Great design ideas for small bathrooms - an interesting

Interior of small bathrooms Small bathroom

Today we will discuss the interior design of small rooms, because they are a huge problem, as they are very difficult to decorate and decorate.

Some options have the ability to visually look more spacious, while others will need some design tricks to increase the area.

Depending on the features of your bathroom and the type of design can be different. Choose it, first of all, according to your budget.

Wash area

The space around the sink is a very important area for free maneuvering. Determine your personal needs for using the sink. Do you have a lot of toiletries and other things that need storage? Use small lockers that can be placed under counter doors and add decorative shelves or drawers.

Are there few things in your room and do you want it to look attractive? Consider installing decorative shelves or a cabinet under the sink that will hide the drain support.

If you do not have enough free space, you can install a corner sink, which will give you the maximum area.

Small bathroom


Most people prefer the maximum free space around the toilet, although this is not always a realistic option in small bathrooms today.

If you have the opportunity to replace the toilet, then choose smaller models that will take up less space and increase the space around them.

If you do not want to change it - try to minimize the storage of things, such as scales and laundry baskets, they only create inconveniences. The more area you use, the better you feel.

Bath / shower

In the smallest rooms there is a combination of a bath with a shower or just a shower. If your budget allows - replace the curtains on the glass doors. This will make the interior refined.

Glass visually enlarges the space and will be more comfortable here. Consider the option with more transparent or light shower curtains, if the installation of a glass door is not available for you.

If the ceilings are high here, set the curtain as high as possible to visually lengthen the room.


Dark colors visually reduce space, and lighter colors, on the contrary, make it more spacious. If your ceiling is natural light, then it will seem much larger.

Imitate the feeling of natural light with neutral and sunny tones that give a feeling of warmth and attractiveness. Replace the bulbs with those that radiate warmer light.

Hang up some modern lamps. Lighting plays a huge role and affects how you see yourself in the mirror. You will be annoyed by this room, if you do not like the reflection in the mirror!

Small bathroom

Even if the room is small - you can love its potential. Use these design ideas and enjoy this place in the house to the fullest, dear readers of Small Interiors.