3d wall-papers in an interior - 59 photos in modern

3d wallpapers in the interior - a very beautiful kind of decoration, used for walls and ceilings. They have quite a large variety of colors, patterns and textures that can make the room original, cozy and, at the same time, spacious. In this article we will consider what kinds of 3D photo wallpapers exist. Also, you will learn how to design this room with this material. And in this article we have collected a lot of beautiful examples that show the originality of such finishes.

3d wallpapers in the interior and their advantages

Photo wallpapers 3d represent canvases with wide-format images, allowing you to feel the entire volume of the picture on a flat surface. Any apartment with their help will be unique. The main advantage of such finishing is the ability to give the space infinite depth and, thus, to hide the shortcomings of the layout (to expand the narrow corridor, to "raise" low ceilings in the room, etc.).

3d wallpapers in the interior, photo 13d wallpapers in the interior photo, photo 23d wall-papers for walls, фото 33d wall-papers widening space, photo 4white wall-papers 3d, photo 5

Quite often 3d wall-papers in an interior apply at division of space on functional zones. In the photos in our article you can see the wall decorated by them at the dining area in the kitchen and other options. Unlike ordinary wallpaper, they are extremely decorative and create the illusion of reality. Photo wallpapers 3d have a long service life (up to 10 years), they are not afraid of moisture, temperature changes, they pass air well and are made of environmentally friendly materials.

As for the disadvantages, they can be attributed to the difficulty of installation (gluing some models requires the help of specialists) and a fairly high cost, exceeding the price of conventional wallpaper, but this is fully justified by a large number of advantages.

3d wall-papers for walls

Like many types of decoration materials, wallpapers ZD in the interior of various rooms can decorate both the walls or some of their fragments, and the ceiling surface, and it looks pretty impressive.

Для оформления стен могут подойти любые виды Зд фотообоев. Если необходимо значительно расширить комнату, уместно применить панорамные Зд фотообои для стен, для оформления акцентной стены — одиночные. 3d wall-papers for walls помогут великолепно оформить гостиную, зону отдыха на кухне, детскую комнату, а красивые фотообои 3д для стен в спальню с изображением цветов наполнят атмосферу теплом и романтикой. На фотографиях ниже вы увидете красивые примеры оформления интерьера фотообоями.

3d photo wallpapers, photo 6children's 3d wallpaper, photo 7

3d wallpapers for ceiling

Effectively and unusually will look ceiling 3d wallpapers in the interior. In most cases, work on pasting is entrusted to experienced specialists, since it is quite difficult to do it yourself. Ceiling wall-papers Zd, pasted with the slightest errors (however, just like wall-mounted), can completely lose its effect. There are options when panoramic images cover all the surfaces of a room, creating around an infinitely "deep" space.

beautiful wall-papers 3d, photo 8beautiful wall-papers 3d on a wall, photo 9beautiful wall-papers 3d on the wall photo, photo 10stereoscopic 3d wallpapers, photo 11Wall Mural 3d, photo 12Wall Mural 3d in the living room, photo 13Wall Mural 3d in the living room, photo 14

The variety of this kind of decoration is very large. 3d wall-papers that expand space can have many different images, differ in their structure and dimensions and other parameters. There is a division into four main types.

Single 3d wallpaper in the interior

Such 3d wallpapers represent a separate picture, having a clear size and borders. Such a canvas does not cover all the walls, but only fragments that accentuate their attention. In our article you can see how the photo walls in the interior are a vivid adornment of the monochrome wall decoration, for example, a photo of a living room with a panorama of a beautiful forest or mountain landscape, etc.

Wall-papers for wall to bedroom, photo 15Wall Mural 3d for city walls, photo 16

Panoramic 3d wallpapers, expanding the space

A special and very beautiful view has panoramic beautiful wallpaper 3d. They consist of a single large canvas, which can be framed as one wall, and the entire room along the perimeter. They are able, literally, to "push" the boundaries of the walls and change the room beyond recognition. Such 3d wall-papers, expanding the space, create the most realistic effect of the 3D image.

Standard Wall Mural 3D

Это более привычные нам рулонные обои, но разница заключается в том, что они содержат трехмерные изображения геометрических узоров, абстракций или цветочных принтов. Standard Wall Mural 3D могут довольно эффектно оформить комнату, если будут оклеены все стены или же выделена отдельная функциональная зона. Их достоинство заключается в простоте монтажа, так как не требуется четкая стыковка рисунка.

Stereoscopic 3d wallpapers

This option is a more new and very effective development. 3d stereoscopic wall-papers for walls happen two kinds: fluorescent and light-emitting diode. To understand what a fluorescent wallpaper, it is worth looking at the interior of the room with a wall, where the underwater world is depicted. They are covered with luminous paint, which in the darkness illuminates the room with a gently pouring light. The best images on them will be the evening cities, ocean depths, galaxies, etc.

LED wall-papers 3d are the most thin aluminum panels with built-in miserable light-emitting diodes. In this case, an amazingly spectacular view of a room with such 3D photo walls in the interior will be supplemented by an original highlight (see the examples in the photo). Some types of such wallpapers can completely replace even the basic lighting.

3d stereoscopic wall paper, photo 17

3d wall-papers in the interior of various rooms

Due to the fact that different types of 3D wallpaper have such characteristics as moisture resistance, strength, fire resistance and environmental friendliness, they can be used in any type of premises, as well as on the street. Consider the examples of photos of our catalog, as 3d wallpapers can decorate this or that room.

Wall Mural 3d for kitchen

With the help of the type of decoration we are considering, you can create an unusual and creative interior in the kitchen. In this room we spend quite a lot of time and the atmosphere for cooking and eating should be the most favorable. 3d wallpaper for the kitchen, as the photos show us, can perfectly distinguish the dining area, adding a piece of warmth and coziness to it. They can be placed on the whole wall or in separate fragments, becoming accentual elements of the interior. A beautiful illusion of the panorama will create 3D wall-paper "view from the window", located at the dining table, as shown in the photo. The ceiling surface can also be decorated with a panoramic pattern.

3d photo for kitchen photo, photo 18Wall Mural 3d for kitchen, photo 19Wall-papers for wall in the kitchen, photo 20Wall-papers for kitchen wall Photo 3d, photo 213d photo for kitchen photo, photo 22Wall Mural 3d for kitchen, photo 23

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Wall Mural 3d for bedroom

The bedroom - this is the place where we come to relax and relax, so its design rarely uses bright saturated colors. However, monochrome light colors can make the environment boring and deserted.

Фотообои 3д для стен в спальню помогут значительно разбавить интерьер и превратить его в настоящее дизайнерское произведение. Довольно часто панорамными картинами оформляется стена у изголовья кровати. Красивые цветы, пейзажи, фрагменты небесной сферы и ночные города — наиболее уместные изображения. Stereoscopic 3d wallpapers с изображением бесконечной галактики, как показано на фото, создадут в этой комнате самую необыкновенную атмосферу.

Wall Mural 3d for nature, photo 24Wall Mural 3d for a rose wall, photo 25Wall Mural 3d window, photo 26Wall-papers of the 3d roses, photo 27Wall Mural 3d photo, photo 28Wall-papers 3d flowers, photo 29

Wall-papers 3d for a hall

Surprise and, at the same time, to enchant the visitors who came to the house, they can have 3d wallpapers for the hall. This is just the place where you can use the best panoramic canvases and 3d wallpapers with geometric (abstract images), although it is possible to use single pictures. For example, wallpapers 3d "fireplaces" will create a cozy atmosphere and fill the room with warmth of the home. Fine canvases can decorate and the ceiling surface, giving it lightness and originality.

wall-paper for a bedroom 3d photo, photo 303d wallpapers in the interior photo, photo 313d wall-papers for walls, фото 323d wall-papers widening space, photo 33white wall-papers 3d, photo 34

Baby 3d wallpapers

Children such decoration of the room, no doubt, will please, giving occasion to boast to friends and girl-friends. Ecologically clean composition of the material and its ability to "breathe" will create the most favorable microclimate. Children's wallpapers Zd perfectly complement the room of a young racing driver, lover of sea adventures and an athlete. Funny images of cartoon and fairy-tale heroes will revitalize the interior, creating the illusion of the presence of a fun company, why the kid will not feel alone.

Baby 3d wallpapers можно разместить и на потолочной поверхности, как показано на фото, где комната, словно погружена в глубины океана. Хорошим выбором оформления потолка, особенно, для детей, которые боятся темноты, станут стереоскопические Зд фотообои, создающие мягкую успокаивающую подсветку.

3d photo wallpapers, photo 35children's 3d wallpaper, photo 36beautiful wall-papers 3d, photo 37beautiful wall-papers 3d on the wall, photo 38beautiful wall-papers 3d on a wall photo, photo 39stereoscopic 3d wallpapers, photo 40

3d wallpapers in the interior: photos of beautiful images

In order to get a really stunning effect, it is very important to choose the right 3d wallpaper that extends the space, or rather, the image on them. To do this, take into account the overall design, style and function of the room. Let us consider some examples.

wall-paper 3d, photo 41Wall Mural 3d in the interior, photo 42Wall-papers 3d for a hall, photo 43

Wall Mural 3d: flowers

Images of various colors, made in a variety of color palettes, can perfectly arrange the living room and bedroom. For example, wall-papers of "rose" in the interior of the bedroom, depicted in the photo, give the room an unusual romanticism and charm.

Wall-papers 3D for a bedroom, photo 443d wall-papers for walls цветы, фото 45Wall Mural 3d flowers photo, photo 46

Wall Mural 3d: nature

Landscape canvases and individual fragments of them can be added to any room. They are perfect for both kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and for hallways and bathrooms. Photo wallpapers "nature" in the corridor can have a pattern in the form of a path that goes to an infinite distance, which significantly "extends" the space. Burling streams of waterfall on the walls of the shower cubicle of the bathroom will cause unique emotions during the adoption of water procedures. The applied panoramic beautiful wall-papers ZD on a wall of a drawing room, as shown on a photo, will create an appearance of stay on the bosom of open nature.

Wall Mural 3d, photo 47Wall Mural 3d, photo 48Wall Mural 3d nature, photo 493d wallpapers in the interior, photo 503d wallpapers in the interior, photo 51

Wall Mural 3d: fireplaces

We already mentioned earlier that the images of fireplaces can perfectly complement the interior of the living room. Such design will become especially relevant in the cold season. But it is worth noting that no less effective wallpapers ZD "fireplaces" will look and in the bedroom. In order to make the image more realistic, you can apply additional decoration with decorative stones, bricks or tiles.

Wall Mural 3d fires, photo 52Wall-papers fireworks, photo 53Wall Mural 3d fireplaces, photo 54

Photo wallpapers 3d: window

Zd Wall-papers for walls with a kind from a window can replace an unsuccessful panorama of available window openings, not being thus a light source. The most frequent subjects are a view of nature, the sea or the city. Basically, photo wallpapers of the "window" have small dimensions and are less often pasted on the whole wall.

Wall Mural 3d view from a window, photo 55Wall Mural 3d view from a window, photo 56

Wall Mural 3d: city

Original wallpapers in the interior of any room with the image of cities, as shown in the photo, can become a real decoration. The main thing is to make the right choice and take into account the overall design of the apartment. In one room, it will be more appropriate to place wallposts "city" with the image of the streets of old Paris or the canals of Venice, and in another case, it is necessary to choose skyscrapers of New York or Tokyo.

Wall Mural 3d city, photo 57Wall Mural 3d city, photo 58Wall Mural 3d city, photo 59

Whatever the story, Zd Wall-papers for walls is a successful decorative tool with which you can make the most unexpected changes in the house, increase the missing space, add warmth and coziness to the overall atmosphere.