Houses in high-tech style - 25 photos of facades from the

The high-tech style originated at the end of the last century and, with the development of technology for the construction of frame houses from sip panels, began to enjoy special popularity in our time. On the style of hi-tech in the interior you can read in our article The best ideas and photo design of rooms in the style of high-tech. Next we will consider what distinguishes the houses in the style of hi-tech outside, what they are, and will be inspired by 25 photos of the facades from the future!

Houses in high-tech style - photo outside

Features of the facade of the house in high-tech style

Hi tech means "high technology" and is an ideal choice for modern people who are important for comfort, functionality and simplicity along with the original design.

For the construction of a house in high-tech style, advanced technologies and materials are used: concrete and sip panels, solar panels, smart house systems, etc. At the same time, the facade design can surprise with its complex geometric shapes, non-standard proportions, large windows and industrial aesthetics (bare pipes, walls of different materials, metal).

Among other features inherent in one-story and two-story private houses in high-tech style:

  • Spacious rooms with a minimum number of partitions;
  • Combination of materials with different textures and colors (wood and metal, wood and concrete, glass and plastic);
  • Expressive lines, overhanging roofs and balconies, cubism;
  • Simple minimalist decor of the facade - siding, paneling, panels, wooden grilles, railings with rails;
  • Presence of several glass facades;
  • Clearly allocated terraces next to the house, flower beds and lawn with unusual geometric shapes;
  • Flat roofs, located both under the direct and at an acute angle to the walls. Straight flat roofs are often equipped under the recreation area with a swimming pool or a fireplace.

How does all this look in reality? Look at the exteriors of the house in high-tech style on the following photos!

One-storey houses in high-tech style - exteriorUnusual wooden houses in high-tech styleBuilding a house in the style of high-tech - ideas for designProjects of houses in high-tech style - photo of the facade outsideBeautiful houses in the style of high-tech and ecoThe facade of a two-story high-tech houseAlso read: A carport in the design of the facade of a private housePrivate house in high-tech style with glass wallsLarge private houses in high-tech style - a selection of photosA small house in the style of high-tech on the waterBuilding a house in the style of high-tech and concrete and stoneHitec Home - Design Façade ProjectDesign of a private house in high-tech style and different colorsSmall wooden houses in high-tech style

Houses in the style of high-tech from sip panels (photo)

Frame houses from sip panels are loved for their relatively low cost, simplicity and speed of installation, as well as good thermal insulation properties. The design of each house is created individually, which means that it can have any shape, size and proportions depending on the site and the needs of the customer. This feature, combined with eco-friendliness and the ability to trim the facade with any material of your choice, allow you to collect very stylish private houses in high-tech style from sip panels. Be sure to take a look at the following photos!

Frame houses in high-tech style from sip panels A small house in high-tech style from sip panelsHouse construction in high-tech style from sip panels25 house design ideas in high-tech styleHi-tech house made of sip panels with wood and metal decoration

Modern houses made of timber in high-tech style

Wooden houses can also have a high-tech façade design. Moreover, the bar will help to soften the cold and strict appearance of the house, and also allow it to harmoniously fit into the environment. At the end of this article - 6 more beautiful photos of private houses!

Beautiful wooden houses in high-tech styleDesign of houses in the style of high-tech - Finnish façade decorationLarge two-storey house in high-tech styleModern high-tech houses with a flat roofFacades of private houses with flat roofs in high-tech styleOne-storey house in high-tech style made of laminated veneer lumber