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There is a lot of jewelry for the home interior, one of which are gel candles with their own hands, a pleasant fragrance that will not leave any member of your family indifferent. However, this is not quite a cheap pleasure, so in this article we will try to find out how to make a gel candle at home.

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Table of contents of the article:

  • The main components for the manufacture of gel candles
  • Making candle gel yourself
  • Quick recipe for creating gel candles
  • The original decoration of the candle with simple vinyl records
  • Photo of beautiful gel candles made by own hands

The main components for the manufacture of gel candles

For the procedure of creating such beauty with your own hands, you will need a few fairly simple materials:

l Gel for candles - it is enough to buy ready-made in a specialized store or make yourself, mixing for this purified water from impurities and salts, tannin, glycerin and gelatin in the right proportions;


l reinforced wick;


l Essential oils with different flavors - everything is fine, except pink;


l the dye in a liquid form, necessarily food;


l glass containers, for example, a glass, a vase;


l various elements of decorations for a candle;


l temperature control device;


l dishes made of special steel that do not lend itself to corrosive changes, such as a bucket or pan;


All these components can easily be found at home, and also purchased at a nearby store.


Making candle gel yourself

To perform this procedure you will need one simple recipe.


First, combine about 10 grams of gelatin with 40 grams of water, purified in the distiller. Add about 50 grams of glycerol to the resulting mass. The resulting consistency should be heated in a medium-sized bowl until a clear solution is obtained.

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The next step is dissolving 4 grams of tannin in 20 grams of slightly heated glycerin. Then mix both mixtures until a homogeneous mass is obtained.


If in the resulting mass you see air bubbles, then it should be slightly heated, using a microwave oven, also for this is an excellent oven, helping to get rid of all the existing irregularities.


Quick recipe for creating gel candles

To gel candles at home turned out to be most attractive and had a pleasant smell, it is important to adhere to all the subtleties of each stage of cooking. Firstly, a few drops of glue must be poured into the center of the glass, then lower the wick into it. After solidifying the adhesive mass, the gel needs to be cut into small enough pieces. This procedure is necessary for the gel to melt faster and more evenly.

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It should be remembered that it is necessary to melt it in a container of special steel, reaching an optimum temperature of 93 degrees. It is important to ensure that the gel does not overheat, as it can become cloudy. After it completely melts, the total mass of its consistency will be similar to sugar syrup.


Next, add the dye until the moment the color becomes necessary. After that, add aromatic oil in the volume of about a third of a teaspoon. If you want the smell to be stronger, then the amount of oil can be increased. The most common flavors are lemon, orange, bergamot and lavender. At the very beginning, we talked about the fact that rose oil is not suitable for this procedure, it is due to the fact that it can give off a rather unpleasant smell.


The final stage is a fairly simple procedure. You need to warm up the container for your candle to about 70 degrees so that bubbles do not appear later. Further, slowly and as carefully as possible, it is necessary to pour the gel into the container from the side. Pull the filter up and wind on the pencil, after that your candle should cool down, and it will be possible to cut off the excess portion of the wick.


All the information described above, you can clearly see on the presented photos of gel candles.


The original decoration of the candle with simple vinyl records

For the original decoration and manufacturing of gel candles, the most usual vinyl plates, which first need to be heated in the oven, are perfect. Have time to notice the moment when the material of the plates itself becomes soft enough, but does not melt. Use gloves to avoid burns.

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It is important to perform all the actions as actively as possible so that the vinyl does not have time to harden. Then wrap the plate around the candle, creating wrinkles on them as desired. Leave the product to completely solidify for a short time, then cover with paint and allow to dry. If there is a desire, then you can glue beads or beads.


Thus, making candles from a gel is quite simple, all the more necessary ingredients are quite cheap. Such products will be a wonderful surprise for your loved ones or as an addition to your design.


Photo of beautiful gel candles made by own hands






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