Modern design of a small apartment in moscow with an

Design of a small apartment for a bachelor

The task was to redesign the design of a small one-room apartment in 34, 8 m2, not including a loggia (3 m2). The apartment was located on the third floor of a fourteen-story building in 1972, and the windows faced the courtyard, to the east.

The customer was a young progressive journalist, who liked the Scandinavian style of design, as well as French literature. Read the owner preferred paper books, so it took a place for a bookcase.

The apartment was created for a bachelor with a limited budget. Key concepts were simplicity, light and symmetry. The apartments were to include a separate study, a spacious bathroom, a standard refrigerator, a four-burner stove, a microwave oven and a separate dressing room.

The smell of food should not go beyond the kitchen. The loggia was like a summer verandah. All re-planning should be coordinated with the customer.

The difficulty that confronted the first minute is a limited space. On the wall at 6 m there are two windows. The customer did not give permission to connect the loggia and the apartment. Therefore, it was decided to remove the piers under the window frames, and in their place to put the sliding windows. So, it was possible to combine the composition of the loggia and the apartment, as well as to use natural lighting to the maximum.

Design of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

Planning a small apartment for a bachelor

Speaking about the kitchen, it should be noted, in the design of the main role played the role of 3 conditions. First, the kitchen with a gas stove should not be separated from the street, nor additional partitions, nor other rooms. Second, the doors from the kitchen should go out into all adjacent rooms. Third, smells should not spread around the apartment.

As a result, it was decided to install a blind partition height of 0.75 m, with a glass top, which, however, would not reach the ceiling. The result was access to natural light, the ability to view the rest of the rooms and install a ceiling hood over the oven.

Kitchen design in a small apartment

The main requirement of the customer was a separate cabinet. The partition could not be soundproof. The solution was a folding door louvered type. The ability to collect and expand this structure allowed to regulate the through review of the apartment.

Workplace in a small apartment

To visually increase the space, it was decided to put a large mirror opposite the windows. It can move apart and move. It serves both the wardrobe door and the way to separate the hallway from the rest of the apartment space.

Another mirror is located on the other side. You can look at it before you leave the house.

Bedroom behind the partition

Sleeper on the balcony

And without that the small free space of the bathroom was occupied by a plumbing box. He hid the dilapidated sewer pipe. A large shower tray with an area of ​​1200x800 and a sanitary unit occupy the entire length of the bathroom.

The towel warmer was hung on the other wall. Particular attention should be paid to the countertop and the panel of oak. They add warmth to the interior, and soften the pressure of the overhanging walls.

Small bathroom in a small apartment Mosaic in the interior of a small bathroom

The rooms are separated by side lobbies. This allowed to reduce ceilings to a minimum height when installing suspended ceilings. In the kitchen, this way, the ventilation pipe for the hood was hidden, without using a box.

Lighting used LED spotlights, whose diameter is slightly more than standard. For the customer it was important that in any weather the apartment was light. Additional accents are created by chandeliers and sconces.

A spacious bedroom in pastel colors

The left side of the loggia is used as a bookcase, and on the right you can lie down in an armchair. The loggia was almost completely glazed, and the branches of the trees knock on the windows.

Open book shelves on the balcony Dining area on the balcony

The entrance door is made in white. It opens in and out. Sound insulation sought to create a screed floor, made a dry backfill. To save space, I had to abandon the three radiators. There are only two left, one above the other.

A bright engineering board is laid in the bedroom and study. In the kitchen and hallway, matt porcelain stoneware was used. On the balcony the granite looks like a board. The floor is heated, the apartment has air conditioning, and on the loggia there are two electric convectors.