New year led garlands - ideas for home use

Nothing is so happy on New Year's Eve, as the decoration of the house for the holidays. The symbol of 2017, the Rooster loves everything brilliant and bright, so why not decorate the interior appropriately? In this you will help the unusual illumination - New Year's LED garlands, which will bring to the home atmosphere of magic. Today you will learn that they can be used for decorating not only Christmas trees, but also other elements of space.

27 ways to apply New Year's LED garlands for the house - on the photo.

How to apply New Year's LED garlands in the decor of the walls

LED garlands are relatively inexpensive and safe home decorations. You can safely decorate them with walls and windows, without fear of ignition or damage to wallpaper and curtains:

  1. Place an ordinary Christmas tree garland on the wall, and then use clips or clips to attach a photo with memories from the outgoing year;
  2. Hang LED lights like "fringe" or "rain" along the walls;
  3. Decorate the walls with patterns from an LED garland, for example, in the form of a tree or a star;
  4. Emphasize the contours of wall shelves or window openings with garlands;
  5. Use them to decorate the windows so your New Year's lights can be seen on the street. (Find out how you can decorate the windows for the New Year).

See examples of translating these ideas into the following photos!

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Decoration of the table with LED lights for the New Year (10 photos)

Read our article How to decorate a table for the New Year 2017. LED garlands are just one way. You can use them in combination with Christmas ornaments or create a modern look with the LED garland "balls".

Garlands for home lighting - table decoration ideas LED garland balls - decor ideas for the New Year

Among other ways to decorate the table with New Year garlands:

  1. They encircle the legs of the table and chairs;
  2. To put in the center an ikebana or a vase with the branches decorated with garlands and other New Year's accessories;
  3. Place LED garlands in bottles or other glass containers;
  4. Attach the New Year's lights under the glass top and serve the table with crystal glasses. You will be surprised how charmingly these lights will play!

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Other ways to apply LED garlands in the interior of the house

How else can I apply New Year LED lights for the house? This decor is so flexible and versatile that the methods and places of its application are almost limitless. Personally, we really like the idea of ​​creating an improvised hearth with garlands. And you? Rate 10 more photos with led garlands at the end of this article!

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