Variants of a design of a children's room on 9 sq. m. m

Children's design rules for 9 square meters. m

The presence of even a tiny bedroom is necessary for children of all ages. Own room will allow them to play comfortably and learn independence. Parents in turn should take care of the competent layout and design of the bedroom. The correct design of the children's room 9 sq. M. m in Khrushchev or another small apartment will allow for rational zoning. Mom and dad must take into account the requirements for the arrangement of rooms, the creation of safe and comfortable living conditions for children. With special attention they should approach the choice of the optimal stylistics and thematic decoration. Observance of simple rules and taking into account the needs, wishes of the child will help to create an original bedroom with beautiful finishes and all the necessary furniture. Carefully designed environment will guarantee a cozy and harmonious atmosphere of the bedroom.

Particular attention should be given to the quality ventilation of a small room. Also, you need to create the correct lighting for all corners of the room.

Striped wallpaper in the bedroom

Functional areas for children

Proper planning of room space should begin with the selection of the main zones. This will help to rationally use each square. meter and properly arrange it. In the room should be allocated such zones:

  • for rest and sleep. The installation of a sofa, a sofa will allow you to relax during the day and at night after playing games, studying.
  • for training. The presence of a written or computer desk will provide a compact storage of notebooks, textbooks.
  • for games. You can play on the sofa, sofa, and in the center of the room. The latter option involves the subsequent cleaning of toys to release the passage. You can store toys on a shelf or in specially equipped boxes.
  • for sports activities. Installation of the sports wall will help the crumb and the teenager to develop properly physically without leaving their room.
  • for reading. A small armchair or a soft volume pouf in the corner, illuminated by wall sconces or spots, will allow you to read your favorite books at any time.

Creative interior

Stylist in interior design

The design of the room for children should include minor color transitions, do not be too catchy. The choice of directions is excluded, assuming a game in sharp contrasts. The following styles are considered optimal:

  • modern. It suggests painting the walls in neutral or pastel colors. Installation of furniture with maximum functionality and simplified design.
  • Provence. It combines light colors, involves the installation of wooden furniture.
  • country. Warm brown colors of the chosen direction contribute to the comfort of living, learning and relaxing.
  • nautical. It originally combines rich blue, turquoise and white sand colors. Creates a cozy atmosphere.
  • classical. Light wooden furniture with a minimal decor, a simple layout - the priority requirements for the chosen direction.
  • Scandinavian. Light walls and a warm wooden floor - will create an optimal atmosphere for simple training, comfortable rest. The direction allows you to visually enlarge the room by 9 sq.m.
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Designer repair Orange in the interior  Working area in the nursery  Sea style  White in the decor of the children's room  Loft in the interior of the bedroom for a child

Thematic design of the room

Selecting the optimal design of the bedroom can not forget about the wishes of the kids. Many like modern cartoon characters, and someone admires famous people, is fond of certain professions and occupations. To stylize a room, it is allowed to include design ideas in the general concept of the chosen direction.

For example, the walls can be decorated with thematic pictures. These can be images of jungles, sea depths, racing tracks or knight arenas. The characters can be added to the background. The chosen theme should be supported in the furniture to be installed. For fans of races a sofa in the form of a racing car will do. Lovers of princesses and fairies can install a cot with a stylized headboard. The presence of thematic pictures on the facades of the rest of the furniture will also help to maintain the given direction.

Room 9 square meters. Bedroom for a child 9 m.  Combined walls  Panoramic windows  Furniture for children  High bed

Materials and methods of finishing

The optimal option for finishing the walls of a small room is their coloring. Especially attractive is the solution for decorating a preschooler's bedroom. After all, crumbs in the age of 6-7 years can paint on the walls. The presence of smooth surfaces will ensure ease of cleaning. At the same time, painting can be not just monotonous, but also include an artistic thematic painting.

Design of a children's room

Bonding of walls with wall-paper is better spent for well ventilated bedrooms: on such furnish dust collects. They can be monophonic or complemented by low-key patterns. One wall can be pasted with photo wallpapers. As a floor covering it is recommended to choose a parquet, a laminate. They will create a cozy atmosphere. Linoleum is a budget option. In addition, it is easy to clean and does not need special care. The ceiling of the bedroom can be simply putty. It is permissible to install tension webs and install gypsum boards. But they are suitable only for rooms with a ceiling height of at least 3 m.

Light walls in the nursery

Light and color

When choosing luminaires, parents should take into account the specifics of the location of the room. For example, for bedrooms with windows facing south, you need to set the backlight, which in the afternoons will help make the room light. As a ceiling illuminator, a set of spotlights or one large chandelier with a lot of light bulbs is suitable. Over the working area of ​​the table you can tell wall sconces or install a table lamp. Near the sleeping box should be placed light, night light or a dim wall spot. Near the sofa, an armchair intended for reading, installation of a wall model, installation of a small floor lamp is allowed. As for the color scheme, it is better to stop the choice of 2-3 basic colors. In the decor and furniture can be present their shades. Optimum for children will be cream, beige and other pastel colors. For older children, you can choose more saturated colors: green, olive, coral, turquoise, gray.

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Beautiful ceiling in the bedroom A small room for a boy  Green walls in the nursery  Jungle Style  Black in the decor of the nursery  Green color in the interior

Furnishing and decoration

For a tiny room, an ideal bed can be considered a single bed, combined with a work desk and a locker. Such furniture will provide a compact storage of textbooks, notebooks, things. It will allow you to spend a comfortable rest. If it is not possible to purchase a similar product, a sofa with an internal compartment and a lifting mechanism can be used as a berth. Inside the furniture you can store off-season things and bed linens. Complement the tandem single-winged wardrobe with a mirror door. He will make it easy to try on things. It is convenient to store toys and books will help a small rack. As a decor, wall decorations are ideal: paintings, three-dimensional figures (animals, people, objects). Also useful for decoding and plywood figures with illumination. Well complement the interior will be themed lamps. It can be models with large figures of animals, people.

Schoolchildren's room

Age features of the design of the children's room

When planning a room for babies up to a year, you need to allocate space for a crib, changing table, combined with a chest of drawers. For the comfort of games with crumbs and its feeding, parents can install a small sofa. When a baby grows up, it can become a bed for him or a zone of games and reading. For children of eight or nine years, it is necessary to allocate a place for training. But for children over 13 years of age the game zone is optional. It will be able to replace the zone for meetings with friends. For example, parents can install a sofa on which children will sit and talk. They can also install a small music center, plasma mini-TV.

Large window in the nursery

With a balcony for children over 10 years old, you can easily create a separate zone for reading and playing games. It is mandatory that the auxiliary room should be well insulated, and that the installation of warm glazing should be carried out. In this case, the door and window can be removed, leaving a free passage.

Norwegian style in the décor of a bedroom for a child

For boy

For a boy's bedroom, you can choose either the classical color scheme (cinnamon + white + blue) or non-standard combinations (gray + olive, yellow + gray + white). Allowed blotches of black to highlight areas or to stylize a room. To create a cowboy, pirate stylistics clearance is allowed to decorate the walls with a couple of posters with appropriate images. The boy will be more attracted to the discreet design with the original decoration. For example, one wall in the bedroom can be stylized as a brick or a tree. Excellent fit in the design and decoration: posters with your favorite athletes, musicians or actors. Fans of cars in the room on the wall can hang an imitation wheel with a lot of spokes. But lovers of modern music will like the decor in the form of a real guitar.

Modern children's room Bedroom for the boy  Room in blue tones  Gray walls in the nursery  Children's design  Vintage interior

For girl

In the bedroom girls can prevail pink, coral, lilac or cream shades. Also the real lady will like a combination of light pink and gray, olive with a warm yellow color. Dilute neutral shades are recommended similar saturated and even dark. For example, the gray-lilac design will look harmonious with the violet impregnations. The theme of stylization can be anything: from the room of a princess or a fairy fairy to the underwater home of mermaids. For a young girl, it is acceptable to create a quiet design with predominantly warm tones. Decorate the room can be different posters with famous actresses. It will look good "French" stylization. For it, the furniture with refined frames, wallpaper with views of Paris or a pair of retro pictures with images of models, singers will suit.

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Bedroom for a girl Bright room for a child  Pink in the interior  Cabinet furniture for children  Classic bedroom design for girls  A room for a teenager

For two children of different sexes

For heterosexual children it is recommended to visually divide the bedroom into two parts along the premises. Finishing for different parts is done in different colors, but they should be well combined and have the same warmth, brightness. Along the different walls should be installed two single beds. Next to one of them is recommended to install a double-leafed locker, which will be used by both owners of the bedroom. Near the second crib should be placed sofa for reading. Near the window should be installed a large written, computer desk. It can have a semi-circular shape: this model will allow children to simultaneously do lessons without distracting each other. It should be framed with shelves for storing toys and educational materials. For games, the central part of the room or the installed sofa can be used.

A room for two children Classic interior  Twin room  Bunk bed  Country style in the interior  Light colors in the decor of the children's room

For two same-sex children

The room in which two same-sex children live, it is recommended to make out in one tone. But he must like both of the owners of the bedroom. The optimal layout is as follows:

  1. Bedroom area. It is located along one wall. In the center there is a bunk bed. On each side of it is a pair of small lockers, where children can conveniently store their personal belongings.
  2. Work zone. A long writing or computer desk is installed along the opposite side of the sleeping bed. Above him hangs one large shelf or a pair of small shelves. So, children can conveniently store their textbooks, will not interfere with each other during their studies.
  3. Zone of games. Is common and stands out near the window. A good solution is to reduce the window opening and increase the sill. It can be arranged as a small sofa for games. Next is to arrange shelves for toys.

Boys' room


Creating a comfortable bedroom for children in small-sized housing is a very real task. To solve it, parents need to carefully consider the optimal design of the bedroom, based on its layout and the wishes of the children themselves. And in a square and in a rectangular room it is recommended to place all the furniture along the walls. So, the passage between the different zones will be preserved. It is also important to comply with other rules for the arrangement, the choice of furniture. Avoiding a heap of free space will help buy highly needed items or special sets for small rooms. If desired, parents can choose not standard models, but thematic furniture. Such products are decorated with patterns, drawings of animals and cartoons. Such headphones will surely appeal to the kids and help create a comfortable and very beautiful bedroom for them.