The official color of 2015 is the marsala in the interior

Designers around the world sighed with relief when the Pantone Institute named the color of 2015 a rich, but easily blended shade, known as "Marsala." Perhaps this is somehow related to the fact that it was named after the wine (the second most popular beverage after water), but this color is much more versatile in application than its predecessor last year - the color of Radiant Orchid. Chic, but at the same cozy and warm, the color of the marsala is easily included in the interior in both small and large doses. Next, you will see several interesting options for applying this color, which will help sustain your house in style.

What does the color of Marsala look like?

First of all I want to note that Marsala looks great on the walls (again, unlike its predecessor) and is combined with most shades on the color palette. Pantone himself, who is the world's leading expert in color, recommends supplementing the marsala with neutral tones such as gray, amber, dark brown and golden yellow. If you want to create a more dynamic and modern interior design, then consider a variant of combining marsala with different green, turquoise and blue hues.

Color scheme from MarsalaA selection of things for the house with the color of Marsala

Do you want to be in a trend? Then choose the best way to add a note of marsala to your interior!

The color of Marsala as a basis

Let's start with a decor that instantly fills your interior with the color of a marsala. Look at how carpets, curtains, furniture upholstery and walls in this color create a delightful feeling of luxury and warmth!

Walls of Marsala in the interior

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Carpet in Turkish style from Lavender Rugs Curtains of the color of Marsala in the interior Furniture and pattern on marsala wallpaper Kitchen decoration in the color of Marsala The coffer and the pillars are colorful The divan and the envelope are blooming Divan blooms marshal Мебель цветов марсалаMarsala wall artCurtains, carpet and other decor of the color of Marsala

Interior elements of the color of Marsala

But after all, fashion shades can be used in small doses, right? Let's now take a closer look at the individual decorative details that can bring light accents of marsala color to your house. We present you pillows, linens, tables, vases and other items that do not require large investments and can be easily replaced with the arrival of a new trend!

Vase flourishesThe bowl of flowers is marshalMarsala color wall decor Постельное белье цвета марсала Interior pillows in oriental style

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Pillows with a shade of marsalaДиванные подушки цвета marsala Coffee table in the color of Marsala Marsala kitchen mixer Carpet on the floor with a touch of marsala Decor for the kitchen of the color of Marsala

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