A wonderful house where the sunset and sunrise meet

Amazing house on the Pacific coast

Amazing house in Art Nouveau style

The amazing house with the talking name Walk the line, located on the river bank in the city of Ritoka (Chile), seems hovering in the dunes, between sleep and reality.

This project was implemented within the open city of the cultural corporation Amereida. For over half a century, the School of Architecture and Design at the Catholic University of the province of Valparaiso ennobles this place. And all this time on its base a small town with a unique, unparalleled experimental architecture is being built.

A wonderful house with a roof in the form of a bridge

Roof-bridge - unsurpassed in its originality solution

Do not be deceived by the apparent simplicity of simple forms and straight lines of this strange and enchanting refuge.

The layout of the ground floor of an amazing house

Ground floor plan

Planning the second compartment of an amazing house

Cross Section

The layout of the second floor of an amazing house

The plan of the second floor

At the moment, this open city houses a lot of school staff and some of its students. It also houses one chapel, a cemetery, a theater, a music hall and many public buildings and structures.

A wonderful house on stilts

House on stilts under the hospitable sky Valparaiso

In 2012, The Scarcity and Creativity Studio was invited to contribute to the development of the open city in the form of three architectural works. Walk the Line - one of them. It is a fully isolated small residential block with a bed, table and an open terrace.

Amazing house with wood trim

Wooden decoration creates a feeling of warmth and comfort

The "House of the Craftsman" of the famous French modern architect Le Corbusier was the basis of this tiny shelter project.

Students-architects and other specialists often come here to study this unique experiment in architecture. Walk the Line kindly gives shelter to visitors for several nights.

Original roof-bridge

When you want to spread your wings

The length of the wide board bridge over the residential block is 12.9 meters. One side of it rests on thin iron piles, the other on the house itself. The frame of the bridge withstands a load of 2.7 tons. At one end of the terrace you can admire the dawn in the dunes of the open city. At the other end, at the appointed hour, you can see the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

A wonderful house in a quiet place

A quiet place where you can live in harmony with yourself

And would you like to build such a house in your dacha? We will be glad to know what you think about it!