Capsule house in modern cities: an ideal solution for cities

Capsule house в Японии

Capsule house

Capsule house сегодня уже не такая редкость. Этот вид домов необычайно популярен в странах с большим количеством населения в целях экономии места для жилплощади с сохранением максимальной функциональности.

Capsule house: фасад

View of the house from the street

Several years ago in Japan, such a capsule house was threatened with demolition, but the decision was changed, and some apartments in this house still function. However, many of the apartments are in critical condition.

Capsule house: большое окно Capsule house: круглое окно

Large round window overlooking the road

These capsule apartments were built in 1972. When building, they just folded like a Lego around a concrete foundation. This was done to further the possibility of replacing obsolete apartments with new ones.

Capsule house: складная мебель

Folding table

The area of ​​each apartment is 4 by 2.5 meters. Originally they were created for Japanese traders who wanted to rest during the long journey home. Apartments are equipped according to the standard: a bed, a washbasin, a bathroom, a folding desk and even a TV with an alarm clock.

Capsule house: кухня

Small kitchen

Each capsule apartment was to become a small corner in a huge city with all the conditions necessary for a person.

Functional capsule house

View from the front door

Despite the fact that these capsule apartments over time should have changed to more modern ones, this was never done because of the high financial costs.

Thus, these capsule houses, despite their low cost of rent, huge functionality and space saving, are considered by local residents as a relic of the past. They also hope to demolish the building and replace it with something newer.