Living room in classic style - 100 photos of design ideas

Today, more and more people are striving to make the house elegant, and therefore the classics are always in fashion. The interior in this style perfectly emphasizes the status of the owner of the house, its taste.


Living room in a classic style looks perfect. The living room is the very place in every apartment, in every house, the main association with which is family rest, friendly gatherings, pleasant minutes alone with your favorite book.

The living room must be aesthetically pleasing and cozy.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Interior
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Color spectrum
  • Textile
  • Design of a living room in a classic style


In the living room, each of us spends a lot of time in a family and friendly company. This room like no other sets a comfortable atmosphere, harmonious, luxurious.


That is why, when designing the interior of a living room in a classical style, it is important to take note of all its subtleties.

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Features of the style:

  • Symmetry.
  • Calm colors.
  • Expensive fabrics.
  • Massive furniture.
  • Decor.
  • The minimum of home appliances.


The basis of the classics is logical, and therefore the living room in modern classical style corresponds to the most restraint. How to achieve everything? The windows should be rectangular, slightly elongated. In addition, it is worth using in the interior of the arch and bas-relief.


This style is perfect for rooms with sufficiently high ceilings. Using mirrors, you can visibly expand the space visually, and so in a small room you can use classics.


On the numerous photos of the living room in the classical style, you can see that the finish should match the direction that is chosen:

Floors - parquet, because it's not enough that it's beautiful, and still comfortable, practical. A common way of laying - "deck" or "herringbone". The color of the flooring depends on the style of the room. It is important to remember the presence of carpet in the living room - this type of coverage, like no other, brings comfort to the living room.


The walls are covered with wallpaper with a vertical pattern - the motifs can be oriental, floral. It is often used pastel, which does not violate harmony. Sometimes in the decoration of the walls use rosettes made of gypsum, panels made of wood.


The ceiling in the classics is very prominent - it's a true work of art, not otherwise. In this style, the ceiling is painted, decorated with stucco molding, friezes.



A small living room in the classical style implies the use of furniture from natural wood. Sofas, strict quality chest of drawers, cabinet furniture, made to order.


Excellent looks good wood furniture with carvings.


The most experienced designer will help not only to choose stylish expensive furniture, accessories, but also to think about decor and accessories. It is important to remember that a bright living room in a classical style is inconceivable without a fireplace. Most often, the fireplace is the center of the living room, because on it are arranged family photos, vases.



In the design of the room, important is the correct lighting to the detail. Chandelier - the central element of the living room, is selected massive, with pendants. On the perimeter of the entire living room can be placed lamps with forging. In this interior, candlesticks will look harmonious.

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Sconce also brings charm to the living room, as well as giving the room a special intimacy.


Color spectrum

The color palette is chosen with a special degree of caution, so as not to end up with a riot of colors. Preferably, warm and discreet drawings were on the walls and also furniture. It is inadmissible to use orange tones and yellow, bright pink.


Design of a living room in a classic style, фото ниже, доказывает, что светлое дерево как нельзя лучше сочетается с позолотой, с потолком и стенами белого цвета.



Considerable attention should be paid to textiles - the use of cheap fabrics is prohibited. It is permissible to use velor, velvet, taffeta, tulle.


Decorate the interior in this style self-confident people, which are very demanding of themselves and others.


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Rest in such a room will be both pleasant and "right".


Design of a living room in a classic style






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