Scandinavian style: application in interior design

Living room in Scandinavian style

Almost all styles of decoration of the premises appeared in different localities or states. They show the peculiarities of the climate of the area, the customs of the living people and its nature. Not an exception is the Scandinavian style in the interior, recently enjoying great popularity. Many residents of our state have enjoyed this style, and the number of its fans only continues to grow.

Studio apartment design in Scandinavian style

  • Nature in Northern Europe is quite harsh, there is no multicolor characteristic of the southern regions. In the color palette of the style, for this reason, rest and some moderation prevail. The interior contains a monochrome and light shades. To add a twist, you need to use juicy bright notes. This resembles a short bloom in the spring in the cold part of Europe.
  • At the core of the style is the solidity and practicality characteristic of local residents. Residents have to fight with the elements, creating strong and reliable homes. Thanks to this approach, simple, usual-looking furniture, strong windows, warm blankets and bedspreads arose. White Bedroom
  • Residents of the north appreciate the functionality and practicality. Here everything is orderly and carefully planned.
  • For the interior features such features as restraint, purity. This effect is due to the predominance of light tones. The floor board is also light, which is a wonder for our houses.
  • The key feature of the style is the use of natural materials. Furniture, decoration, textiles and decorative elements - all these elements must be of natural origin only.
  • This style is not for those who like the bright, bright look of the apartments. For the Scandinavian style, almost all elements are discreet and restrained. It's fascinating in its own way, like the beauty of Scandinavian nature.
  • The abundance of light sources is another characteristic feature. In the north, the night lasts for half a year, so the Scandinavian people are very demanding about the quality of artificial lighting. The abundance of various fixtures, such as chandeliers, sconces, table and floor fixtures, should at least partially replace the lack of sunlight.

    Scandinavian style in the hallwayMirror in the hallway

Decoration of the dwelling, furniture

Design of a square entrance hall in Scandinavian style

You should pay attention to the technology, the selection of materials, the quality of the finish, to get an interior that corresponds to the Scandinavian interior.

When preparing the walls, special attention should be paid to the quality of the work. Coloring can be with the use of a texture paste or even, but before that the wall must be carefully leveled and plastered.

Scandinavian style in the bedroom

Some interiors of the modern design suggest the decoration of walls with exposed brickwork. This is inherent in Scandinavian design with elements of industrial style. The most typical finish for walls is painting. The wallpaper on the wall may look good, but they are much less common.

Bathroom interior in Scandinavian style

According to representatives of Scandinavian peoples, the use of wallpaper can not be called practical: temperature drops cause them to damp, and if you want to change the design there are many problems. Repainting the walls to refresh the style is much easier and faster.

Narrow little kitchen in white

Zone zoning can be emphasized by finishing one or several walls under cement plaster, which looks somewhat rough. The method is typical for new interiors in Scandinavian style.

White and gray kitchen

The ceiling is also finished with great care, very carefully. If the space between the floor and the ceiling is small, often limited only by painting the latter. But if the distance allows, as the decorative elements can be used wooden beams.

Kitchen with open top shelves

They are painted in the color of the ceiling or opened with a non-glossy acrylic lacquer. The location of such beams on the ceiling is often arbitrary. For the floor, laminate, parquet or plank can be used. The first is mainly produced by companies from the Scandinavian countries. The most popular are light gray tones for flooring. Often use almost white shades of wood, which has grown old. So it seems that the floor is covered with antique boards, which for a long time stayed on the ship, were white from constant contact with sand and salt.

Children's in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is not considered a retro style, but for him there often do not exist temporary markers. Correspond to the philosophy of style will be such items as the old anchor from the ship, a table of the appropriate style, aged floorboards.

White Bathroom

To get a Scandinavian interior, you should carefully approach the selection of furniture. The style simply does not allow for any excess: a comfortable living room with a table and a sofa, a kitchen table and cabinets. The window is usually equipped with a zone for leisure. This idea will be especially good if the windows open a good view.

White entrance hall with wooden floor

The furniture is mostly wooden, with white or light tones. The presence of a rather large number of modules for saving various things is a key feature of furniture. Such modules are often open. To store items not for third-party eyes, use containers, baskets and boxes, installed in open compartments on the lower shelves or in the middle.

Living room with window

Use of textiles

Scandinavian style is difficult to imagine without the use of textiles. It is used for curtains and furniture (its upholstery).

Scandinavian bedroom

Do not give preference to textiles with bright colors, which will look superfluous in a practical and discreet style of this kind of interior. It is better to forget about ruches, flounces, other elements or apply them to another style. Used fabrics must be of natural origin, often used knitted cloth and materials with medium and high density fabrics. Look good blankets, blankets and cloaks, which are traditionally depicted animals, waves on the sea surface or snowflakes.

Corner kitchen in Scandinavian style

Quite an interesting solution is to use knitted sweaters, scarves or shawls as a cover. An interior image can complement a small neat pillow. The most fashionable today are restrained cushions using simple geometric patterns, or bright pillows with a motley coloring.

Draft black and white kitchenDraft black and white kitchen

Decorative elements

For the interior decor in this style, elements made of natural materials (vine, metal, wood, clay, their combinations) are suitable. Scandinavians mainly live near the shores of the ocean or the sea, recognized as experienced shipbuilders, sailors and fishermen.

Design of a narrow Scandinavian style kitchen

This facilitates the inclusion of rather unexpected elements in the interior, for example, fishing nets as curtains. In the interior it is often possible to see water turned stones, objects from ships (for example, anchors), ship models and other decorative elements.

Kitchen with balcony

Presented for the case of various local holidays, the Scandinavians use dolls, baskets of vines and dishes, knitted things. They are carefully stored and serve as decor. The design of the modern model often uses prints, decorations of simple geometry. Patterns made using pure bright tones can be used.

Bright living room with working area

A separate place should be allocated to white ceramics, which is presented in the form of vases, bowls, plates and other kitchen utensils. A variety of glass products are considered to be fashionable. It is impossible to imagine an interior in Scandinavian style without lamps, which are used by a huge variety. Much attention is paid to artificial lighting, represented by floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces and other lamps. It seems that the entire interior is created as a background for lighting devices that abound in the premises.

Minimalism in the living room with a white pianoMinimalism in the living room with a white piano

Style Features and Recommendations

Style, of course, is original, but it has interested many people, especially recently. Any owner will like its simplicity, modesty and practicality. The style can combine beauty, modern design elements, comfort and comfort.

Small kitchen in Scandinavian style

To recreate the scandium style at home, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

  • Provide the maximum amount of natural light. To this end, install large windows, even in small rooms.
  • Use white for finishing the ceiling, floor, even walls.
  • Use only natural finishing materials, for furniture manufacturing, in decoration.
  • Using multifunctional, but simple furniture for the interior. Bathroom with shower
  • Focus on a few items that can be furniture, textiles or decor. They should serve as a central feature or a highlight of the interior.
  • The layout of the premises is of an open type, within which the bedroom can be connected to the office and the kitchen to the living room.
  • Reflect their own perception of style, show their character as the owner of a house or apartment when creating an interior.