Aesthetic and functional zoning of studio apartments:

Partitions and mirrors in a small apartment

Partitions and mirrors in the interior

One-room apartment is not always cluttered with closets, things and crowdedness. Partitions and mirrors will help turn a small room into a comfortable, comfortable and beautiful housing.

First of all, do not be lazy to draw a few plans-projects with the arrangement of furniture, and then choose the most successful. This will help to avoid unnecessary movements with dragging the situation. As a basis, take the technical plan of the dwelling.

Here, for example, one of these drawings:

The layout of a small studio apartment

 But its implementation.

Bedroom of a small studio apartment Cabinet of a small studio apartment Living room of a small studio apartment Entrance hall of a small studio apartment

As you can see, an abundance of light colors and dark accents, glass and mirrors, partitions - this solution is not as good for a small area.