Wall-ceiling lamps - 30 photos of various species

In creating a cozy and comfortable interior of the room, lighting plays an important role, which can be quite diverse. Wall-ceiling lamps, which are recognized as universal due to the fact that they can be attached to both the ceiling surface and the wall. They have quite a lot of ways of installation, shapes and designs. The Austrian wall-ceiling fixtures Globo, presented in our market in a great variety, as well as models of Italian and domestic manufacturers, are very popular. In this article we will tell you what are the modern wall-ceiling fixtures. Consider the photo of various designs, as well as the features of placement of certain models in the interior of the room.

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Wall-ceiling lamps - design features

Most of the wall-ceiling fixtures have a similar design. It includes elements such as a holder, a switch, a cartridge, a bulb and a plafond. There are also wall-ceiling lamps with a remote control and models equipped with a motion sensor.

All lighting devices can be divided into household, decorative, direct, reflected, directional or, conversely, diffused light. By the method of fastening, they can be hanging, built-in, overhead and lighting fixtures-chandeliers.

Suspended constructions assume the fastening of the plafond by means of special suspensions to the ceiling surface. Very often they are used for decoration. Built-in lamps are mounted in such a way that only the plafond is visible on the surface, and the working part is hidden. Wall-ceiling luminaires overhead can be mounted on any surface.

Making out the interior of an apartment or a private house, lighting should be selected with special care, as it will become a full-fledged design element. To understand all the diversity of modern lighting, consider some of the main varieties.

Lamps for wall and ceiling lighting

This is a fairly new phenomenon in the lighting market. The first models radiated a rather dim light and were suitable only as a night light. To date, thanks to the improvement, they are able to illuminate large areas in the daytime by daylight.

Ярким примером является светильник настенно-потолочный светодиодный Supernova, который имеет значительную интенсивность света, стильный современный дизайн и низкий уровень энергопотребления. Они имеют прочную конструкцию, не боятся воздействия влаги, пыли и перепадов температур. Lamps for wall and ceiling lighting имеют множество моделей и могут использоваться для освещения двора частного дома, для подсветки фонтанов, газонов, аллей.

Surface-mounted wall-ceiling LED lights can be of one of two designs - models with bracket, which are installed in a fixed position and models with a rotary mechanism. In form, traditional lamps are distinguished that can illuminate a fairly large space, and point lights, designed to focus on a particular area.

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Wall-ceiling luminescent lamp

One of the modern trends in the design of lighting in living quarters is the use of a model such as a wall-ceiling luminescent lamp. It has a number of advantages, in particular, less energy consumption, compared to the lamps of past generations, dust and water resistance, quiet operation, and also harmlessness.

Such lamps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can also be desktop and ceiling. Since the luminescent wall-ceiling luminaire is waterproof, it can be used for lighting design not only in an apartment or office, but also in the street, in the pool or sauna of a private house. When working, the lamp creates a comfortable atmosphere for the activity. This model will look most impressive with stretch ceilings.

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Wall & ceiling lighting fixtures

This kind of fixtures is very similar to those known to all point. The main difference is that they are equipped with a special bracket, through which the lamp can be rotated in the desired direction.

Wall & ceiling lighting fixtures имеют разнообразные виды, могут отличаться дизайном и способом применения в интерьере помещения. Они могут быть встраиваемые, накладные, для крепления которых к потолку применяется специальный кронштейн и сложно-комбинированные — модель представляет собой устройство, где в одном корпусе находится несколько светильников, и каждый из них можно направить в нужную сторону.

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Lamps for wall ceiling chandeliers

Similar lamps have existed for many years, it is the most usual lighting option in an apartment used for interior decoration.

Lamps, like wall-ceiling chandeliers, in addition to its direct function of lighting, can become a real decoration of any room. Modern chandeliers are on the market in a wide variety, decorated in the style of minimalism, high-tech, modern and of course a luxurious classic.

Chandeliers are of several types, namely:

  • suspended - the model involves the placement of one or more bubbles on one holder, which can act as a chain, string or cord. Often, the material for making the plafonds with which such wall-ceiling fixtures are equipped is glass, although plastic or fabric can also be used;

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  • ceiling chandeliers - models installed in small rooms with low ceilings. They, in most cases, have strict geometric shapes, such as: wall and ceiling lighting fixtures square, round, spherical, in the idea of ​​a cube or parallelepiped and others. You can install such models in such premises as an entrance hall, a nursery or a bathroom;

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  • The classic chandelier is the most popular variety. Such lamps are decorated, mainly, living rooms and bedrooms, as they have a fairly luxurious, exquisite appearance. Materials for manufacturing are glass, metal and crystal (textile is much less common).

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Wall Ceiling Light Fixture

For local lighting rooms are used wall-ceiling fixtures sconces. They are installed, basically, at the mirror, the head of the bed, for illuminating paintings and other elements. Also, wall-ceiling fixtures are used for the bathroom, since it is convenient to wash them.

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Among all the variety of models available in the modern market, one of the leading positions is the products of the Italian manufacturer, in particular, wall-ceiling fixtures Odeon Light, which can satisfy the most exquisite tastes of customers. The sconces manufactured by this company are characterized by an impeccable variety of designs, which allows installation in any room and a long service life.

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Wall-ceiling fixtures: photo and description of models in the interior design

When choosing those or other lighting devices, it is necessary to take into account, first of all, the functional purpose of the room in which they are planned to be installed.

Bedroom lighting

To decorate the bedroom, the perfect solution is to install a chandelier with a picture on a plafond for a large light, as well as a sconce at the bedside table, to create a more intimate cozy atmosphere. Lamps wall-ceiling round or in the form of a hemisphere, emitting diffuse light, the best way to create a suitable atmosphere for recreation. For suspended ceilings, mainly built-in lighting in the form of point lamps.

Wall-ceiling lamps in the living room

The living room is a room, the interior of which presupposes, usually, luxury, since it is here that guests gather, various holidays and festive events are celebrated. Therefore the role of the main lighting is often performed by chic chandeliers. Other types of luminaires can also take place in the form of local illumination, the main function of which is to illuminate certain elements of the decor and identify areas of the interior.

Lighting for kitchen

An important role in organizing correct lighting is for kitchen space. First of all, they will help to make zoning space. For this purpose, a more gentle, muffled lighting is applied in the rest area, contributing to relaxation and tranquil acceptance of food. Often you can find over the dining table lamps, wall-ceiling hanging with soft light or sconces. The working area should be sufficiently light (sometimes modern furniture sets are sold already equipped with built-in lamps).

Children's wall-ceiling lamps

A separate approach is required for the design of the children's room. Here it is worth paying attention to the fact that the lighting devices, first of all, were made of non-toxic materials, and also had reliable strength characteristics. For the main lighting is best suited closed matt plafond. He will give enough basic light for the room, while the lighting will be diffused and not fall directly into the eyes.

In addition, you need to think over the lighting at the bed so that the child can stand up at night if necessary. You can install a wall with a very soft light, in which the child will not be afraid to go to bed alone.

If there is a student in the family, it is necessary to organize good coverage over the desk, as this is a guarantee of good vision and quality productive work. It can be a wall hung hanging lamp, which must be installed taking into account the factor that the child writes with the hand - for left-hander the light should fall to the right and vice versa.

Children's wall-ceiling lamps, на сегодняшний день, представлены в широком разнообразии — можно приобрести плафоны в виде красивых бабочек или цветочков, которые создадут особую сказочную атмосферу в комнате ребенка.

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Wall-ceiling fixtures are not just light bulbs that illuminate the space, they serve as an element that can create a unique atmosphere in the room, complementing the overall composition of comfort, elegance and comfort. Correctly selected lamp will successfully emphasize the stylishness of the room, its originality and exclusivity.