How to buy good windows - photos, design, specifications

Very pleased with the incredible number of styles, characteristics and prices for windows, which is today. Everyone can choose and buy a window that will meet all of his requirements for design, energy saving and durability. But the more options you consider, the more you get lost in this ocean of materials, colors and double-glazed windows. Therefore, before going to the store, we advise you to clearly determine which window you are looking for. Dear buyer, here everything you need to know to buy good windows for home - photos, characteristics and examples of beautiful design.

Choose windows to save heat in the house

It's no secret that modern windows help to keep the heat in the house, and at the same time and the money of its inhabitants - in a purse. Much, of course, depends on the quality of the installation of windows (without cracks and small crevices), but the quality of the frame and double-glazed windows plays a key role here.

Energy saving windows - photo of the living room

So which windows are better? What to look for before buying?

Energy-saving double-glazed windows

Gas-filled windows marked Low-E are a kind of gold standard in the field of energy-saving windows. According to estimates of Western experts, they are almost 30% more effective than conventional double-glazed windows. Having installed such windows in the house, you will receive returns from these investments in 4-5 years, because utility bills will be significantly reduced from the first month of use.

Also, when choosing windows for windows, pay attention to the U-factor (shows the resistance of the window to heat loss) and the coefficient of solar heat gain (SHGC). The lower their values ​​- the better, but ideally they should not be more than 0.3.

Another point that should be taken into account when choosing a double-glazed window is the presence of a tint that protects against UV radiation. Some obsolete methods of toning reduce visibility, but new films are almost invisible to the eye and do not begin to lag behind in time.

Quality and beautiful windows on the photo

Good windows - with a good frame

It is known that wooden windows are less inclined to produce heat from the house to the street than metal ones. But this does not mean that wood is the best choice. A variety of materials for window frames have their advantages and disadvantages. Here's a look:

PVC windows - 5 photos and features

High-quality, properly installed PVC windows are a practical choice due to budgetary cost, and thanks to its dense construction, which reduces heat leakage. Vinyl is virtually indestructible, impervious to moisture and insects. At the same time, PVC window frames are limited in the choice of color and design, so many people, especially owners of private houses, often abandon them in favor of other, more aesthetic options.

Plastic PVC windows on the photoPVC windows in the design of the roomPVC windows - kitchen photoThe design of the window in the living room - photo of the windows of PVCPVC windows - bedroom photo in a private house

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Beautiful wooden windows - 12 photos

This option has no equal in terms of beauty and environmental friendliness. Wooden window frames spend little heat, but they require more care than any other kind of windows. They are putrefying with high humidity, are attacked by pests and cracked by heat, so if you want to put wooden windows in your house, you should choose high-quality wood and a reliable protective coating. Well, also - be ready to close up with time the emerging cracks.

Choose which windows are better Unusual wooden window in the bathroom Design of a window in the living room - photo of wooden windows Wooden windows in the bedroom in Scandinavian style Beautiful window design in the hall Choose good windows from wood, PVC and other materials Design of the window in the living room - photo of balcony and windows made of wood Good wooden windows made from oak Window design in the kitchen - photo of wooden windows Wooden windows - photo of the facade of a private house Beautiful wooden windows in the house - photo hall Design of a window in the bedroom - photo of a wooden window

Other types of window frames

Wooden windows and PVC are the most popular and common, but you should also know about other proven varieties:

  1. Aluminum window frames are not the most effective in terms of energy saving, but are especially practical in rainy, wet and windy climates. They are recommended for construction in coastal regions and areas prone to hurricanes.

Aluminum windows in the house - photo Aluminum window in the kitchen

2. Composite windows - made of wood shavings and plastic resins, which can effectively imitate the appearance of wood, but practically do not require care.

Composite windows - photo of single and double glazed windows

3. Glass fiber windows (fiberglass) - made of a mixture of fiberglass and polyester resins, they are the most durable windows in the market and are characterized by a higher cost due to low thermal conductivity. Unlike PVC windows, they can be repainted repeatedly.

Good fiberglass windows Fiberglass Windows in Bathroom Design

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Design of windows in the kitchen, in the living room and other rooms of the house

Windows are produced in all possible sizes and configurations, but some models are particularly attractive and convenient for use:

  1. Skylights;
  2. Tent windows opening from below and hanging like a tent;
  3. Windows-blinds, sliders (slide up and down or sideways) and much more.

Beautiful windows in the form of an awning Good windows blinds in the interior

Even classic folding windows are available today in a wide variety and are able to serve as a decoration for your home from the inside and outside. But fewer words - more photos!

Beautiful windows in the house - 19 photos

Which windows are better - choose the shape of the windows for the houseDesign of windows in a private house - photo of the facadeSmall windows in the living room on the photoBeautiful and unusual windows photoMoroccan design of windows - photo in the interiorBeautiful windows in the design of the bathroomModern window design in the hall

Arched windows have the elegance and luxury inherent in the classical style.

High arched windows - a photo of a bedroom in a classical style Large and wide arched windows in the house

Slider windows can be raised vertically or extended apart. This is very convenient, because the open window frame does not stick outward, touching the curtains or people passing by.

Small windows sliders on the photo Sliding upwards sliders in a private house Creative design of windows in a private house - photos of sliding windows

Round windows in the house will easily create a cozy and warm family atmosphere.

Round windows in the bedroom of a private house Round window in the dining room interior

The corner window can give an unusual look to both the interior design and the facade of the house. And what a look!

Best window design - photo of a corner window in the bathroom Corner window in the house - view from the facade

In addition to its unusual shape and frame material, the windows in the house can please you with beautiful decorative glass finishing.

Beautiful windows with decorative glass Beautiful windows - photos of decorative glass decoration Stylish window design in the living room - photo

Beautiful window design in the kitchen - 5 photos

Window design in the kitchen - interior photo of a private houseOriginal window design in the kitchen Window design in a private house - kitchen photo Window design in the kitchen - photos of beautiful windowsWhite window in the kitchen slider