Designer chairs in a modern interior - 50 stylish photos

If you decide to decorate the interior beautifully, stylishly, and, most importantly, comfortable - it is worth considering for him such modern furniture as designer chairs and armchairs. To date, they have the most intricate interpretations, have increased comfort, and the creative ideas of professional designers create the most real masterpieces. In our article, we will get acquainted with what designer chairs are, dividing them, conditionally, into two groups: according to purpose and material of manufacture.

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We choose designer chairs depending on the functional purpose

It is obvious that when choosing furniture, we take into account its further purpose. Designer chairs are no exception. There are, of course, models that are suitable for different purposes, but, in most cases, they still have their own characteristics.

Designer chairs for the kitchen

Designer chairs for the kitchen, являясь частью ее интерьера, привносят долю изящества, говоря о хорошем вкусе хозяев. Они обеспечивают уют и комфорт, который так необходим за теплым семейным ужином. В отличие от стандартных моделей, дизайнерские кухонные стулья можно заказать, рассчитывая рост и габариты того или иного члена семьи, обеспечив тем самым удобное размещение во время трапезы. Если помещение кухни крохотное, стоит приобрести складные дизайнерские стулья, например, модель итальянского производителя Connubia Alu.

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Designer dining chairs

When the area of ​​housing allows - it is better to separate the dining area and organize a dining room. Design tables and chairs should correspond to the style of decorating the room, this will determine the choice of furniture material, color palette and shape of the structure. For example, designer dining chairs in the classical style will be made from valuable varieties of wood, can have decorative elements, such as carving or gilding. More refined and curved elements of furniture are present in the modern. In modern minimalism, the design chairs for the dining room, made of plastic and metal, will look great, and for the romantic direction of Provence, you should stop choosing wicker furniture.

Design bar stools

Decoration of decorative bar counters in residential apartments has become quite popular nowadays. Accordingly, having constructed such a design in the spirit of modernity, it is necessary to select designer bar stools for it. Now they are made of various materials, round, square, stationary, rotating, they can be with a backrest, armrests or remind the form of an ordinary stool. The choice of the model is made from personal preferences and interior stylistics. Convenience largely depends on the height of the seat. Bar stools for designer kitchen should be centimeters 25 to 30 below the countertop. Then you will feel comfortable. If the house has children, get chairs for them with the ability to adjust the height. It is also worth considering models that are more adapted for home comfort - semi-bar designer chairs, photos of which are placed below in the article. Their height, as a rule, does not exceed 70 cm.

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Designer Living Room Chairs

The living room is a room in an apartment or private house where we try to achieve the most stylish, effective and functional interior design. Here, families celebrate various celebrations and receive guests. Accordingly, it is worthwhile to buy stylish design chairs that will not only perfectly complement the design of the room, but also provide comfort to vacationers. To properly choose them - be guided by the rest of the furnishings of the room - it is better that the entire set is made in one design.

In choosing a color palette and material, be based on a stylistic orientation, for example, a white designer chair will be by the way in the Mediterranean style, and metal furniture will successfully complement modern or modern high-tech. For many years, the most comfortable are the chairs for the living room, designer "Viennese". Made from bent wood, they have an exquisite look and a long service life.

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Children's designer chair

Naturally, a small child is not surprised by the word "designer", but the superiority of such furniture for your baby is undeniable. Children's designer chairs, thanks to their originality, perfectly suited to any style of interior and will help to translate all your ideas into reality. Colorful decoration of furniture made of environmentally friendly materials, its convenience and safety are the factors that will have a positive impact on the development of the child.

For the little ones, the Eames Elephant children's design chair will fit in the form of a bizarre elephant that will replace the child with a toy or a bright model of Trioli Kids - a chair that turns into a rocking chair. The schoolboy will surely like the Panton Junior chair, which will allow you to sit comfortably during class. It has six color colorful variations of high-quality plastic and will become an additional decoration of the room.

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Office design chairs

Many of us spend one third of our lives in the workplace in the office, and it's not bad if the bosses, taking care of subordinates, can afford to buy designer office chairs equipped with adjusting mechanisms, armrests, and, sometimes, rollers. This seemingly insignificant piece of furniture will greatly increase productivity, creating comfortable conditions for a working person. With the correct position of the body, the back will not hurt, and fatigue will manifest.

Executives often use designer chairs that have larger dimensions for solidity, built-in height and tilt adjustment. They are constructed from expensive materials, which gives them a presentable appearance. Often office design chairs are purchased for meeting rooms, conference rooms.

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Designer chairs: what material is better to give preference to

As any furniture, designer tables and chairs, in addition to convenience, must match the style of interior design - be it an apartment, office, restaurant. The choice of furniture is also influenced by the personal preferences of the buyer: someone is close to the classic style with wooden furniture, and someone prefers plastic in a minimalistic direction.

Soft designer chairs

Beautiful and stylish upholstered furniture often decorates the interiors of not only residential premises, but also public. Comfortable soft designer chairs replace bulky armchairs and sofas in small living rooms, acting, at the same time, as an accent. Their body, most often, is made of wood (oak, cherry, birch), and the upholstery is made of leather or strong fabric. It is better if it is combined in color with curtains, a lampshade or a tablecloth. More comfortable conditions are also characterized by modern offices where you can find soft designer chairs in rest rooms, executive offices and even ordinary employees. Such furniture allows for productive negotiations, as part of hospitality.

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Transparent designer chairs

Мебель из стекла и пластика стала пользоваться популярностью, начиная с 70-х годов прошлого века, когда в интерьерах начало развиваться минималистическое направление. Transparent designer chairs придают помещению стильность и выразительность, они остаются, практически, незаметными в интерьере, создавая атмосферу простора. Их применение особенно удачно в скандинавском, авангардном стиле, а для ультрасовременного направления хай-тек лучшего варианта не подыскать.

Transparent design chairs are made of organic glass, thermoplastic or polycarbonate. They are quite practical, they can be used in open spaces: balconies, terraces. The main advantage is the use of transparent furniture with any color solution of the interior. Some transparent designer chairs have metal legs made of aluminum or made of stainless steel.

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Wooden design chairs

Наиболее «древней», несомненно, является деревянная мебель. Это классика, не теряющая своей популярности по сегодняшний день. Wooden design chairs нынешнего поколения имеют множество оригинальных конструктивных особенностей, позволяющих подобрать их для любого интерьера. Например, «геометрическое чудо» испанского дизайнера Albert Puig — это стул, созданный из двух треугольников или же модель английской коллекции Slab с «сильным мужским характером». Дизайнерские стулья из дерева, помимо внешних особенностей, удобны, практичны и долговечны, так как производятся из ценных пород древесины. Материал позволяет выполнить резьбу в классическом стиле, создать искусственную потертость в интерьере романтического прованса либо выступить в натуральном виде в эко стиле.

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Designer plastic chairs

Reliable and lightweight designer plastic chairs are distinguished by their smooth lines, matte gloss and ease of care. Thanks to the last factor, they can often be found in kitchens. Plastic has a rich palette of shades, and this is its main advantage. Small rooms, as a rule, are made in light, monochrome colors and require the presence of accent elements. Such, for example, will be designer plastic chairs for the kitchen of yellow, green, black. Relevant here are folding structures, which, as mentioned earlier, will help to free space.

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Designer chairs Eames

Of course, the undoubted leader is the plastic design chairs Eames, whose release in mass production began in the middle of the last century. Over the years, they have acquired many interpretations that allow them to be placed in any room. The original design of the legs, made of wood or metal, as well as an ergonomic seat with a backrest, capable of repeating the bend of the body, leave this brand at the peak of popularity. These designer chairs (see photo below in the article) are used in the setting of apartments, offices, as well as various public institutions.

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Designer metal chairs

Iron furniture is not so often found in interiors. In most cases, these are mixed variants. For example, designer metal chairs are made with a soft, wooden or plastic seat, that is, Only the basic frame is made of metal. Iron is perfectly combined with glass. Legs are chrome or painted, as shown in the photo. Surprising of the versatility of this furniture - it fits perfectly to any interior, while possessing a stylish appearance and special durability.

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Designer armchairs

For a comfortable leisure and relaxation with a cup of coffee, it is worth using a variety of designer chairs. Now their designs are designed to create maximum comfort. For example, you should pay attention to the original rocking chair Gravity Balans, which allows you to comfortably sit and relax, taking the right angle.

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Lovers of upholstered furniture will like the designer chairs Zoe, which are large puffs with backs. For the kitchen, too, there are interesting models. For example, the furniture of the Danish designer Panton is an S-shaped armchair, which has an original look, a simple but very comfortable design.

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In conclusion, emphasizing the special convenience of the furniture we are considering, I would like to highlight a novelty - the skeleton design chair (SkeletOn). Its original design with "floating" components of the back and seat significantly relieve the burden on the spine of the seated person and force the muscles of the limbs, pelvis and back to work. According to user feedback, these designer chairs allow you not to experience fatigue even during the whole working day.

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