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Traditional color solutions in the design of bathrooms have long gone into oblivion, and not very expressive colors, now replaced by brighter and more bold shades. Most designers try to make the interior of this room more and more extravagant, without being afraid to apply bright combinations and tire the customer with sharp colors, considering usually not long stay of tenants in the bathroom during the day.


Fans of red shades, it is in the bathroom can realize the full range of experiments, both with the use of monochrome performance, and in combination with traditional satellites of similar interior, white and black colors in the process of creating a red bathroom design.


Red design is quite obligatory, and can very easily turn into platitude in case of unsuccessful performance. Therefore, to create a harmonious and interesting design of the bathroom in red design, it is worth considering the involvement of a qualified designer in the implementation of the project.


Red color has a very rich structure and a large number of shades, so there are many design options in this palette. For example, it is possible to use one key shade of red and a few auxiliary tones close in the palette to the main or reverse version using different shades for greater intensity.


As with other colors, a good effect is provided by the selection of textures and their layout. It is possible to use a shallow mosaic for walls and other vertical surfaces, and a larger, possibly untreated floor stone and horizontal countertops and window sills. Such a spread of textures with an intense color solution is well suited for large areas, with natural light. If the bathroom in red is of a large size, then the arrangement of red with other colors is better.


Table of contents of the article:

  • White and red interior
  • Combination of red bathroom with black color
  • Red, black and white in the interior of the bathroom
  • General recommendations for bathrooms of all sizes
  • Interior photo of the bathroom in red tones
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White and red interior

The combination of white and red can be called a classic and at the same time a bold solution for the interior. For a brighter accent, you can use red as the main color with elements of decor made of white elements, such as textiles, plumbing or zonal borders. More conservative will look a white interior with large red details in the elements of sanitary ware and accessories, a similar option is suggested in the photo of the red bathroom below. For those who experiment with the design of the bathroom, but are not sure with the choice of red scales, it is possible to choose a white bathroom and red accents in quick-release elements - curbs, curtains or rugs, elements of furniture handles or sanitary ware.


Among other things, you need to relate the size of the bathroom with the color load. For small rooms, the most relevant and advantageous is the combination of white and red in equal proportions to each other. In this case, the emphasis on red color does not crush your all-absorbing volume and makes the bathroom more positive.


Combination of red bathroom with black color

Red color combined with black, not only fills the space with luxury and wealth, but also is one of the most complex color combinations. Such a color solution is not exactly appropriate in bathrooms with a small area, but is suitable for well-lit bathrooms with windows and daylight, as in this photo design of a red bathroom.


There are plenty of combinations of these colors, however, a very tidy attitude requires saturation and a more intense presence of one of them, as it will lead to a certain gloom of the bathroom in red tones. When using black on a par with red, the volume of the room, although it will be slightly concealed, will allow to revive the interior without particularly oppressive gloom, especially if it will be used in details, for example, in furniture and handles. Black and white bathroom (80 pics) - ideal options for combining the interior


A very saturated color texture gives the use of black in the continuous zoning of one of the walls or ceiling. The solid black surface will be a good accent in combination with the red bathroom tile.


Red, black and white in the interior of the bathroom

When using all three of the above colors in the interior, it becomes possible to create the most interesting design options in the bathroom. White color becomes complementary for both black and red, and significantly brightens them, which brings a warmer shade to the bathroom created.


When using standard sanitary items, a shower, a bathtub or a washbasin, white color will be present in any color scheme independently. Therefore, to harmonize the image, it will not be superfluous to add white spots to the interior by means of separate white elements and curbs, thereby slightly smoothening the aggressive red-black design.

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General recommendations for bathrooms of all sizes

To create a bathroom in a red color scheme, you can use the rooms regardless of the size, provided that the matching color accents and tones of the colors used are selected. Red color has the ability to visually eat up space, in connection with which the use of diluting colors, primarily white, becomes very relevant and the simplest solution.


To create a modern and bright bathroom design it is important to know the basic simple recommendations:

  • A lighter room gives a greater sense of space than it really has.
  • When using separate light fixtures, it will help to smooth out the feeling of low ceiling.
  • Strips the main tool to increase the space, the vertical will allow you to visually raise the ceiling, and the horizontal will make the room wider and thicker
  • Mirrors, like in any other room, will significantly add volume and space.
  • Bole of chalk tiles will always give more space than a large, although its styling and much more costly occupation.
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And as always, the devil is in the details. Thinking over the design of the red bathroom, very carefully refer to various trifles in the decor of the room. They will significantly enliven the bathroom.


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