Decor for the house with your own hands: description and

Sooner or later the settled interior of the dwelling becomes familiar and no longer pleases its owners with comfort and originality. In this case, even if you do not have the financial means to carry out repairs, you can completely update the dull situation by making a home decor for yourself. Such homemade decorations can dramatically change the atmosphere of living space, making some kind of uniqueness, and with their help it is easy to disguise some of the shortcomings of the interior. The decor allows you to transform absolutely any space, using improvised means and various techniques. Such creativity can change the style of the room, transforming it into a more modern one. In this article, we will consider a variety of interesting ideas for decorating a house with your own hands using different materials and techniques at minimal cost.

Decor for the house with your own hands: decorating the interior with the help of knitting

Knitted decor today has become a fashion trend in the design of interior design. Even our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, on long evenings, weighed out various napkins and tablecloths, decorating their dwellings in this way. For a while this technique has lost its relevance, but, now, when the market has a wide variety of different materials, knitted decor for the house has acquired a second life.

Since it is now fashionable to decorate living quarters, adhering to a certain style, it is worth noting that knitted products (various napkins, vases, etc.) best fit in the interior in the style of retro, country or provence. The technique of tying interior items will help to significantly update the boring environment. For example, you can tie a lampshade or floor lamp shade with colored threads, picking up shades that blend with the interior, or, on the contrary, using bright colors of the material, you can make a certain accent, drawing attention to a particular area of ​​the room.

Quite beautiful candlesticks can be made independently from cans, tying them with a hook openwork viscous. In the daytime, this little thing will be a significant decoration of the room, and in the evening - interesting effects from the emitting light will create a unique atmosphere of comfort and some mystery. Knitted decor for the house with their own hands is the most diverse, this technique can decorate any objects - vases, flower pots, cups and other interior elements, introducing a new breath in them.

The original decoration can be made by tying up sea pebbles brought from a vacation, as shown in the photo.

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Ideas for decorating a house with your own hands: knitted pillows and toys

The knitting technique can be applied not only in relation to small crafts, but also in tying pillows, ottomans and even furniture. When making pillows, you can use different techniques and styles, experiment with colors and patterns. The real decoration will be a decorative pillow in the patchwork style, the presence of which will make the room much cozier and warmer.

As for tying furniture - this is not quite a practical option. This technique is applicable mainly for small items, for example, it is possible to process a circular viscous seat of a stool. But for larger items it's better to make knitted covers - they are easy to remove and clean, and you can also connect several different models in color and pattern. Furniture "disguised" in this or that cover, is able to make significant changes in the interior of the room.

Knitted decor elements for the house with their own hands can include a variety of toys, which, of course, will please the kids. It can be bizarre cubs, lazy cats, bear cubs, dogs - whatever. The main thing is that such a craft by its appearance would raise the mood. For children, knitted toys are absolutely safe, moreover, they are even recommended, as different styles of binding create unique textures and ribbed surface, which favors the development of tactile sensations in the child.

Interesting ideas for decorating the house with your own hands: wooden hand-made articles in the interior

Wooden elements for decoration and decoration of the dwelling have been used since ancient times. Nowadays there are quite a lot of synthetic materials on the market with the help of which it is possible to improve the interior, but the tree still does not lose its relevance, and in recent years even comes out in popularity for the first places.

People's craving for natural elements is increasingly reflected in the design of living spaces in such styles as Scandinavian or eco. And, without spending a lot of money, you can easily make a wood decor with your own hands for a house. In this case it should be borne in mind that all the wooden elements will need to be treated with special solutions so that they do not start insects, and, preferably, open the surfaces with varnish for moisture resistance.

The original and, at the same time, functional decoration of the corridor or hallway can be a hanger made of wood. To do this, you need a wooden frame, thick branches with long knots and a screwdriver. The branches need to be cut to the height of the frame, and also remove the processes from the back side. Then, using a screwdriver, mount them into the frame in such a way that the existing knots are located on the front side and pointing upwards (the type of hooks of standard hangers). The finished construction can be painted in any suitable color, or simply opened with a varnish to emphasize the naturalness.

Interesting decor ideas for the home with their own hands concern the manufacture of photo frames or frame pictures. You can, for example, take a small carelessly processed plate (even from a dense layer of bark) and, using a hemp rope, fix a photograph on it - you will get an excellent photo frame for a bedside table, or make it on a larger scale, using a large board, a series of photos. This design will look very good in the warm palette of the walls.

From the tree, you can decorate the cornice using a piece of thin barrel or open shelves. A good modern idea for decorating walls is a panel of wooden plates. In the corridor, for example, you can so decorate the entire wall, in the kitchen - to decorate the headband, and in the nursery - to create wall compositions in the form of butterflies or flowers. Clearly, such types of registration are presented in the photo of this article.

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Decor for the house with your own hands: we use wood in the interior

One of the latest innovations is the decoration of wood with their own hands for the house, with the use of whole pieces of wood, cut for some reason. At the same time, the room acquires a certain charm and sophistication. You can decorate a chic chandelier by equipping a massive tree branch with LED lights, or to decorate the foot of the floor lamp, which in a room decorated in eco-style will look very appropriate.

Twigs, often, weave mirrors and frames with photos. A good idea is to design a small branchy part of wood as an element for storing hanging jewels that are located on a branch. At the same time they are well preserved, do not get confused, and you can select a suitable thing quickly enough.

In general, the use of wood, decorating the house with their own hands (a photo of various works are presented in the article) is a great variety. Perhaps some will be the basis for new ideas and their implementation in the arrangement of comfort and coziness in the house.

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Decor elements for your home: lifhaki

Such a concept as "lifhaki" appeared in our everyday life only recently, although its meaning boils down to various people's vital wisdoms that help in everyday life. With the help of them you can not only eliminate any problem, but also create a new decor element. Layfhaki for the house with their own hands is quite simple, but the decor will be not only an ornament, but also a useful gizmo for the house. Let's consider some variants of such decorations.

Often, we are faced with a situation where the electric wires from the shifts are tangled underfoot. In order to disguise them, you can build a decorative fence along the wall or decorate with thick multicolored threads, wrapping a cord around them.

Indoor plants in the apartment can be made quite fun, attaching to them drawn and cut from the paper eyes. Their view on the windowsill will cheer up even on the most unfortunate day.

If you need a lampshade, and there is no possibility of buying it, you can decorate a rather beautiful option that will decorate any interior using threads. To do this, it is necessary to inflate the balloon to the required dimensions. Then the threads are dipped in the PVA glue and wrap the ball completely randomly with them, leaving some space at the top for the lamp. When the design thoroughly dries, the ball must be carefully removed, before making a puncture in it. The lampshade is ready.

From the old boxes, lying around in the country, you can build original shelves for storing utensils, books, magazines, in general, anything. To do this, wooden boxes should be painted or painted with varnish, put in the right position, connected with the ends and fastened. Thus, you can build a whole sideboard.

Decor for the house with their own hands with lifhakami can be the most original, it is only necessary to look around and put a little imagination.

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In the decoration of the room it is possible to use a wide variety of improvised materials. Even from old vinyl records, if they are preheated, very beautiful saucers, vases and other interior items come out. Decor home with their own hands, as shown in the photo, suggests the possibility of using any small things, which, by and large, in the household are not suitable. In general, as they say, you can always throw it away, but it's worth trying to give a second life to one or the other thing, especially since it will significantly reduce the material costs of the purchased decor.