Interior in high-tech style - the best ideas and photo rooms

High tech style (High Tech) appeared in the 30s of the XX century and at first also was called rationalism. For interiors, this style is characterized by straight lines, the use of a large amount of glass, fantastic lighting and sparkling metal finish. If you want to have an interior in high-tech style at home, then this article will tell you what to do:

  • What colors are worth choosing for the interior in the style of high-tech;
  • What distinguishes the kitchen, bedroom and other rooms in the style of High Tech;
  • How to choose the right furniture, curtains and lamps.

High Tech can be used to decorate apartments and houses of any area. So the design of a one-room apartment in the style of high-tech will be very handy, since it can relieve a small space of unnecessary decor elements. The output is a small housing, which does not cause a sense of tightness, but gives an exceptionally easy feeling.

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High-tech style in the interior - 60 photos and features

It's amazing how the interior design in high-tech style fascinates people, although it's not characteristic for it to use the decor. The main concept of this style is to give space a feeling of freedom and love for the modern world. Therefore, in High Tech houses and apartments there are only those furnishing items that are needed, and they all differ in quality, simple beauty, functionality, but not in a flashy design.

High-tech style in the interior of the apartment

The absence of decorative details is compensated by beautiful textures and unusual combinations of materials. Among them, the most popular are glass, metal, plastic and concrete. In the color palette the leading role is played by white color, which can be supplemented by such tones as golden yellow, cream, gray-blue, coffee-brown etc. Also, the style of high-tech in the interior can be made in some dark, even black. Then it is often added fresh blue, beige, green and other details.

The ceiling and walls in the High Tech room are generally monochrome, covered with plaster, textured wallpaper or huge mirrors that reflect light and visually increase space. Now let's look at the features of individual rooms in high-tech style.

Small apartment in high-tech style

Kitchen in Styles High Tech - 15 Photo

The design of the kitchen in the style of high-tech is designed to make this room as comfortable, comfortable and modern as possible. Kitchen furniture in high-tech style is distinguished by simple lines, but it can look very impressive due to a combination of contrasting shades or materials, for example, wood and metal, glass and plastic. Note that thread on the tree is inadmissible, as well as bright patterns on fabrics, which are often used to create rural comfort.

The decoration for the kitchen in high-tech style can serve as a stylish modern technique (microwave, electric kettle, glass-ceramic hob, refrigerator etc.), as well as parts made of stainless or nickel-plated steel. Habitual plates, stupas, panels and other decorative elements, which decorate kitchen tables and shelves, should be cleaned in the closet. Built-in lights, LED lighting and blinds on the windows perfectly complement this minimalist design and will make even the smallest kitchen convenient.

Kitchen in high-tech style - photo of stylish kitchens High-tech style in the interior - photo of the kitchen in the house Modern high-tech style - kitchen photo Kitchen design in a house in high-tech style Futuristic style of High Tech in the interior of the kitchen Kitchen furniture in high-tech style High-tech style in the interior - photo of a beautiful kitchen Black kitchen furniture in high-tech style Dark gray kitchen in high-tech style on the photo White interior in high-tech style - kitchen photo High-tech style - photo of kitchen with living room Kitchen design in high-tech style in dark colors Small kitchen in high-tech style 2015

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Futuristic living room in high-tech style

With a high-tech style, the living room is filled with a minimum of furniture (sofa, TV stand, shelves), play of light and glitter of metal.

The furniture has a modern or futuristic design. The use of multifunctional and modular units is welcomed, such as: revolving chairs, modular sofas and wall systems, open shelves with illumination, a coffee table transformer and so on. An excellent solution for the living room in high-tech style will be hinged lockers with mirrors or textured glass.

For comfort, you can add textile elements - sofa cushions, bedspreads or curtains. It is desirable that they were made of natural fabrics and had large modern patterns or were monophonic. Well, the main element of the design of the living room in the style of high-tech can be a beautiful chandelier.

White living room in high-tech style Design in high-tech style - photo of living room High-tech style in the interior - photo of the living room Living room with high ceilings in high tech style White living room in high tech style in a private house Design room and chandelier in high-tech style Design of the living room and curtains in high-tech style Modern living room in high-tech style High-tech style in the interior of the living room in the photo Living room with fireplace in high-tech style Design in high-tech style - photo of a small living room Unique living room design in high-tech style

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What should be a bedroom in high-tech style

In the design of the bedroom, high-tech style makes it easy to solve several problems at once:

  • Provide the necessary comfort for recreation;
  • Create a calm and free atmosphere for sleep;
  • It is convenient to organize a room so that everything you need is at hand.

Remember that for the high-tech style in 2015, the use of colors such as pink, lilac and other "sweet" shades as a basis is unacceptable. Better prefer white, black, gray and silver colors. And in addition to the main palette, the elements of red, green, yellow or dark blue are suitable.

As for furniture, for a bedroom in high-tech style it will be enough:

  • Modern multifunctional bed, for example, with adjustable head, lifting mechanism, built-in lighting, shelves etc.
  • An open cloakroom system or a slim chest and cabinet;
  • Pairs of bedside tables or tables.

Ultra-modern bedroom in high-tech style Black and white bedroom in high-tech style Futuristic interior of the bedroom in high-tech style Interior in high-tech style - photo bedroom High-tech style in the interior - photo bedroom High tech style in bedroom design photo Floating-bed-style-hig-tek

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What distinguishes a bathroom in the style of high-tech

To the bathroom in the style of high-tech the same requirements as for the rest of the rooms - minimalism, shiny surfaces, stylish lighting. But due to the fact that bathrooms usually have small sizes, the focus is on LED lighting and using modern gadgets: built-in audio system, chromotherapy, ultramodern mixers, nozzles on the shower (waterfall or other). etc.

White bathroom in high-tech style Apartment in high-tech style - bathroom photo Bathroom in high-tech style - interior photo

Bathroom in high-tech style photo

Modern bathroom in high-tech style Interior in high-tech style - photo of bathroom and toilet Design in high-tech style - photo of stylish bathroom

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Which curtains for interior design in high-tech style

The best curtains in high-tech style are those that have the greatest functionality and convenience of regulation. Vertical and horizontal blinds, roller blinds and Roman curtains, as well as curtains on electric or mechanical cornices can be an excellent choice. As for fabrics for curtains, they should either have modern large patterns, or be monophonic. They can be finished with metal rivets, zippers, elements of shiny lurex thread. It is also worth paying attention to curtains made of high-tech fabrics with a protective Teflon coating or impregnation from fire.

The hi-tech style palette is cold, monochrome. Using curtains with patterns here is the exception rather than the rule. At the same time, the interior design in high-tech style not only allows, but also encourages the use of modern curtains with photographs or other images.

Beautiful curtains in high-tech styleHigh-tech style - photo curtains in the bedroomModern curtains in high-tech styleCurtains in high-tech style - photo bedroomApartment in high-tech style - photo curtainsHigh-tech style in the interior of the bedroom - photo curtainsLurex curtains in high-tech style

High luminaires and chandeliers

As you may have noticed, lighting plays a very important role in high-tech interiors. Welcome multi-level and architectural light, built-in led lighting, giving the room a futuristic look, as well as the use of halogen lamps, string lights and chic modern chandeliers. Stylish floodlights, tripods and metal industrial lamps can also be appropriate.

Beautiful high-tech fixtures Chandeliers in the style of high-tech in the interiorInterior in high-tech style - photos of chandeliers in the room Unusual chandelier in the style of high tech Furniture and fixtures in high-tech style photo High-tech luminaires in interior design photo