Beautiful porch for a private house - 40 photos

To properly choose the design of the porch of a private house, you need to assess your budget and needs, as well as consider photos of various ready-made solutions. The last task Dekorin performed for you: in this article you will find out what the porch for a private house can be in its form, materials and finishing with examples on 40 photos.

Porch in a private house - beautiful options with a photo

The size and shape of the porch to the house, as a rule, are dictated by the architectural features and dimensions of the building itself, as well as the personal preferences of its owners. In particular, the designers agree that the canopy and the porch railings should be carried out in the same style as the roof and balconies of the private house. For example, if the roof of the house is gable - the canopy over the porch should be the same. And if you ordered forged balconies or lattices on the windows, then at the same time worry about the railing - so they had the same forging patterns. Similarly, the design of columns, arches and other decor elements should be selected.

However, in the photos below you will see that the most interesting facades with a porch to the house were executed just with the evasion of these general rules. But first let's consider the main options for designing the porch:

  1. Open - the most common type of entrance to the house; can have a visor and railings, as well as decorate the decor, which in winter they enter into the house;
  2. Closed - it has transparent or translucent walls made of glass, polycarbonate or a simple mosquito net; It is intended for registration of an input in the house, rest at any time of year or use as a preliminary hallway;
  3. Hinged - is made when a private house has a basement or when its need is justified by the landscape around the building; its design is often similar to a balcony;
  4. Porch-terrace - an extended version of the porch, used for outdoor recreation;
  5. According to the shape of the ledge: round and rectangular.

Beautiful porch for a private house - photo with a terrace Porch to the house - projects photo compilation 2016 Closed porch to a private house

Finally, you also have to choose the materials from which the porch for the private house will be made. To date, most of the porch designs are made of concrete, which can then be painted, tiled, stone, wood etc. Other common materials are wood, metal, stone and brick. Let's take a closer look at them!

Wooden porch to the house - ecology and cosiness

The most common option today are wooden decking for the porch, which are installed on a concrete, brick or metal base. In 80% of cases, the porch made of wood is made of pine, as the most common and cheap material. With the correct sealing, varnishing and painting, the wooden porch will look good for many years. In the following photos you will see options for how to make a porch for a private house made of wood.

Wooden porch to the house - options and photos A small porch made of wood for a modern private houseWooden porch of the house - photo with a canopy Wooden porch to the house - photo of a brick houseBeautiful porch design of a private house - photo How to make a porch with a terrace to relax yourselfThe ultra-modern porch of a wooden house with a canopy

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Wooden trellised awnings over the porch of a private house

Porch of concrete - strength and variety

Concrete is the cheapest, universal and reliable material for making porch. First, the concrete porch is monolithic and does not loosen with time, as it happens with wooden structures. Secondly, it can easily be repaired and decorated with any decor. Finally, it can be given absolutely any form, while it will not have a particularly significant impact on the cost and duration of the project.

Most often a concrete porch is finished with clinker or other tiles, more rarely - with stone, paint and other materials. In modern houses with wooden, brick and siding fronts it is often left uncoated to emphasize the color and texture of walls and the environment. We look at the photo, as can look porch of concrete.

Concrete porch in a private house Simple minimalist porch design of concreteSuspended porch made of concrete with metal handrailsStylish modern finish of the porch of the house - photo concrete Concrete steps for the porch of a private houseUnusual finish porch made of concrete with small pebbles

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A small modern porch made of concrete with a beautiful visor

Porch of brick - reliability and unpretentiousness

A brick porch will be more expensive, but also a very attractive and reliable solution for a private house. Its installation will take quite a lot of time and labor, but in the long run it will fully pay off due to its unpretentiousness in care. We note that quite often the porch made of bricks has a concrete base and / or a covering of the steps.

Veranda porch with bricks and railing - photo Porch in a private house - a photo with columns and a canopyBrick-concrete porch for a private house with a wooden canopyForged railing for the porch of red brick with concreteA small porch to the house - a photo of red brick

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Design of the porch of a private house - photo of a red brick

Chic porch made of stone - expressive classic

The natural stone is very durable, durable and beautiful material for the decoration of the porch. There are many different types of stone, some of which are used to create a foundation, others are used for decorative finishing. The corresponding first ones are more expensive and reliable than others. In general, any stone well resists any weather conditions and does not require maintenance for a long time.

Stone Porch in a private house in a classic styleStone porch in a private house - options and photos Design of the porch made of stone with a canopy and handrailsStone tile for steps for the porch of a private house

Forged finish and porch made of metal

As a rule, under the metal or forged porch means decorative elements of the porch - the roof, steps and railings, made of metal. However, sometimes you can see and completely a metal porch for a private house, as in the next photo.

A small porch made of metal to a private house A small metal porch with a staircase to the brick house

The main advantages of such a porch made of metal are high strength and durability. The only point: you will have to spend additional time on painting it and processing it against corrosion. In addition, the metal floor is rather cold, which means that this material is not used for terraces intended for rest. In them the metal base is lined with wood or a concrete base is used.

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A small porch made of metal - design ideasA smart forged porch with a canopy and handrails Mediterranean design of the porch of a private house - photo

Finishing the porch of the house with tiles and polycarbonate

The tile can be installed on a concrete and brick porch, when it is necessary to increase its attractiveness or equip it with a rest area. Modern tile selection allows you to find very stylish models for wood, stone and other effects. Especially popular today is the clinker tile for the porch in the street and the striking design of tiles with patterns in Moroccan and geometric styles.

Clinker tile for the porch in the street - photo ideas Finishing the steps of the porch with a tile under the stone Simple single-step porch with your own hands Bright Moroccan tile for steps for the porch

Visor above the porch of polycarbonate

Polycarbonate - inexpensive, very flexible and light material, which trim the walls and awnings over the porch. Usually it is attached to a metal base and pasted with a sunscreen. The most economical and simple way to create a visor over the porch of a private house from all available for 2016! And looks worthy:

A large porch made of polycarbonate - a photo of a private house A small porch with a polycarbonate awning and a bench Hinged visor over the porch of polycarbonate

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You have seen 40 photos on the theme of what a porch can be for a private house. We hope that you enjoyed it. Leave your comment below so that we can improve our articles and make you even more interesting!