Exquisite design of micro-apartments in the loft style,

A staircase connecting two floors of apartments In New York

Let's talk today, how can you save space in your tiny apartment with the mind. We offer to consider the excellent apartments that were developed by Spect Harpman Architects. They are on the Manhattan's Upper West Side, on 73rd Street, the United States of America. This apartment is a kind of ideal, personifying practicality and multitasking.

In order to compact everything in a small room, the developers came up with the idea to create "live platforms", which are equipped with various lockers and storage boxes. This is the most important problem for owners of such housing, is not it ?!

Snow White Kitchen Furniture Snow White Kitchen Furniture Pull-out cupboards in the stairs Pull-out cupboards in the stairs

Please note that each room is made in its own color shade, to recreate the atmosphere of brightness and openness. But all the same, white brick walls, characteristic of the loft-style, of course, are present.

Comfortable double bed Cozy recreation area

Among other things, there was a staircase that led to a magnificent outdoor terrace, from which you can enjoy incredible views at any time.

Stairway to the terrace Brick wall apartments in New York Apartment project In New York