30 pendant fixtures of the week from pinterest

We bring to your attention a selection of pendant lamps from Pinterest - the 30 most interesting models that were laid out last week on the largest resource uniting designers and decorators from around the world.

So which pendant lights were the most popular on the penultimate week of October 2014?

To begin with, we note that lamps are now especially popular in foreign countries Island Light - lamps on a long cord, which in an unlimited number of points are suspended for lighting different zones in the same room.

The main trend of last week was luminaires made of transparent glass. In the photo below you will see how diverse they can be - simple shapes or in the form of crystal wine decanters, colorless or in all shades of the rainbow, large and small, without decoration or very beautifully decorated.

Among the styles of lamps, a special love for Pinterest is now enjoyed country and vintage - probably due to the fact that they are better than others in the autumn nostalgia and our desire to make your home as warm and comfortable as possible in this gloomy season. By the way, the first models of festive lamps have already appeared - for those who before all begin to anticipate numerous winter festivities!

And of course, we could not help but include in our collection several original design lamps and ideas for creating lighting fixtures own hands. Enjoy watching!

Pendant lamps made of glass Beautiful glass fixtures Glass lamps Multicolored fixtures Crystal lights Suspended light fixtures Pendant lamps for kitchen

Что нужно для создания оригинального стеклянного светильника own hands:


Original lamps with a wooden lampshade:

Suspended light in the form of a cage Fixtures of manual work Lamps made of wood Original fixtures made of wood

Lamps in the rustic style:

Table lamps in unusual use Suspended light fixturesдля кухни в стиле кантри

Lamp in the kitchen Flori

Fixtures in black:

Lamp with metal frame Beautiful pendant lights in black

Bright designer lamps:

Stylish interior lamps

Beautiful and unusual ceiling lamp

Unusual handmade lamps Homemade lamp

And finally the original festive lamps:

Suspended light fixturesIsland Light Lamps for the street Lantern bell