Curtains in the interior - 100 photo design ideas

Yellow curtains in the white living room

When designing the interior of great importance is the right choice of textiles. Its properties allow you to modify the decor at the finishing stage of the finish. From the quality of the material, its texture and color - the successful design of the room directly depends. Curtains in the interior can be both a harmonious element of the decor, and an annoying factor that does not give rest. To the owners of the home did not overtake a similar catastrophe, they should responsibly approach the choice of fabric. Its quality should be high, and the style should correspond to the general style of the house. Cost in this case is receding into the background. To facilitate the task for the owners, we will consider in detail how to navigate the choice of textiles.

However, this does not mean that matter must necessarily be costly. The same velvet is not in every style will fit. Then you should choose the right color. To determine the latter, it is necessary to answer several questions:

  • What element of the decor will blend curtains?
  • What role should they play - purely decorative or multifunctional?
  • Do you need a bright accent for design?

And to correctly respond to them, then consider what options exist.

Curtains in flower

Variants of combinations

Depending on the stage of registration, the owner of the house can choose any of the below.

Under the color of the walls

If the room is experiencing an excess of accessories and other interior details, then with the design of curtains, it is recommended to be careful. It is better not to attract attention to the matter of flashy color, and to stay on a neutral palette. The closer the selected shade will be to the color of the wallpaper, the less noticeable will be the textiles. This technique is actively used by designers, when it is necessary to design a small room. This allows you to save space as a whole, without delimiting the zones. This approach to selection is considered a win-win, because the color of the other elements of the decor does not matter. The main thing is harmony with the walls, when the shade of the curtains is with them in one color scheme.

Curtains and curtains in combination  Turquoise curtains  Beige heavy curtains  Curtains day-night  Heavy curtains

Combination with patterned walls

It can be a drawing, ornate ornament, embossing. To emphasize the graphic elements, you can use an elegant edging on the curtains. Its thin contrast line will clearly separate the textiles from the walls, if they are made in the same color scheme. This is especially true for light shades of the palette. Also, the vertical edge can visually increase the height of the room.

Striped and turquoise curtains

Curtains bicolor

Depending on the stage of interior design, you can choose from several colors at once. At the initial stage, curtains are selected from the palette of the rest of the textile. It can be a floor carpet, a cape for a sofa. Milky-coffee shades curtains will complement it. If, however, the design of the curtains are already at the finish stage, then the combination of the basic colors of the interior is possible. It can be a fashionable union of steel and gold shades, and maybe any other.

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Black and red curtains in the living room

Repeating accents

If there are bright accents in the interior of the room, then they can be repeated with the help of window textiles. This method is used when it is necessary to dilute the main color gamut. When the entire room is filled with a bright color, without making soothing shades it will be difficult to relax. In this case, a minimal interaction is sufficient. Couples to the curtains can make up a pillow in the bedroom, towels in the kitchen. The main thing is that the accents are harmoniously distributed around the perimeter of the room.

Curtains on two windows  Repetition of the color of the curtains in the decor of the room  Accents with decor and curtains  Curtains on the panoramic window  Roman и обычные шторы в комнате

Under the color of the interior

It means using gradients and halftones of the same color. Also, various patterns are emphasized, which shade a single scale. The main task is to achieve the effect of "orange cuisine" or "blue bedroom" without compromising on design. Otherwise, he can quickly get bored.

Three curtains in different colors

Combination with carpet

This scheme works well when the furniture set is made in neutral tones. To bring a variety to the interior, it can be diluted with an interesting pattern on the curtains and floor carpet. Interior decor will also benefit, if such an image will be on accessories. If the furniture is characterized by the brightness of its upholstery, then the above-mentioned pair is recommended to be pushed to the background. Make the combination a background. At the same time, they can have a similar texture, not just the color, but also the texture of the material.

Curtains for large windows in the living room

Combination of textile motifs

When the chosen curtains are of an interesting pattern, you want to repeat it somewhere else in the interior. If the textiles were sewn to order or the decor was made independently, it is easier to take a piece of fabric with an image and decorate them with a pillow. This binding is the most popular among designers. However, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules at the same time, since not every tissue can come up.

Textiles in a combination room  Curtains under the interior of the room Color of curtains under the coloring of the room Flower Curtains Heavy curtains не пропускают солнечный свет

With a furniture set

A similar binding is used when it is necessary to designate a window opening. The combination can be any - by color, by drawing. The main thing is that they do not argue, but complement each other, create a balance of design.

Curtains in combination with the interior  Curtains and bamboo blinds  Curtains for the color of furniture  Red curtains  Bright curtains in the living room

Lack of combination

The designer can suggest going from the opposite. Select curtains in textured color, so that all other heterogeneous elements look good against its background. Thus, the effect of the theater is achieved, where on the stage there are always monochrome backs. A similar method is used when the space is large enough.

  Colored Curtains  Yellow curtains  Geometric pattern on the curtains  Green curtains in the living room Dark green curtains in a gray interior

Color selection

After there will be certainty with the variant of this or that combination, you can proceed to the choice of color. Curtains can be either colored or neutral shades.

Roman шторы в полосатую расцветку

Neutral curtains include:

Shades of whiteIdeal for minimalist and ultra modern stylistics (whether Scandinavian or high-tech interior).
All gradations of grayTo create a cool design.
Shades of beigeActual for the appropriate scale (gold, chocolate) and classic styles.
Using blackIt is also allowed, since a colorful color serves as an excellent background for various accents.

Light curtains with a simple floral pattern

Color curtains are designed to breathe energy into a strict design, saturate it with a contrast accent. Monotonous or neutral interiors come alive when they are complemented by the juicy colors of curtains.

Single-color curtains with a patterned top

If the white space is decorated with orange, it will instantly warm up. Designers use this technique when the room is located on the cold side of the world.

Beige room with red curtains

The choice of a particular color can be determined both by the personal preferences of the owner, and by rational considerations. Because there are warm and cold, light and heavy for perception of tone.

Gray interior with yellow accents

Types of curtains

The key is the matter from which the curtains are sewn. The density of its texture can be very different, which the designer always needs to remember. The presence of a picture, fringe and other details is also an important point. The assortment of curtains on the market is amazing, but it is still possible to classify them. So, the most popular are the following varieties:

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Assembled curtains


Уже несколько столетий не выходят из моды. Такая популярность обусловлена гарантированным эффектом уюта, который они предоставляют. Даже самые современные стилистики интерьера нуждаются в ощущении комфорта и тепла. Classical занавески способны гармонично выполнить эту функцию в помещении любого типа. Ими можно украсить презентабельную гостиную, пафосный рабочий кабинет, спокойную спальню и т.д. Все, что для этого необходимо, заключается в идеально подобранном соотношении: портьеры с плотной текстурой, полупрозрачной гардины и ламбрекена.

Classical шторы

The design of curtains can assume, both full closing of a window aperture, and partial. The same applies to the degree of transparency of the curtains, which can only be shaded.

Despite the fact that lambrequins are a decorative element, they can also be used for practical purposes. They can mask the drawbacks of attaching curtains, emphasize the texture of the fabric, repeat the pattern of some drawing or silhouette of the accessory. This is made possible by the variety of products on the market and the softness of their performance. If hard lambrequins are often characterized by severity of shapes, then soft, on the contrary, their originality. They can collect folds, which instantly insulates the situation.

Curtains for bedrooms Green Curtains Window design with curtains Curtains on two windows Classical бежевые шторы


They are distinguished by their luxurious decoration, a large number of elegant ruffles. They make sense to buy for a richly furnished interior to once again emphasize your status. Ideal for solid classical interiors, helping to soften the restrained atmosphere. Smooth folds look great with arched windows in any room. Sections consisting of impressive frills are easy to imagine everywhere. To create a refined atmosphere, expensive silk was used before. However, over time, practicality prevailed over the pathos - and now in fashion polyester with tulle. The first refers to a fairly elastic and pleasant to the touch of matter. Caring for it is notable for its simplicity, and draping is extremely easy. In addition, they are not afraid of ultraviolet rays. Perfect folds of practical material are in themselves a good decoration of the house.

French шторы Window closed by French curtains Semi-transparent curtains Curtains and French curtains on a wide window French шторы в эркере


Have some similarity with the previous version, because they can also boast of magnificent folds. However, their versatility looks much more interesting. Functionality of the Austrian curtains means the presence of purl strings, which collect matter in elegant festons. This happens during the rise of the curtains, when it is necessary to put more light into the room. In a free state, they look simple and natural, since the braid forms quite a few folds. Fabric for these items are usually light, uncollectible. Therefore, they found their application both in the classical interiors of urban apartments, and in provincial - country houses. Initially, Austrian models were created for small windows, but then began to produce sliding curtains.

Curtains in crease Austrian шторы на два окна Austrian шторы на окнах в гостиной Curtains in crease в детской Folds in the style of Austrian curtains


Characterized by the ideal geometry of their strict forms, which favorably affects the human mind. Restrained products are able to perform a fairly large number of functions. Their elegant canvases can hide the shortcomings of architectural elements, visually increase the area of ​​space and emphasize this or that style of decoration. A win-win situation is considered one of the most ancient. At the same time, Roman curtains have enjoyed unprecedented popularity to this day. This is due to the extremely simple and multifunctional design. The latter involves fastening on any surface, even directly on the window. That is why they are often used on balconies and loggias. Flat fabric fabrics form elegant folds that rise horizontally on top of each other. This is done by means of rigid rods, which are controlled by special cords. The choice of the texture of the fabric and its coloring is not limited to anything, so Roman curtains can be combined with any other types of textiles.

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Roman curtains on a wide window Roman шторы в интерьере кухни Roman шторы разного размера в комнате Roman blind in flower Roman curtains are soft purple


Also can boast a flat panel of any color palette. However, the Roman curtains are distinguished by the absence of folds. They gather on the upper roller almost completely. This allows you to maximize the window to let in more light, and also close it when you need to darken the room. If the texture of the fabric is sufficiently dense, then you can achieve the effect of the cinema. Decorative products can be hung on any windows, because their working principle and ease of attachment do not imply any difficulties. The design of curtains can contain a stylish image on a smooth screen or be monotonous. They are used even for bathrooms, when it is required to close one or another zone.

Rolling шторы до пола Rolling шторы день-ночь Rolling шторы разных цветов Black roller blinds Rolling шторы длинные


They became popular far beyond the country of the same name. The panel products look original due to their unusual design. Like Roman curtains, they are divided into solid slats. However, when driving, they remain absolutely even, because they are equipped with special rigid inserts along the perimeter. Thanks to this structure they do not form folds and can solve practical problems. Zoning of the room is carried out with the extension of the panels from either side, since the transformation mechanism allows this. Requirements for the fabric mean a translucent light matter, which is appropriate for any style of design.

Black and silver with a pattern Japanese curtains Brown Japanese Curtains Japanese шторы зеленых оттенков Japanese шторы с абстрактным рисунком Japanese шторы на панорамное окно


Вошли в моду после появления спроса на все экзотическое. Этнические мотивы бамбуковых палочек привлекают своим натуральным происхождением и использованием ручного труда. Затем плетеные полотна подвергаются специальной обработке для улучшения своих эксплуатационных качеств. После нее они спокойно переносят воздействие ультрафиолета и повышенной влажности. Благодаря этим свойствам их стали чаще приобретать для размещения на кухне. Природная расцветка отличается своим благородством, а органическая фактура древесины способна украсить практически любой интерьер. Цветовая гамма не нуждается в серьезных корректировках, так как растение обладает своим колоритом. Экологически чистый материал подчеркивает заботу владельцев о собственном здоровье и благополучии. Bamboo шторы являются идеальным вариантом для загородных резиденций, где все нацелено на отдых.

Translucent bamboo roller blinds Bamboo шторы Dark bamboo curtains Translucent bamboo curtains Curtains bamboo on two windows


Used for panoramic windows, when it is necessary to hide a large space from the sun. And if horizontal products are used only outside the open verandas, the vertical ones may well be located inside. Their reliability and practicality are complemented by a quality system of electric drives. These functional products also protect against moisture on large terraces. Trends in recent years demonstrate an increase in demand for semi-transparent fabrics with linen inserts. These fabrics give airiness to the atmosphere of the interior and perfectly dissipate the sunlight. An interesting effect is also offered by the use of crumpled silk paintings, which create an easy design. Another advantage of marquis is the ability to fit into the modern architectural style of country life.

Awnings на окно Marquise on the veranda Marquise with a wall Marquise retractable Marquise with adjustable angle of inclination


The design of curtains is of the utmost importance at the final stage of interior decoration. Thanks to a competent selection of materials, it is possible to improve the general impression of repair. Variety of assortment allows you to choose any variety for a particular style. Curtains can perform both decorative and practical functions.

Blue curtains

This year was marked by a surge in demand for the blue coloring of fabrics. However, the leaders still remain the tone of the neutral palette - sand, pearl and gray. And if with large sizes of drawings everything remains, as it was, then the images themselves became more abstract, blurred. Impressionism, watercolor came back. Multilayered designs with an unusual design of the upper part of the curtains become the main hit of this season.

White-blue curtains Roman шторы на окне Rolling шторы в гостиной Rolling шторы с тюлью Curtains on the door Colored Curtains Curtains in the color gradient Translucent tulle Violet thick curtains Turquoise curtains в белой комнате  Curtains on the big window  Curtains in the bedroom Curtains for the color of the walls Curtains for panoramic windows Roller blinds Curtains for kitchen  Multi-colored strip on curtains  Geometric pattern on the curtains  White curtains  Red curtains с узором