White interior +80 photo design examples

White interior combined with bright decor elements

It is very difficult to choose among the wide variety of interior types the most modern, fashionable. However, over the years, the white interior is becoming more popular, as in this color it is possible to design any stylistic direction that you want to see in your house. In addition, using white for arrangement of design the most different combination of colors is selected. White color in the interior combines strength and potential, freshness, cleanliness, comfort and coziness.

With what to combine?

Choosing a white interior, most people do not know - it fits perfectly with pastel tones. Such a combination is often used in the design of a residential space of a variety of styles, resulting in real works of the interior. A calm color palette of pastel shades contributes to the emergence of positive emotions, feelings of freedom, emancipation, good mood. Thanks to these properties, this color remains for many decades the favorite in creating an interior.

Completely white room

And also inside the premises, which are distinguished by light tones, a favorable aura is formed, filling the space with positive emotions. White color makes space in complete harmony, balance, it surrounds the person, gives him a sense of stability, peace, prosperity. According to doctors, white color is able to have a beneficial effect in the treatment of depression, apathy. And for patients with asthma, it brings its own benefits, as it provides a person with a sense of spaciousness, a sufficient amount of air. After all, with this situation you have to clean up more often, so less dust accumulates in the air. According to psychologists, people who prefer to see white inside the house are distinguished by a thirst for inner freedom, they have the main features of nature - sincerity to the person, accuracy in everything, tolerance of communication with people, exactingness.

The combination of white and yellow furniture in the interior

Choose the right light source

Each room, including the interior of any white tones, requires correct lighting. Therefore, having furniture and decor items, it is necessary to act so that the light from the window and from the fixtures fall correctly. Otherwise, indoors there will be unpleasant shadows that create a gloomy feeling. Constantly experiment, move objects with the light on, observe the shadow. As for daylight, here it is a little more difficult, as for the selection of details will have to adjust for different times of the day. When choosing the color of lighting, you should be extremely careful. For example, if yellow light is used, then it will warm the situation, so the snowiness of surrounding objects will disappear. If deeper lighting is selected, the interior will be very cold.

Not everyone decides to go for a white interior, so many prefer to choose shades: coffee with milky notes, ivory, all shades of cream, melted milk, natural natural flax, cream, cotton, mother of pearl.

Salad inserts in white interior

Choice of shade on the sides of the color

Before painting the walls of the room, you need to determine the sides of the world. Since the dwellings, whose windows look to the side where half the day is sunny, get a gray-blue blurry shade, it is ideal for a bedroom in the summer, a studio, a library, a gym. White paint on the walls of this space makes the situation more cool.

Original floor lamps at the windows

If the sunlight does not penetrate the room during the day, the walls are painted white with warm colors, which has a positive effect on the well-being and mood of a person. If the windows face south, it is the most profitable option, because on a clear day the room is filled with red, yellow splashes, and the walls are of white color will give it freshness. The hue of the paint is adjusted, taking into account the brightness of the lighting fixtures. Gray color reduces the reflective capabilities of white, so a little mutes the brightness of the space, especially if there are large windows that fill the room with solar energy, light.

Pictures with insects above the couch

How does the external environment affect the interior?

Before arranging the interior, the first thing you need to look at the windows of housing. Is there something that prevents the penetration of sunlight into the room? Perhaps outside the window is a large tree that for a long time restrains a significant proportion of sunlight in the winter and makes a shadow in the summer. Therefore, it is easy to make a mistake when choosing a shade, for example, gray with green will further take the brightness of the sun when the cold time. But natural pure white has a unique ability - to reflect from the surface of the sun's rays in the winter.

Red pillows on a white sofa in front of the TV

Natural view from windows

Just stunning are the apartments, where there is a view from the loggia, the windows on the sea, or the ocean. When there are white interior rooms, they will enhance the enthusiastic impression of this kind. In winter, in buildings that are close to the shoreline, it will be quite cool, and white significantly enhances this effect. Therefore, many owners of such homes use for the interior long dense curtains to hide from the frosty appearance that creates the coast.

Grand piano in the room

But there is a way out, if you choose the right shades. For example, for the interior of a snow-white room you can use cream, or yellow and orange shades, which will give a feeling of coziness, comfort, home warmth. In summer they create a cool and relaxing atmosphere. If you need to paint the walls of the house-building, when the windows look out on a unique marine look, in white, you should choose the right shade of paint. With the help of white paint, you can distinguish the wooden components of the finish, walls, but for this you need to correctly choose its tone.

Sea view from the room window

How to expand the space?

Many know that white interiors have a unique ability - they expand the interior space of rooms, make it larger. This quality is very beneficial for small rooms or rooms with enclosed spaces. Finishing materials of white shades will make the situation more light, which is very important when repairing the bathroom and the bathroom, where there are no windows. It is important to know that the perception of space will be better if the rooms of the house or apartment are arranged consistently and do not have sharp contrasting contrasts.

Bright cushions on the white sofas in the living room

Choice of shades

Before you find the most suitable shade of white, it is advisable to experiment. For example, first you can buy a paint of any suitable shade and paint a small room. Next is to pick up the shade a little darker, and then choose to paint the room a little more. The colors of the paint may vary in brightness, this will be a good example of how one color, but with different shades, can increase or expand the space. In many people, white is associated with freshness, innocence and cleanliness. And this is true, since the interior design of the white tone is simultaneously soothing, fresh.

On a note! It is impossible to use exclusively white color in an interior, without adding other shades, otherwise to be in such conditions it is not comfortable and restless.

Luxurious chandelier in the hall

How to prevent feelings of sterility

Using any shades of white for the interior, each room of the apartment becomes cleaner, nobler, more refined. For this purpose, a lot of details can be used, for example, when white:

  • Walls;
  • Worktops;
  • Fixtures;
  • Cabinets;
  • Cushioned furniture;
  • Curtains and other details.
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However, not paying attention to all the advantages of this shade, it has a number of specific drawbacks. For example, if the owner of the house limits the color palette of the room with only one color, it will become sterile, boring, not comfortable. To eliminate this drawback, you can add a textured surface of other shades to one of the walls.

A bright picture on the wall near the sofa

Suitable shades

  1. Brown. It can have a mass of shades, ranging from sand and ending with dark chocolate. If you combine it with white, then the interior color will be soft, noble, and its atmosphere is cozy, warm.
  2. Gray. This combination does not look bright, quiet, the interior will come alive with this color and looks great against the background of snow-white details.
  3. Orange or red. With this option, the snow-white tint becomes the background, and the furniture is used as bright elements.
  4. Purple. A beautiful color that adds originality, elegance and chic decor. But for the bedroom and children it is better to use lilac.
  5. Green. Ideal for a bathroom.
  6. Blue and blue. Will help to expand the space and make the room light, airy.
  7. The black. The boldest choice, as the black and white interior excites and invigorates. This is a great option for a bathroom or kitchen.

The combination of black and white colors in the interior

Layering of similar shades

The use of white color for the interior, causes a person a sense of purity, freshness. However, such beauty can easily be spoiled if you select for each piece of furniture only solid colors. As a result, the design of the room will be boring, not interesting, can cause irritation. To white harmoniously combined with all objects of the interior, you need to select other shades, bringing in the design of the room brightness, liveliness.

Luxurious furniture and carpet in the room

What is a layering of shades?

If you can not make the room individual, then it is desirable to consider the layering of white with other similar shades, which include: gray, warm white and gray, yellow, others. In addition, different materials of white shades look great, which differ in texture, in the presence of patterns, in thickness. Thanks to this, the design will be more profound, interesting, quiet. Often this works in the arrangement of the bedroom. For example, if curtains, textiles, bedding, headboard upholstery, painting of walls will harmoniously blend, then this layering of shades will make the interior more interesting, cozy, comfortable. There are so many shades of white, for example, cream, milky, beige, pearl, ivory, yellow, others.

On a note! Do not mix the warm and cold shades of white, you need to choose one direction - a warm tone, or cold.

Black and yellow curtains and a sofa in a white room

Interior decoration paintings

Regardless of whether the design of the room is white or gray, the location of the picture, furniture and fixtures should be correct. For example, if the picture is of average size, then it looks great over an armchair, sofa or bed. On the free walls more properly place large paintings, tapestries. If the room is divided into zones, then the pictures are placed between them. It is very important when placing a work of art on a wall, choosing the right lighting for it, as well as the color and texture of the wall.

Picture with birds on the fireplace

We hang paintings

Visiting the exhibition of paintings, many drew attention to the fact that there almost all the walls are painted with one color, usually it's white. Here everything is simple, thanks to this the interior goes into the background, and the main focus is on a work of art. Therefore, if you want to decorate your house with paintings, sculptures and other works, then the white wall will be an ideal option. Thanks to this method, the attention of the guests will be riveted to the artistic values, on which the main accent of the room is made.

Original paintings above the fireplace and sofa

For kitchen

Today, the white color of the kitchen interior is given the most honorable place. It can be found in decoration and furniture, which is built-in or case, as well as in decor or accessories. It is very easy to explain such a demand, it's just that snow-white is perfectly combined with any colors of built-in furniture, household appliances, kitchen accessories and textiles. The kitchen is the most important place in the house, it should always be clean, fresh and cozy, therefore cleaning is done here every day.

Kitchen with white furniture

How to remove sterility

In order to prevent the impression of sterility in the kitchen, you need to use some color accents. For example, with white, bright and dark shades that can transform a kitchen premise are well combined. Light shades in the design of the ceiling and the walls of the kitchen will create a fresh, clean, spacious atmosphere, so they can be tiled or painted with light colors. If the kitchen has snow-white ceilings and walls, then they need to be diluted with other brighter tones. To do this, use floor covering, kitchen cabinets, lighting, countertops, decor elements.

Tile with berries on the table in the kitchen

Using tiles

Very beautiful in the interior of the kitchen looks white tiles, which is easy to care for, beautiful appearance, texture and is usually found to decorate the work area. Some designers offer white tiles to decorate the ceiling, walls and floor, so that you can expand the space, make it more functional. The light interior of the kitchen looks stylish, beautiful, exquisite, when the correct illumination of the working surface is selected.

White and black tiles on the kitchen floor


White interior of the bathroom has always been given a special role. Many consider it a perfection, but some consider it to be ordinary, preferring more vivid colors. However, one must understand that the perception of a room with a white interior depends on many factors. For example, from lighting, the quality of installed sanitary ware, the texture used in the decoration of materials, from the decor. As for the bath itself, it can be distinguished by exquisite simplicity, fanciful designs, bright colors and calmer tones, sizes, and thickness.

Mirrors over the sinks in the bathroom

What do designers recommend?

According to experienced designers, in order to ensure that the bathroom does not seem ordinary, but has become as stylish, modern, pleasant as possible, one should adhere to certain rules:

  1. For decoration, select textured panels with the addition of a shadow, a glimpse and other moments;
  2. If the bathroom walls are white, it is worth trying to install a black sink, bath and other plumbing;
  3. For decoration on walls with tiles it is desirable to put a horizontal strip of bright color;
  4. Add color accents in textiles, for example, in a rug, towels, blinds or napkins.

Thanks to this, the interior of the white bath will play in a new way, will be transformed, become the most modern and fashionable.

Blue floor mat in the bathroom

Wardrobe, fashion trends

When there is a white interior in the living room, visually it expands the space, which is very important in small rooms. The snow-white tone perfectly shades bright colors of clothes, accessories and footwear. And he calms the human psyche, that's why he arranges to relax during the fitting of clothes. If the classic version of this color is annoying, then it is worth trying cream, milk or ivory shade.

Cabinet with mirror on the doors

What do designers offer?

As many designers advise, this year in a fashion a combination of black, gray and white. For example, white shades are used as a base, and gray and black become contrasting details. For example, in these colors it is necessary to choose ottomans, shelves, decorative elements, holders.

Dressing room with chic furniture

Since most wardrobes do not have windows, lighting plays a special role in the interior. Therefore, for maximum efficiency and functionality of this room, you should use the effective reflective white paint, which is necessary for painting the walls. When choosing a paint, you should pay attention to LRV, that is, the amount of light reflection. It is advisable to purchase the product with the maximum value.

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Armchair near the shelves with things


Making out the design of the room in white tones, many prefer not to buy light furniture, as it requires complex maintenance and very quickly becomes soiled.

How to get out of the situation?

Of course, this is a big part of the truth, but you do not need to choose a set or a piece of furniture with white textile upholstery. After all, for daily use, a sofa or an armchair made of white artificial leather, suede, is perfect. These materials are perfectly cleaned, dry quickly, do not need special care. Such furniture is suitable for families with children and those who live with pets. Therefore, it is not necessary to treat categorically white furniture, it is enough to choose the fabric of upholstery.

White wardrobe, chest of drawers and cabinet in the bedroom

Another thing worth paying attention to plastic, because many interior items are made from it. These include: chairs, tables, chests of drawers, cabinet facades, they all perfectly complement the interior and make the room as functional as possible. Even the most classic design with the right selection of furniture will acquire modern notes. All that is required is to choose the most suitable variant of the interior. In addition, plastic does not need complex care and is minimal in value, and white color adds freshness and spaciousness.

White table, cabinet and curbstones in the hall

No synthetics

If the family has sufficient means, then instead of plastic furniture you can place a wooden one. It can be made of light wood, or covered with paint. As an upholstery it is necessary to pick up a variant from such beautiful materials, as шенилл, a clap, a skin of a light shade. If it's leather, then an aniline or varnished version will be an excellent option. As for the glossy surface, it is selected with extreme caution, since it gives the maximum volume to the room and requires correct lighting, and also it needs special care. A common problem with glossy surfaces is the presence of highlights, spot lighting is used to eliminate them.

Room with white furniture

Use of metal in a light interior

If you view the latest fashion trends, then the design of the white room has become the most popular recently. It is perfectly complemented by black, gray, green, brown, metallic shade. Very nice in the home interior light colors are combined with bright brass, refined steel, shiny gold, red copper, which creates an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. If desired, you can decorate the room with brass fixtures or stainless steel accessories.

Interior with metal decor

Metal in finish

Quite often in modern apartments studios are present on the walls of stainless sheets, which are used as a zoning element for the separation of space. They are perfectly combined with a brick foundation and concrete, where they act as a working area. This idea will be the most creative, if you use the facade of laminated acrylic and ceramic tiles.

Stainless steel sheets in white interior

Another great idea is the use of a decorative profile made of stainless steel, with it, decorate walls and partitions of corners, process thresholds and skirting boards, as well as any joints and seams that give the interior an individuality, emphasizes the integrity of the design idea.

Metal plinth in white interior

Metal details

Very nice looks stainless steel in smaller products. For example, covers for radiators, legs of small coffee tables, fences for stairs, rails, shelves, mantels are made of this material. Together with other facing materials, stainless steel gives the interior a more modern look, ennobles it, makes it aristocratic, exquisite.

Metal staircase in a white room

Versatility of white color

Since white color is universal, it is able to fit into any style of interior and in every room, regardless of its purpose. However, it is important to diversify it, for which it is desirable to choose a red, brown or beige shade. Thanks to this the room will become warmer, cheerful, harmonious.

Blue sky with clouds on the ceiling

What accessories to choose for kitchen and bath

If the bathroom is equipped, chrome plumbing will be an excellent addition to the light finish, as these details will accentuate the beauty of the white shell and bath. And due to these details the bathroom will look more fresh and clean. This combination will be an excellent option for the kitchen. For example, white suspended kitchen cabinets are well combined with granite countertops, metal parts. If desired, the plumbing and pipes are painted in a dark color, which introduces new notes and a certain style in the overall interior.

White cabinets and granite countertop in the kitchen

Using contrast

To get a really refined, refined interior, it's worth experimenting with contrasts. The shades of black and gray in contrast to white acquire attractiveness, style. This is a good option for the living room, because there you need to entertain guests, show in the interior that the owner of the house has a great taste.

The combination of white and gray colors in the interior

A fairly bold decision will be a black and white interior, but it should not be too strict, otherwise it will depress. If everything is chosen harmoniously, then the situation looks dynamic and creates a positive atmosphere. Black and white is the most contrast combination of all possible options, remains the most relevant, stylish. It can be used for any room, including a nursery, where it will be decorated with bright color accents. To make it easier to clean and care for furniture, it is worth to get removable covers or cushions from the highest quality, durable fabric that can withstand tens of washes.

Landscape megapolis on the wall in the dining room

Emphasis on bright details

To revive the room with a white interior, any color accessories will help, it can be:

  • Rugs;
  • Decorative pillows;
  • Bedspreads;
  • Vases and other decor items.

Bright lamps, pillows and carpet in a white room

In the modern interior there are always bright colors that dilute the basic shade, regardless of whether it is light or dark. If there are bright spots in the room, it looks more cheerful, cheerful. White was and always is in fashion, despite the fact that every year in the trend is a variety of shades. Bright tone makes the living space wider, brighter, fresh, no matter what part of the interior it occupies. White brings to each room more light, warmth and coziness. By itself, it is also appropriate in the house, but with impurities of brighter tones creates a unique, modern design. How to choose the right shades and determine the proportions is decided by everyone, according to their lifestyle, taste, preferences.

White interior with bright pillows and a picture

Hide weaknesses and show advantages

Not everyone knows that with the help of a white interior, you can fix any defects and hide imperfections. After all, almost every house has its own architectural flaws, which, with the help of light tones, can easily be disguised from others. If you want to emphasize the advantages of the house on the contrary, white will make the main emphasis on stucco, will allocate among the other decor elements masterpieces of art, personal belongings of the owner, which are very dear to him. For example, old photos of the departed relatives, their awards, work, achievements. Thanks to this color, you can make any house or apartment cozy, comfortable, stylish.

Orange carpet in combination with white furniture and walls

In addition, the white has more than a hundred shades, and all bright colors have light tones in their spectrum. For example, white can be different pink, yellow, purple, or olive shade. Find the right option is very easy. It is enough to look at the tile of the work surface, kitchen countertops, volumetric closets, floors in the living room to determine what color is more in the interior. Given these factors, you can choose the most appropriate shade of white.

The pattern in the form of a tree on the wall in the living room

Designer paint for interior, the best 20

1. Designer China White, developer Benjamin Moore China White (Lead White) from Benjamin Moore Means "Lead white", differs in that it has a light gray or yellow hue, but from the side it seems a standard white paint from the classic options.

2. Краска All White от Farrow & Ball

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All White («Белоснежный») от Farrow & BallIn translation, as "Snow White", does not change under different lighting, but in the presence of insufficient amount of light shows the effect of glow. According to Brad Ford, she will become a reliable friend in the arrangement of the home, as it makes surrounding things look more advantageous.

3. Cotton crown from C2 Paint

Cotton (The same snow-white as cotton, hence its name. Here is how Elizabeth Martin describes her: "This shade is not shy, modest, timid, like others. He fills the surrounding objects with energy, forcing them to come to life. Cotton from C2 is the most airy of all possible shades, differing slightly noticeable in yellow. It will become an excellent basis for the tree, as it has an intensifying effect for it, it emphasizes the external beauty of this natural material. I really enjoy using this shade in the bedroom, where it gives shine to the skin, the beauty of the tree.

4. Honeymilk from Valspar

Honeymilk (The name speaks for itself - "Milk and honey". The choice of white paint - this is the most responsible thing, because you need to choose the warmest, softest shades with notes of gray and beige. The color of Honeymilk meets these criteria, it is soft, cozy, I always use it in the decoration of living rooms - says Elaine Griffin.

5. Paint Lily Valley, designer - Benjamin Moore

Lily of the Valley («Ландыш») от Benjamin MooreA gentle lily of the valley. That's what Alessandra Branca said about this color: "I found it more than 20 years ago, it has a beautiful warm shade, like a lily of the valley. For many years, he was a support in creating unique bright interiors and those rooms where there is not enough light.

6. Краска Great White от Farrow & Ball

Great White («Великолепный белый») от Farrow & Ball The shade is "Magnificent white", which shows its character. It is snow-white, bright, fascinating, absolutely not sterile. It looks great in rooms where there is enough natural light, especially this color opens in the morning when the warm rays of the sun get inside from the window. Throughout the day it changes, for example, from white to light gray - says Kara Mann.

7. Decorator's White Paint, developed by Benjamin Moore

Decorator's White (Jeff Andrews shared his idea of ​​the paint with the name "White for decoration" - "I use it for painting wooden products and ceilings, where I need to get a clean, saturated whiteness. This shade is perfectly combined with all light sources. Some of the snow-white shades are cold with cream, blue, yellow, red hues. The composition of Decorator's White is the most modern, warm, soulful.

8. Краска Paper White Paper White (

The translation sounds like "pure white". Cathy Ridder - "I use this color to finish the bathrooms and kitchen, because it merges the dullness of Carrara marble and the perfect whiteness of the plumbing.

9. Краска Pointing, компания Farrow & Ball

Pointing от Farrow & Ball Anne Foster - "This is a beautiful shade of ivory, it fits all, not saturated, not very bright. I love this balance. This paint perfectly showed itself in a very sunny living room of a rural house and in a miniature bedroom of a small apartment in New York.

10. Paint White Wisp - creator of Benjamin Moore

White Wisp от Benjamin Moore"A beautiful white color with a tint, which has a combination of gray and green, but in reality it looks very bright. I use it on walls if I need to create a cool shade. Since I often try on a hemp cloth in the interior, White Wisp makes it more fresh and invigorating, "Frank Roup said.

11. Paint Huntington White, creator of Benjamin Moore

Huntington White ("Huntington White is my favorite paint, which I discovered as a result of a long journey, on which I had to make many trials and mistakes. As a result, something stunning happened. It is very different from other colors, which periodically change the appearance, given a certain time of day "- shared Daryl Carter.

12. Paint Super White, from the famous Benjamin Moore Super White (

"Superbely - has become the most successful, clean white shade. I'm just delighted with this paint, one makes the surrounding furniture a real work of art, like a gallery "- John Call.

13. Краска Wimborne White, разработчик Farrow & Ball

Wimborne White («Уимборнский белый») от Farrow & Ball"Wimbor white is the most beautiful and beautiful shade, it got calmness, depth. When it covers the walls, they get an excellent gloss and shine, even without the use of lacquer. The result is a modern and simply chic interior "- Susanna Casler.

14. Paint Winter Orchard, known Benjamin Moore Winter Orchard (

Tania Nayak - "I really love the paint" Winter Garden ", because it has a subtle shade of gray, so it can work with any color palette."

15. Paint Swiss Coffee, creator of Dunn Edwards

Swiss Coffee (from Swiss Dunn Edwards)"Regardless of the size of the house or apartment, everywhere there should be the most comfortable and favorite room - a living room. It is in this room that I use the "Swiss Coffee" paint, where it acts as the main background. She brings bright colors in the interior, making ordinary objects a real work of art. This is the best shade, because it does not differ in the brightness of yellow and pink "- Trip Hainish.

16. Краска Slipper Satin, разработчик Farrow & Ball

Slipper Satin («Атлас для туфелек») от Farrow & Ball Jeffrey Alan Marx shared the impression - the paint "Atlas for shoes" became a clear example of how the traditional rooms come to life. He calms, gives a feeling of serenity, lightness, very cozy and attractive. In addition, it works great in homes where smart architectural elements are present, as it focuses on the most advantageous details. "

17. Paint White Dove, manufactured by Benjamin Moore

White Dove by Benjamin MooreEmily Munro - "The white dove is a paint with a delicate cream shade, which gives the house warmth. Paint is ideally suited for apartments from the area where the minimum number of sunny days, and in most of them there is an overcast sky. After all, it invigorates and gives freshness, does not apply to modern cold options. "

18. Historic White crap, news from Dunn Edwards

Historic White (Sarah Barnard - "Classic white, suitable for any interior and living space. The paint "Antique White" refers to the premium class, it does not have a sharp specific odor and does not contain volatile organic substances. I love working with her, because it's safe, nice. "

19. Paint Acadia White, the latest novelty Benjamin Moore

Acadia White ("The color shade" Acadian White "is the golden mean between the warmest shades. There is balance and functionality. In fact, this is the most successful white, where the correct proportions of white and cream are selected. He's not cold, not warm, it's the middle, "says Patrick Ediger.

20. Chantilly Lace, designer Benjamin Moore

Chantilly Lace (Moses Eskenazi - "The color of the paint" Lace of Chantilly "is a bright, living substance. It has depth, does not apply to sterile shades. It refers more to the cold range, but can give the room a warm note. This paint will look great in those places where everything is traditional, modern. "

Regardless of the chosen paint, each of the options will make the room refined, simple, cozy. However, you should not make all the rooms in the house white, because good too happens in an overabundance. Here you need to experiment by adding to the white base more bright saturated details. Show your imagination, choose only the heart that is closest to your heart and see how the most inconspicuous room has become the most attractive.

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