Laser 3d engraving - a tandem of the latest technology and

Often in the stores we meet souvenirs made of crystals, inside of which a variety of engraved 3D 3D images are made, composed of tiny silvery bubbles. Such a souvenir is very beautiful, it harmoniously fits into any interior. Decorating items with engraving people have long been, probably starting with the Stone Age. They decorated copper, bronze and silver objects. In ancient Egypt, gold engraving was widely spread, and in the technical age, houses are decorated with beautiful crafts inside with 3D-laser graphics.

Laser 3D engraving of a horse in glass

At first, the points, whose weird interlacing, so pleases us today, appeared as a side effect when the laser was working, because of their appearance the equipment went out of order. They found out the reason for their occurrence and got rid of breakdowns. But all ingenious always appears as a result of random trial and error. Therefore, this phenomenon was found and the positive side, the physicists decided to try to do, that neither be beautiful. The first crystal with laser graphics was almost handmade, because each dot was calculated manually. But the incentive, to make beautiful things appeared as a result of "perestroika", when the question of survival became before science. So there were installations for drawing a laser in glass. And the laser graphics that draws a ray inside the optical glass or crystal, literally any image-an inscription, a photograph, a beautiful landscape or any other drawing, began to perform on the shoulder.

Laser engraving of a child

How to perform intricate crystals, balls, cubes with 3D engraving inside If you tell without unnecessary scientific terms, then applying such images is the destruction of the crystal material by a laser beam. It is carried out by two contacting rays: the beam itself, neither one nor the other, can not heat the glass very strongly, but when they collide, the material overheats, boils and, as a result, forms a bubble-point. And so changing the direction of these rays, creating intricate pictures that capture your imagination with your magic.

Big ship in the glass

What is the fascination with laser engraving of 3D crystals? First, it's very, very beautiful. We can say that laser engraving is a harmonious fusion of the latest technologies and art, resulting in unsurpassed masterpieces. Drawings can be performed on any topic to any event, be it a wedding, a birthday, a New Year party, a corporate event. All events can not be counted. Secondly, the drawing executed by a laser engraving, amazes with the clarity and realism. And last, such a souvenir is durable. A year will pass, and you can give your grandchildren a memorable 3D image of the wedding of their parents or the day of their christenings, while the image in the crystal will look as if it had just been performed.