Design of the hallway in a private house - arrangement and

Design of an entrance hall in a private house

The hallway is the first room of a private cottage, a private area, where the incoming from the street comes. From its correct layout, convenience, interior appeal, the general impression of the residential space is formed. How reasonable, functional, high-quality design of the hallway in a private house is, it's so cozy and comfortable to be inside it to the hosts and guests.

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Natural lighting of the hallway in the house

In the vestibule, technical premises often come out - a pantry, a boiler room, a garage. Its additional role: blocking the way into the living rooms very unpleasant smell of the engine of the car, reduce the noise effects of the operating gas boiler, water pump, filter equipment.

Entrance to the vestibule from the hallway of the house

Doing a small tambour is meaningless. Here it is necessary to place the wall cabinets (it is better to use the full height of the walls: so there is more useful volume, dust does not accumulate on top of the cabinets), where it is expedient to store garden shoes, galoshes, rubber boots, boots, seasonal clothes used in the garden. Even after a short walk through the garden, there are pieces of earth, sand, grass blades on the soles. It is better to leave these shoes inside the vestibule, so as not to carry dirt to a clean house.

Large entrance hall of a private house - a spectacular door

Size of the hall and its filling

The useful volume of the corridor is planned by an architectural project, the main decoration of the interior depends on the customer's desire, financial possibilities and the following factors:

  1. In what style is the house designed: the view opens a hunting hut, a strict glass cube, a Gothic castle or a luxurious marble villa? Following the chosen style direction, the entrance space is filled with the corresponding pieces of furniture, the number of used interior details is planned.
  2. Periodicity of visits: is the house intended for permanent residence, weekly visits, very rare arrivals? If the owners are only interested in the summer season, it is not necessary to plan the closed placement of winter things, you can do with open hangers.
  3. How many people live, what are their individual characteristics, who are the owners - a solid married couple of about 50 or a young family with five children? It is desirable for a large family to envisage a significant number of large-volume storage places, since a small cabinet can not hide ten permanently used outerwear sets.

The original door to the hallway

There are cases when the family acquires (inherited) a finished structure, where the dimensions of the hallway can not be changed. Then it is necessary to apply decorating techniques, which allow to reveal the advantages of the premises and to cover up the shortcomings.

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Furniture and decor for the hallway of the cottage

Small cramped entrance hallLarge uncomfortable entrance hall
  • Use mirrors (arrange them opposite each other to create the illusion of a mirrored suite - the space will move apart, it will seem more)
  • Plan for small things lockers of small depth, and for shoes - vertical loading systems, equipped with swinging doors
  • Provide bright top light (dim light reduces the size of the room). Properly designed lighting is an important component of a successful design
  • Place on the perimeter of the top of the walls closed shelves (mezzanines) of greater depth than other storage systems. They do not weight the space, the design is much higher than the line of human sight.
  • Select any corner of the room, putting a hard chair there. Visually, it will make the technological and communicating space cozy, and sitting more comfortable to wear.
  • Provide horizontal surfaces (under-mirrors, stand-alone tables), where you can put a bag, throw gloves, put keys, then they do not have to look in the morning before going to work
  • The central art object, around which the interior is built, is the original umbrella holder. If you order this item individually from a talented master, you can get a real work of art

Anteroom in a classic style in the house

Varieties of the layout of the hallway - how to beat them

The nightmare dream of an interior designer is a hallway, where many doors come out. In the case of private housing construction, this is rare, but there are some cases. How to overcome a serious problem, improving the overall design of the design of the unsuccessfully planned premises by design tools? In order to reduce the number of door leaves, leave open openings where possible, decorated with the same platbands, as other internal doors. Use piers between them for placing mirrors or closed shelves up to the ceiling. Given the optical effects, the room will appear more voluminous, and the presence of a significant number of storage systems will add functionality.

Small hallway of a private house

The design of the hallway, bordering with the kitchen or changing into it, is not the most successful variant of the private house layout, Street mud, present in one room (even for fanatical cleaners it is), instantly gets to where food is prepared. From the point of view of sanitation and hygiene, violation of all possible norms.

Classic hallway design

The antechamber, the threshold of the hall - the center of the house, where other rooms converge with rays, is made out as an abstract of the picture, which the guest will see after making the next step. Apply for two rooms a single decorating techniques, decoration materials, color gamut, use an identical floor covering, creating the illusion of flowing one space into another. In order to emphasize the significance of the hall, the crossroads of all domestic roads, supplement it with interesting details (paintings, ceiling lights, lamps, parquet panels, carpet).

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The door with glass will fill the entrance hall with bright light

The hallway, where there is a window, is a rarity. It is the individual construction that provides such an opportunity for planning, the main thing is to make the right decision, developing the project with your own hands. Windows can frame the doorway, be above the door, cut through the walls. The presence of a light opening - plus the family budget: you can somewhat reduce the consumption of electrical energy, using natural lighting. Decorative live plants will decorate wide window sills or special shelves, make the room joyful, warm, cozy.

Comfortable open hanger and shelves in the hallway

Which style to choose for the hallway?

To understand the diversity of styles, you can call on the help of a professional interior designer, viewing specialized magazines, television programs, analyzing the practical advice of friends who built their "fortress", or following the inner instinct. For example, it is possible to implement the following ideas:

  1. The brutal wooden hall in the hunting-Old Russian style is suitable for a wooden house: forged lamps, massive benches, chests, visible fasteners, rough leather, stained brushed wood, flooring made of thick wooden planks (imitating them when connecting a water or electric heated floor).
  2. Italian classical style: the floor is made of marble slabs or porcelain stoneware, recreating natural stone, light plastered walls, mirrors expanding the space, bringing it closer to the square, using columns, wide ceiling cornices. On the floor is the location of a centrally oriented symmetrical pattern, a complex mosaic that introduces the atmosphere of a genuine Roman atrium.

Loft style in the hallway of a private house

Attention: it is especially important to provide saturated lighting, filling space, as an analog of bright Italian sunlight.

Very bright hallway lighting

  1. Modern style: simple lines, quiet forms of furniture, lack of frills, fanciful elements that make cleaning difficult, neutral colors of finishing materials, closed cabinets, clearly outlined mirrors, graphic lamps.

Comfortable furniture for the hallway

Hallway: Secrets of Feng Shui

Feng Shui - the Chinese doctrine of beautifying the home, attracting vital positive energy, maintaining family happiness, maintaining material well-being, recommends refusing to place a mirror in the corridor opposite the front door. This is because the favorable energy, getting into the hallway, immediately reflects off the mirror surface and leaves back, without lingering inside your home. To believe this principle or not - everyone decides for himself, but suddenly it will work? For the same reason, you should not have an entrance door on one line with a staircase leading to the upper floors. When designing the cottage, slide it slightly to the side or unfold it differently, then the positive energy stops running higher, it can first fill the lower rooms.