A real example of how you can successfully fill the

Living room in Scandinavian style

It is known that so popular nowadays Scandinavian design based on comfortable, practical solutions, expressed in the lightest shades. And if the shining whiteness is good for old houses, then in modern new buildings it seems faceless. There are too few interesting architectural elements in them.

However, this dwelling of 44 square meters was step-by-step filled with everything necessary in the framework of the Swedish style, and in order to make it more alive, elements of the American youth chic were introduced.

Studio apartment in Scandinavian style Colorful accents in the white interior

The background is chosen white, and it looks just great next to simple but good furniture. But the yellow hare, jars with soda, the layout of the letter "A", bright towels, a toy cactus and other elements became colored splashes of joy and creativity on all surfaces of the apartment. At the same time, gizmos are used exclusively in fashionable shades, and they are easy to replace if desired.

Kitchen in white color White kitchen set Kitchen with dining room Kitchen in Scandinavian style

It is important to decide on the five fundamental tones, and not to use any others on the whole territory of the dwelling. And if here it's yellow, orange, crimson, coral and green, then the base ones are white and a little black. As a basis, you can always choose light gray, beige, soft brown.

Decorative elements in the design of the apartment Bedroom in Scandinavian style Bedroom in white color

Items should reflect the needs of the person as accurately as possible. If he needs a large workplace - it should be really comfortable. If the owner of the apartment does not like to sit for long - down with even the idea of ​​a fashionable rocking chair.

Entrance hall in white color Wardrobe and balcony

Scandinavian style is attracted by the fact that it helps create an ideal area for a happy life. On the example of one of the variants of its implementation, one can see how saturated and stylish at the same time this design can be. Do you like the funny notes of the creative seen in the photo?

Bathroom in Scandinavian style Bathroom in white color The layout of a two-room apartment