Organization of a school corner in one night

When decorating a work corner, it is worth to find a comfortable middle and do not overload the playground with serious objects. But the workplace is separated from the playing space. To ensure that the room does not visually decrease, it is recommended to use ways to expand the space.

  • Options for the separation of the children's zone
  • How to choose furniture?
  • Lighting in the nursery and security requirements

Options for the separation of the children's zone

When decorating a school corner in a one-room apartment, it is separated from the adult zone.

As the child grows up, new needs arise, and places are not enough. Parents have to solve problems with placement, so as not to infringe on the comfort of the child.

Options for the separation of the children's zone

If the following options for demarcating space and using the area with maximum benefit:

  1. The cardinal solution is the demolition of partitions and the unification of the corridor, kitchen and main room. It turns out a spacious room, which is zoned into separate sectors. Kitchen space is given to the school corner. Separate space will help the bar or a low drywall partition. The child is separated by a curtain or shelf.
  2. Instead of a kitchen, a nursery is equipped. This option is suitable in the presence of a pantry, where the kitchen is carried.
  3. If there are two windows in the room, partitioning is used. The school nook should be well lit.
  4. Mobile partitions are used: racks, screens or curtains. In this case, the lower part of the rack is closed, and the upper part is made in the form of open shelves.
  5. To allocate a place for the child it is possible by means of a furniture corner. This suite includes a wardrobe, bed and table. The corner gets off by the curtain. A good solution is a loft bed. Recommended folding furniture.

Before proceeding with the arrangement of the room, it is worthwhile to outline a preliminary plan and consider the ideas for planning.

When zoning is important, the color of the walls. In the children's area, the color scheme differs from the main room. When decorating the walls for the student can use elements of geographical maps, images of fairy-tale heroes and animals.

recommendations for decorating a child's corner

How to choose furniture?

The acquisition of furniture is considered an important step. Children's furniture in a one-room apartment is compact. When it is arranged, the selection rules are respected. The design should be functional and convenient.

Choosing furniture, you need to make sure of its environmental friendliness and safety.

There are the following recommendations when decorating a child's corner:

  1. The table is selected with the possibility of adjusting the slope of the working surface. This is necessary for the correct location of the spine.
  2. As an option, the transformer furniture is used, which allows you to change the height of the legs and the area of ​​the working surface.
  3. Deciding how to put the table, you can choose the angular option. It has a narrow surface. Such a table is convenient for placing the computer and separating the game and work areas.
  4. For sitting, a comfortable chair or chair with orthopedic functions is chosen.
  5. In a limited area, simple furniture is selected.
  6. If the school corner is located near the door, then the swing design is replaced with a sliding one, which will save the area.

Keeping things

Keeping things

To increase the comfort of the work area, additional storage systems are used:

  1. Modern storage options are used: suspension modules, baskets and containers. These products are mounted to a vertical surface and are suitable for storing stationery.
  2. There are various ideas for storing textbooks. As an option, a separate shelf is allocated, which is attached above the table. As a stand for books, a rack is used to divide the room into zones. In extreme cases, a nightstand or a special box is suitable.
  3. The surface of the wall where the table is located is used with advantage. It can be attached to a structure from pockets for storage of small items or a special board for storing notes.
  4. Better to buy small boxes for storage, so that the child was easier to clean up.
  5. It is recommended to equip a separate place for storing toys.

Lighting in the nursery and security requirements

Lighting is the most important issue in the design of the workplace for the student. Light can tire or help in work.

Lighting is the most important issue

It is worth following the following rules when installing lighting points:

  1. It is better to place the table on the side of the window. Then the light dissipates and does not fall directly on the books and notebooks.
  2. Be sure to set the table lamp on the left side, if the child is left-handed, then the right. The lampshade of the table lamp should be monophonic, and preferably a white shade.
  3. To save space, it is worth choosing a lighting fixture on the bracket.
  4. As an option, instead of a desk lamp used fixtures mounted in furniture.

The children's area should be arranged in accordance with the safety for the child. Children's corner should be bright and there are no sharp corners and wires.

The children's zone should be arranged in accordance with the safety for the child

The interior is created with the following conditions:

  1. Possibility of airing.
  2. Absence of drafts.
  3. Do not place the children's area near the doors.
  4. The corner should be well lit.
  5. Nearby there should be no exit to the balcony.
  6. The zone is not located near the radiators.

Do not forget that the child-pupil likes to play, so it's worth thinking about a warm floor covering that is easy to clean.

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