Portal for electric fire with your own hands

The materials used are subdivided into finishing and decorative purposes. The first group includes boards, plasterboard, various profiles, etc. The second type is upholstery fabrics, films, tiles and so on. Excellent looks stone in the interior. Stone facing requires strong and stable finishing materials.

Looks great stone in the interior

The final decision in the choice of materials for the owners. But to get it cheap and angry, stop on the drywall. This material is inherent in all the protective properties, it is easy to install, and make it possible to beautiful and externally rich portals.

  • Preparation
  • Mounting the frame
  • Carcase trim
  • Cladding


First, count the materials. To do this, draw a detailed sketch of the future portal. Measure on the wall its height, width and depth. Based on these calculations, it becomes clear how much to take. The quantity of materials is affected by the place of the electric fireplace: it can be corner portals or standard ones.

For self-installation, you will need:

  • screwdriver;
  • a pen;
  • roulette;
  • ruler;
  • level;
  • sharp knife;
  • a hammer.

Also required are finishing materials: drywall sheets, wooden boards or plywood. You will also need stainless steel guides that will form the frame. Depending on the location of the portal, it is additionally worth to buy guides and rack-mount profiles.

The material should be selected based on the type of electric fireplace. If the appliance produces steam, drywall can not be used.

For self-assembly, you will need

Mounting the frame

The work begins with marking the markup using a tape measure and a pencil. Preliminary it is necessary to measure the dimensions of the electric fireplace.

When the markup is marked, proceed with the installation of the frame. Using a screwdriver or a drill with a special nozzle, twist the profiles. The accuracy of each series is checked by the building level. If they are all set exactly, you can mount the base. It needs to be strengthened by racks, regardless of where the portal is built from gypsum board.

Mounting the frame для электрокамина

Creating a skeleton portal, carefully strengthen the shell area adjacent to the firebox electric fireplace. These measures will extend the life of the device and will not allow the finishing sheets to dry up.

When installing the frame it is necessary to allocate space for the structural details of the fireplace. They can not be closed or embedded.

Carcase trim

On the finished substrate fasten the sheets of finishing material. Their choice depends on financial possibilities. You can use wooden boards, plasterboard sheets, vapor barrier film and even marble. However, it's easiest to mount drywall yourself.

Before proceeding to the plating, you need to compare the dimensions of the fireplace and the frame, eliminating all the obvious flaws. Also make wire holes in the wall, arrange access to the outlet.

Cover the plasterboard with the front of the base, heading towards the edges. Pay special attention to the corners of the portal. If you use the corner sheet drywall, the aesthetics of the appearance is easier to achieve.

Before installing from the sheet drywall you need to cut out the required length, designate the places for fastening on the screws. Each time, check your work with a level. If there are irregularities, they can be smoothened with a hammer. A wooden portal for an electric fireplace is easier to assemble, but its cost is more expensive.

Wooden fireplace portal


Готовый портал необходимо декорировать. Cladding может быть разной:

  • tile;
  • decorative bricks;
  • lepenka;
  • fur coat;
  • moisture resistant wallpaper;
  • paint;
  • wooden trims.

Pre-construction should be putty to stitch seams. Then the surface is ground and left to dry a little. When everything is ready, you can start decorating.

Place next to the portal can be added: for example, hang on top of a beautiful picture or modular shelves.

The portal is ready! It remains only to put an electric fireplace and you can enjoy the warmth and beauty.

Place next to the portal can be completed

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