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Live flowers in the design of the apartment, make space not only sought-after attractive, but also beneficial. This is not surprising, because it is the house plants that give us, the feeling of unity with nature. Most people try to reproduce mini-gardens in their own apartment.


Perfect assistants will be the flower stands, which perfectly match with any interior. Given the size and shape of the flower arrangement, you can turn a cold room into a piece of nature.


Since most of the plants are considered photophilous, they were placed on the windowsills closer to the sunlight. However, at present, jardiniards for indoor flowers are in great demand. Having the property not only to decorate the interior, but also to preserve the living space.


Choosing a stand should pay a little attention, not only to its aesthetic beauty, but the material from which they are made, on this depends their reliability. It is also necessary to check the legs and the construction as a whole for stability, to determine whether they can withstand the maximum load.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Types of flower stands
  • Differences in material racks
  • Photo of ready-made stand solutions for flowers made by own hands

Types of flower stands

There are various modifications of stands that differ in height and width. You can choose a traditional design or an unusual model. They can be designed for a single flower pot, or they can be installed on several pots. Racks have elongated, round or low forms.


Also there are shelves in the form of not high stairs, allowing alternating light-tolerant plants with sun-loving. Usually at the bottom there are flower pots with plants that do not need much light, and light-loving ones are on top. Similarly, in one jardiniere, several species of plants are remarkably coexistent. A high stand for flowers is an excellent option if you need to compactly accommodate a large number of different types of colors. Letters from foam - a simple instruction for the production of voluminous letters (30 photos)


In addition, flower stands are outdoor, it is calculated to accommodate a significant number of plants. These are functional multi-level bookcases, traditional compositions, which represent one large cover, or a complete ensemble with different types of stands. There are many unique racks that can be used for interior decoration and also for a greenhouse.


Differences in material racks

Undoubtedly, in addition to the uniqueness of the stand, it is desirable that they are also of high quality. Long service life and safety predetermines the property of the material used for production.


The most famous models are made of the following materials:

  • tree;
  • plastic;
  • glass;
  • metal.

support for flowers

The flower pots, on a wooden stand, are most harmonious and appropriate. Complementing each other, they create a cozy, atmosphere room in which it is easier to breathe. The only negative, the massive nature of this design. Since they occupy a lot of space, it is better to place them in country houses, or on a loggia. See the photo of the flower stand.


Stands made of plastic are no less practical. They have different shapes and a large color assortment. Fortunately, such models will fit in unencumbered with unnecessary objects, modern minimalism. Because they look simple and easy, but this does not negate their stability and the ability to withstand the maximum loads. The most economical way to adjust the space of the room, place on the shelf of plastic houseplants. Below are photos of the stand for flowers


Often, glass is used for individual decor elements. Because of its safety and environmental data. How to choose a stand for flowers? When choosing a product, it is necessary to pay special attention to the strength of the material, designed to withstand the load of flower pots. In the form of distinguished - rounded and square. Harmoniously combined with any style of the room.


Stands for metallic colors will be appropriate both in the design of the traditional manner of performance, and with the newfangled styles directions. All sorts of modifications do not limit you in choosing a suitable rack in terms of colors, shape and height. Flowers from foil - step by step instruction from designers with photo examples


One of the types of metal stands, are forged. They are strong and quite extraordinary. With pictures of ornaments and drawings with curls. If you chose this form, you must combine them with the general picture of the room (wallpaper, furniture, other interior items). To create a single image of the room.


Photo of ready-made stand solutions for flowers made by own hands



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