Ideas for lighting your own hands (the best photos from

For what we love the site Pinterest, so it's for the opportunity to find in it cheap and simple ways that will help transform our house. Ideas for restoration and creation of furniture by own hands, interesting handmade articles of any materials, interior decoration with unusual decor - today it is a trend that is becoming more and more popular. Especially for those of you who like to spend time, mastering something interesting and useful, we have collected 30 photos of Pinterest lamps, which you can make yourself using widely used items and simple tools.

Some of them look fantastic, but the most part is suitable for any modern or traditional interior, including:

  • fixtures made of wood and paper;
  • knitted and textile lampshades;
  • interesting ideas for table lamps;
  • lamps from musical instruments and other unexpected materials.

30 ideas for lamps themselves:

Pendant lamp from lace napkins Lamp made of lace Stylish lampshades for lamps with their own hands Luminaire made of woven thread Pendant lamp from paper Idea for chandelier made of wood Ideas for table lamps own hands Ideas for table decoration Fixtures of unusual materials Floor lamp with your hands from the globe Table lamp by own hands Floor lamp by own hands Lamp in the form of a letter Lamps from the fabric with their own hands Lamps for the street with their own hands How to tie a shade Suspended crocheted lamps Knitted table lamp Sconce and floor lamp of taps Stylish wooden lamps Paper chandeliers with their own hands Table lamps made of cardboard and photographs