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Imagine, a room without mirrors is impossible, especially a bedroom, because every person strives to look good, like others, and in order to assess his appearance, he needs a mirror. And where is the best way to deal with your appearance? Of course, in the bedroom.


And a mirror is needed no matter whose bedroom is a lady or a young man, because any person regardless of gender wants to monitor their appearance.

Although, of course, a woman more often comes to the mirror, because she needs to straighten her hair, change clothes, adjust makeup.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Mirror in the interior of the bedroom
  • Dimensions
  • The form
  • What should be reflected on the surface of the mirror
  • Where can I arrange a mirror
  • Care instructions
  • Photo of the mirror in the interior of the bedroom

Mirror in the interior of the bedroom

Planning a design in the bedroom, most people have the question: where exactly is it better to hang a mirror. Some in this matter adhere to the oriental outlook, hanging a mirror in the bedroom by feng shui.



The size of the mirror depends only on the dimensions of the room. However, according to the eastern views of Feng Shui, there can only be one single mirror in the room that will reflect the person fully looking at him.


Because from the point of view of the oriental views, the mirror in the bedroom should reflect the person entirely, so that his aura reflected not be divided. It is possible to achieve creative success if there is not enough room for spiritual growth in the reflection above the headboard.


The form

Balances your life, makes your dream a more round mirror. But at one time popular mirrors in the form of an octagon Bagua, it is better to install in an open room, because this form of the mirror will reflect the negative energy.


Angle mirror in the bedroom hang experts on Feng Shui are not advised, because, like the rectangular, square and triangular shape does not contribute to a calm sleep.


In order for the mirror surface to retain positive emotions, it is necessary that the mirror be in a frame that holds the energy of the house.


What should be reflected on the surface of the mirror

If you want to create a positive atmosphere in the room, you need to hang your best photos before the mirror surface, the mirrors in the bedroom will reflect your best moments in life. Also, fresh energy and fresh fish and aquarium with gold fish placed near the mirror improve the energy.


In addition to the mirror you can hang the amulets reflected they will increase their properties.


Where can I arrange a mirror

Virtually all beliefs do not recommend setting a mirror in the bedroom in such a way that it reflects the sleeping people. Because there is an opinion that a mirror is a door to a parallel reality.


According to the views of Feng Shui, the mirror should not reflect the door or window opening, because so, the positive energy, reflected in the mirror, will come out.


Small freestanding mirrors, before going to bed, it is necessary to turn to the wall.


The best option is to put a dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom or hang a mirror on the inside of the cabinet door.


It is very important to look at your reflection in the mirror you have to smile. This simple trick will help you improve energy, increase self-esteem, and just cheer up.


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Care instructions

The importance is not only the correct placement of the mirror in the bedroom, but also how to properly look after it. The smooth surface of the mirror should always sparkle clean.


It is necessary to keep the mirrors clean, constantly caring for them. Remember, the sparkling mirror sheet increases the positive energy of the person watching it.


The bedroom is the place where we rest, recover and gain strength. Therefore, you can place a circular mirror in a prominent place and constantly look at your reflection with a smile, in which case you can get a positive charge of energy.


It is also very important to believe the magic of the mirror and then you can get the flow of energy that you need.


However, remember that with mirrors, as with any other things, it's important not to overdo it. The fact that the bedroom is a special place, so placing a mirror in the bedroom should take into account all the nuances, but the other rooms it has an exceptionally positive impact on the atmosphere of the room.


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In addition, the mirrors can be used to visually increase the space of the room, make the room more elegant and refined.


Photo of the mirror in the interior of the bedroom




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