10 things to do in london

1. The first and most important thing that is worth doing in London, and also can be repeated every day, is "you're ok". Mandatory requirements - should be 05 p.m., and tea should be black and with milk. Ideal place will be The Ritz Hotel.

2. Go to Baker Street 221b and visit the house of the legendary Sherlock Holmes. Of course, Holmes did not live there. Moreover, in the days of Sherlock, even a house with such a number did not exist, the numbering of houses reached only 100. This disappointment does not end there. In the house of the detective now made a museum, it is worth noting - interesting, but it is located at Baker Street 239, and the sign hangs 221b. This does not prevent tourists from getting a lot of pleasure from visiting a truly legendary place.

3. Visit the parliamentary debate. I tell you a great secret - on Thursdays they are open to the public, so anyone can look at it sitting on a bench right behind the Members of Parliament.

4. Visit the traditional english pub. This is best done in the historical district of Hempstead. Leave the hotel early to catch a glimpse of the wonderful old houses of the area. It is here that there are real old English pubs with low ceilings and original decor. Choose the one that you liked most, and enjoy your time!

5. Go shopping in Westfield. Traditional places for shopping in London are Oxford Street and Soho, but it's worth making purchases in Westfield. All the same shops, but assembled in one place. Plus the biggest shopping center in Europe and there is no crush and crowds. Oh yes! And do not forget to buy something Burberry.

6. Try at least 3 different kitchens - Indian, French and Italian. With its own cuisine in the UK did not work out, but it is always possible to eat tasty food. Traditional restaurants are the restaurants of these countries.

7. Remember all that we were taught in school in English classes and visit the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Tower and Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and the Madame Tussauds Museum.

8. Visit Portobello Market. This is the most popular street market in London and tourists. Raskosheltes a little and please yourself, buying something from antiques or art objects.

9. Look at London in all its glory. For this it is worth climbing the roof Hilton Park Lane Hotel or Nat West Tower. In both places there are bars with windows to the floor, from here you have a beautiful view of the city.

10. Try to get into Hogwarts. For this you need to come to the platform 9 ¾. It's not easy to find, but you will succeed. This is where the portal to the world of Harry Potter is located! A part of the luggage trolley is embedded in the wall in the middle of the station, and the sign "platform 9 ¾" hangs from above. You can grab the handle of the cart and foolishly smile at the camera.

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