.

Apartment layout