Desks in the interior: advice on choosing

Writing desks in the interior

The history of writing desks goes back to ancient times. Originally they were made of stone and represented a primitive construction with a horizontal surface (table top) and boulders, which served as legs. Of course, such "tables" were not written in those days, but were hand-woven. The first models remotely resembling modern analogs appeared in ancient Egypt. They were made of wood and beaten with metal. The Egyptian poor dined right on the floor, and only wealthy people could afford such luxury as a table. Depending on the functional purpose, they were classified into two types:

  • The form;
  • Proposed placement;
  • Material of manufacture.
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Also, models differ in configuration, that is, a set of additional elements: shelves, niches, superstructures, special holders and boxes. Multifunctional desks are more like full-fledged racks with an additional installed table top. Their purchase will eliminate the need to install storage systems.

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How to choose

When choosing a desk, you need to focus on the needs of the person who will use it. If you plan to perform large-scale works (drawing, drawing), then you need to pay attention to the spacious models with wide worktops. If you want to organize the storage of working supplies, which are available in large quantities, the emphasis is placed on numerous drawers and shelves. Also take into account the interior features of the room, in which the furniture will be put. Desks decorate not only the offices, but also children's, workshops, home offices in the apartment.

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Depending on the installation site

According to the type of installation, the desks are classified into the following types:

  • Angular. The design of the table involves placing two walls at the junction and does not take up much space. The option is optimal for cramped rooms of city apartments. Since windows are usually located far away, you need to take care of high-quality local lighting. Also, this model is relevant for the combined rooms, where little space is allocated to the work area (living rooms, bedrooms).
  • Hidden. This primitive version has retained in its design only the countertop and in some cases the folding legs. Hidden tables are equipped with a special mechanism, which, when activated, allows you to fix the work surface horizontally. In the normal state, he disguises himself with other furniture and saves space.
  • Built-in window sill. These long tables are located right under the windows, which ensures an abundance of natural light during the day.
  • Rectangular. The table can be located in any part of the room. It looks solid, and at large sizes can fit the computer, additional shelves, organizers and paper trays. If you organize a spacious office in the attic, then a massive classic table will become an ornament of a strict but stylish interior.

Desk at the window

Also there are non-standard models that are made to order and customized for the features of the room and its unusual geometry.

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Optimal dimensions

Regardless of the purpose for which this piece of furniture is purchased, the desks must meet generally accepted standards. They will ensure the correct setting of hands, posture, the necessary distance to the paper or monitor for the eyes. From the way a person works at a table, his state of health directly depends. It is especially important to choose the right size for schoolchildren and small children who are only learning to develop fine motor skills for coloring and modeling. The following requirements must be met:

  • The length of the working area should not be less than 1 m.
  • On the table top should be free space for hands.
  • The depth of the table should not be less than 0.5-0.6 m.
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As for height, it is selected individually, depending on the growth of a person or child. To do this, sit on a chair and measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the sternum, where the last ribs are located. If the baby needs an option "for growth", then you can buy an original design table with legs, the height of which is adjustable.

Yellow wall in the interior

There is a system created by the architect Le Carbusier. From his calculations it follows that for a person with standard growth (about 175 cm), the "ideal" table should have a height of 70-80 cm. The exact values ​​from this range are determined when measuring the lower and upper parts of the trunk, since their "ratio" depends on features of a figure.

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According to the form

According to the form стандартные столы делят всего на два типа:

  • Corner;
  • Rectangular.

Corner table in the interior

The modern market offers a wide range of models of complex shapes with smooth lines, straight and rounded corners and additional working areas.

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Functionality and equipment

In traditional models there is a storage system at the legs on the right side, consisting of drawers. If there are a lot of accessories, then these shelves duplicate on the left. When the central location of the table is not expected (in the middle of the room), superstructures are installed above the countertop - additional open and closed shelves for books, notebooks, textbooks and decorative elements that will dilute the interior composition in a strict office. Very popular models that have an additional sliding tabletop. The element significantly increases the working area and is in demand at home workshops.

Table with drawers in the interior The interior in the style of Provence  Globe at the table  Carpet on the floor  Painting on a brick wall  Tree in the interior

Selecting a table with age-specific features

Depending on the age characteristics of the tables are classified into three types:

  • Children's;
  • Teenager;
  • For adults.

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All three types differ in size of the table top, depth and of course height. It is necessary to select models individually for a specific person. Also it is necessary to take into account the design of furniture. For example, for girls, it can have a bright pink color and ornaments in the form of floral appliqués. For boys, models of blue, blue, gray shades will do. Teenagers choose modern design tables, with a lot of technical "bloat."

Poster on the wall

It is welcomed if the table for a child or a teenager has an adjustable table top, which is given the desired angle of inclination. While the child's body is growing, it is important to instill the habit of working in the right position.

Original floor lamp in the interior  Tiles on the floor  Interior in the style of minimalism  Pot with flower in the closet  Interior with orange accents

Materials for manufacturing

Depending on the material of manufacture, the desks are divided into the following types:

  • From MDF. The boards are made by pressing wood waste (preferably sawdust) with the addition of special adhesives.
  • Particleboard. The material is similar to MDF, but has a shorter period of wear.
  • Solid wood. From it, the most expensive, luxurious writing desks are made. They are cumbersome and have a lot of weight, but at the same time they will serve for more than a decade. Organically poured into such models in the classical style and its modern "interpretation" - modern.
  • Metal. This material is used in combination with wood or glass. Tables with metal inserts are usually made to order and selected for a specific interior.
  • Glass. Only the countertops are made from it. Tempered glass or triplex is used in the work, which are characterized by high strength. Suitable tables for high-tech, minimalism and loft.
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Table from MDF in the interior

The cheapest and impractical material is plastic. Strong loads of such a table are contraindicated, so it will not last long.

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Desk for two workplaces

If the family has two children, then their room is equipped with ergonomic furniture, which will leave a lot of free space for active games. The table for two workplaces is practically the same as usual, just its table top has a long length, and all add-ins and storage systems are symmetrically duplicated. In some models, conditional zoning of work sites is carried out at the expense of the lower boxes. As an option, you can install an end-to-end rack, which will allow each child to calmly do their work and not interfere with each other.

Desk for two workplaces в интерьере Floor lamp near the wall  Colored walls in the nursery  Built-in fixtures for our ceiling  Black wall in white interior  Original chairs by the table

Multifunctional models

If you "dig" deeper, it turns out that all modern models of writing desks are multifunctional. Initially, this element was invented only for writing, and the availability of storage systems was not intended. They appeared much later, already as a result of the bold ideas of designers who wanted to create maximum comfort for a person. Original models can contain a stool in a complex design or be "masked" under the facade of the cabinet. When you open its lower doors, a storage system and a legroom appear, and the upper part turns into a table top.

Multifunctional table in the interior Lamp above the picture  Interior with a brick wall  Accent picture in the gray interior  Vase on the mound  Table with bookshelves


Although the century of technical progress relentlessly outlives the traditional letter by hand, replacing it with a set of machine text on the keyboard, it is too early to neglect working tables. They can be bought in ready-made form in furniture stores or made by themselves. The second option allows you to equip an ideal workplace. For Provence old "grandmother's" table is suitable, which can be slightly ennobled. With modern style, high-tech and minimalism, models of glass and metal are combined. The avant-garde will happily take in the interior an unusual desk with an abstract form and decorative lighting system. The classic style is combined with cumbersome models made of solid wood and varnished. To any direction, you can pick up a unique desk, which will decorate the furniture set and accent in the interior.