Interior glass doors - style and functionality in one bottle

When planning the interior of the house, one of the important points is the choice of doors designed to separate rooms. Classic and years of proven option from the tree slowly goes out of fashion, because technology is not standing still. Inside glass doors today are at the peak of their popularity. About what they are like, how to choose a glass door for your apartment and what advantages they have, and we will talk about this in this article with 30 photo examples in interior design.

Interior glass doors - types and photos in the interior

Classification of glass interior doors

Glass interior doors are classified by many features, but the main factor of their differences is the way of opening. So let's figure out what kinds of these doors are, and what exactly they differ in this characteristic.

So, by the way of opening there are:

1. Pendulum glass doors (or pendulum door)

Quite a specific kind of doors that open in both directions: inside and out. Such a door, as a rule, is fixed to the floor and ceiling. Together with it, a floor closer is usually installed, which brings the door to its original state after opening.

Pendulum glass doors - photos in the interior of a private house Single-leaf swinging glass doors

2. Hinged glass interior doors

This, we might say, is the most traditional option. Single- and double-leaf swinging glass doors between rooms can only be opened in one direction, since they are attached by means of side hinges to the doorway or door frame. By the way, the presence of the box gives the room a good level of sound insulation. Also, swinging interior doors are characterized by a relatively low cost and easy installation.

Sliding glass doors interior with a matte patternSingle-leaf swinging glass doors - фото в доме

3. Sliding glass interior doors

Sliding interior doors are now most popular. Conquering us with their ease of use and variety of design, they help create modern and original interior solutions. Let us dwell on them in more detail.

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Sliding glass doors - views and photos

To date, sliding systems for glass doors are several subspecies (what actually provides such a wide range):

  • Roll-back interior glass doors - represent a glass canvas (sometimes two), which is simply superimposed on the wall and, if necessary, shifted to the side. Such doors can move both in one and in both directions. The main thing is that the necessary wall has enough free space necessary for placing the door.

Roll-out glass doors made of transparent glass Glass doors - photo of sliding sliding model

  • Cassette glass interior doors - differ from the others in that they roll directly into the wall. This design takes up less space, though the installation of such doors is more difficult, since it is required to first dismantle a part of the wall. That is, to free up the space needed for the glass sheet when opening or closing the doors.
  • The interior glass door of the compartment - unlike the recoiling door, consists of two (sometimes more) cloths, which, when opened, roll up one after another. This option is most often used for fairly wide doorways or as partitions for zoning rooms.

Sliding glass interior doors of the compartment - photo of the room Sliding systems for glass doors - coupe and others Glass sliding doors and partitions in a modern interior

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Why glass sliding doors and partitions - an ideal option for any apartment?

The choice of a door, first of all, depends on the interior design, where it is intended to stand. And especially - from its size and the location of furniture. Correctly selected door will not only perform its functions effectively, but it will last longer.

The first and, perhaps, the main distinctive quality and advantage of a sliding glass interior door is space saving. After all, there is no need for them in the amount of free space that would be needed for the swing doors to open them. Accordingly, there are more square meters for your favorite furniture. In addition to the actual increase in free space, interior glass doors will make your room even more visually - due to the transparency and reflective properties of the glass.

Glass door coupe interior - translucent modelBeautiful glass sliding doors and partitions coupe

Also it is worth remembering that unlike other types, sliding and sliding glass doors do not need door-sills, which can be stumbled, and can not slam shut drastically from the draft.

Sliding glass doors in white interior Glass sliding doors - photo of interior partitions

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Beautiful interior glass doors on the photo of the interiors

And yet, despite all these advantages, the stereotype that glass is a fragile and dangerous material has not yet completely disappeared in society. We hasten to assure you that these fears are absolutely superfluous. Thanks to modern glass processing technologies, interior glass doors not only became less sensitive to the influence of various external factors, but can withstand a load of 50 kg, which indicates their high strength.

Glass interior doors can boast of another ability - they let the maximum amount of light into the room. Although, together with light, they pass well enough and sound. It should be taken into account when choosing glass doors, because sound insulation will not be at the highest level.

Sliding glass doors interior with white casing

Now let's evaluate what opportunities for interior design they open.

1. Interior doors made of glass with a pattern

Interior glass doors differ not only in the variety of designs, but also are known for an incredible number of design solutions. As a material for their manufacture, matte, transparent and even tinted glass can be used. Really magical in the interior look sliding glass doors with a sandblasting pattern. It is he who is considered the most popular and cheap option for glass doors.

Sliding glass interior doors with modern pattern Sliding glass interior doors - a photo with a vegetable patternGlass sliding doors - photo with a picture in a modern style

2. Matte glass door between rooms in the interior

But glass interior doors made of frosted glass will easily hide everything that happens behind them from prying eyes. They are ideal for decorating a passage to a bedroom or bathroom. Here you can say with confidence that such doors will please you with their original aesthetic appearance every day.

Swing door glass inter-room matte with a flower pattern Double-leaf glass interior doors of frosted glass Glass interior doors made of colored glass Sliding glass interior doors of frosted glass

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Different ways of decorating, painting, toning and shaping the relief allow you to work wonders with the interior with the help of a door alone. Do not believe me? See for yourself (on the following photos) amazing design options for glass interior doors.

Swinging glass doors interior with unusual design Interior glass doors lilac with a patternGlass interior doors - photo partitions in a modern apartmentRaspashnye glass interior doors with a pattern in stripes

Interior doors with glass inserts

Finally, wooden and other interior doors with glass inserts can have no less aesthetics.

Wooden interior doors with glass inserts Sliding interior doors of wood with glass inserts White interior doors with glass in kitchen design Elegant sliding doors interior with glass inserts

Interior, in which there are interior glass doors, immediately captivates with its simplicity, aesthetics and functionality. That is why doors with glass today are in great demand.

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