Advantages and disadvantages of large windows in the

And does not your dear and rather cozy apartment remind you of a monastic cell? Yes, a dwelling without windows today is a real nonsense, but in some apartments because of incorrect lighting there is a feeling of being in a gloomy, bleak room. Large windows in the interior perform today an important function, providing good lighting and keeping the temperature of the home.

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The spatial component of the dwelling depends on the size and decoration of the window. The interior of the apartment with windows, the size of which is much larger than the standard "house eyes" creates an absolutely terrific illusion of articulation with the environment. If you live outside the city, or your house is in a nice quiet courtyard, this decision will be relevant for you.

A small loggia in a country house

It is important to remember that the window will justify its direct purpose only if its size relative to the area of ​​the room is ten percent.

Such designs, embedded in the interior, contribute to the creation of peace and coziness. In addition, the area of ​​the room visually increases, which is relevant for both spacious and small apartments. And this is not all the advantages of spacious windows.

In the house and apartment

In a private house or mansion, the most acceptable option is the introduction of French windows. These are very large windows from floor to ceiling, window-doors. Often they are used as an exit to the yard or to the terrace.

Terrace in the huge windows from floor to ceiling

In an apartment of urban type, the use of windows from floor to ceiling is actual for the gap between the balcony and the room.


The main advantages of these designs include:

  1. "Revitalization" of the interior;
  2. the sun not only illuminates the room, but also heats it;
  3. the opportunity to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery;
  4. Such windows create the correct lighting of an apartment.


Experts consider the disadvantages of large windows to be the significant heat losses of a surface made of glass. This can be easily avoided if you are concerned about the correct placement of the structure in relation to the sides of the world.

Luxurious country house with large windows-doors to the loggia

The heat problem can be solved somewhat differently:

  • give preference to vacuum energy-saving windows that have a sufficiently low thermal conductivity;
  • use a special energy-saving film.


In order to make your apartment even more attractive and cozy with the help of windows, you need to take advice from professional designers.

  • Very harmoniously spacious windows will look not only in the living room, but in the bedroom. With a carefully thought out interior, you should not be afraid of insomnia.
  • No less interesting large windows look in the apartment, located on one of the last floors of the new building.
  • Extravagant and even eccentric will look spacious windows in the bathroom.
  • The most correct solution is to install the windows in the kitchen, placing a bar counter next to it.

Living room with large windows

The operation of large windows is justified for studio apartments with free planning. Due to the small amount of furniture, the apartment visually seems much more spacious.

Interior Features

To the decision to introduce such a design into the interior, it is necessary to approach responsibly.

  • Considering that in houses with spacious windows no more than three "deaf" walls are used, there are not enough design possibilities here. There will not be any discomfort if the design is installed in a spacious room.
  • Furniture (table, sofa, chairs) in the apartment should be located along or in the middle of the "deaf" walls.

When designing the design it is important to take into account not only the style of the apartment, its location and functional purpose, but also the time of the year.

Cozy corner with a large window

Design options for different styles

The spacious windows assume a non-standard, creative design. This is necessary in order to be as profitable as possible to emphasize all the advantages of a noble design.

When starting to design, do not forget about the magic formula "general style of the room + organic design".

  • For the classical style, the perfect solution is a "mix" of Austrian curtains and heavy dense curtains. If you live on the seashore or in another, no less picturesque place, then stop the choice better on light curtains.
  • For a modern style, you should choose rope curtains, equipped with sliding electrical systems. Not bad approach and vertical blinds, perfectly protecting the room from the excess sunlight and perform an aesthetic function.
  • The right solution for the bedroom will be dense vertical blinds or curtains, which ensure a decent rest, even on a full moon or during the white nights. If you do not have trouble falling asleep, then use a clear transparent light tulle.
  • In the kitchen, in the nursery and living room windows can not be closed or decorated, guided by their own taste preferences. Modern designers advise to stop on a weightless tulle of bright colors.
  • For children it is recommended to soften the open space somewhat. Help can lambrequin with the image of your favorite cartoon characters or fairy-tale heroes or flowers. In order to have more light in the room, it is recommended to use roller blinds.

Ideal living room with large windows and wooden floors

The proposed ideas will help you to arrange spacious windows in the apartment ergonomically and aesthetically attractive. Remember that curtains and curtains must necessarily be long. Otherwise, disharmony in the interior will not be avoided. However, no less spectacular and fashionable is the option with a complete lack of any curtains.

Expensive bathroom with natural materials and large windows


Like the white color in the interior, the spacious windows can not only visually increase the area of ​​the room, but also radically change the atmosphere in the apartment. Therefore, it is important, as they say, "to measure seven times".

Large windows - not the most economical option for an apartment, but if you can not live without sunlight and a sense of freedom, then the solution is better not to find you. It's not such a complicated dilemma, is it?

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