Bedroom design 3 by 3 m +60 photo examples of the interior

Table and ottoman by the window

Not every owner of the apartment can boast a huge bedroom. In old houses, they are modest in size. This complicates the task of arranging the premises, because in a small space it is not so easy to put everything you need. For the maximum functionality of the design of the bedroom 3 to 3 meters, you need to take into account many of the nuances. How to properly prioritize, find out later.

The disadvantages of a small bedroom are easily turned into pluses, if you go to the interior design, layout. Designers believe that a square room on the contrary facilitates the arrangement of furniture. It is considered a small bedroom more cozy than a huge room, filled with many components. The design does not require pretentiousness, welcomes the simplicity, which allows to give comfort, sophistication.

Angels on the wall Laminate in the bedroom  Spotlights on the ceiling  Paintings with backlight on the wall  White palace in the bedroom  Suspended chandeliers above the bed

Style Selection

The first step in arranging a bedroom is choosing a style that not only helps you decide on further design, but tells you about the owner. The most suitable options for small rooms are shown in the table.

MinimalismThe most common option for a small space. They use only necessary, without unnecessary details, decor. The geometric shapes are clear, the colors are calm, there are no bright details to be found. Contrast is not welcome, shades should be a bit lighter or darker than the primary color.
ClassicLines are concise and clear. Material is exclusively natural. If the budget is limited, imitation of wood for furniture from MDF is possible. They use textiles, floral ornaments, muted colors, striving for natural. The accent is possible in the form of mirrors, sculptural fragments.
High techThis innovative solution, the use of progressive elements like a bed-transformer, drawers and shelves. The atmosphere is calm and, at the same time, contrasting combinations that raise the mood in the morning and provide relaxation in the evening are allowed.
JapaneseReminiscent of minimalism, complementing the elements in the Japanese style. Furniture without frills, simple, low. Color choose natural, pastel, lighting muffled. A distinctive feature is the decoration of the bedroom with a decor relating to Japanese culture.
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Mirror cabinet in the bedroom Shelf with books over the bed  Lamps on the wall near the bed  Pendant lamp above the bedside table  Golden color in the interior  Original clock at the head of the bed

Expanding the space of a small bedroom 9 sq. M. m

In such a small room every centimeter is important, to equip as comfortably and comfortably as possible. Achievement of the result is promoted by the recommendations of specialists visually allowing to expand the space. They are of the following character:

  • Natural light is very important. If there is an opportunity to enlarge the window openings, this is definitely worth doing.
  • The color palette of the walls is chosen bright, neutral, without contrast. For the floor, the color is selected for a few tones darker.
  • The glossy surface perfectly copes with this task.
  • Artificial lighting is important. For a bedroom 3 to 3, zoning is better than one huge chandelier. It can be point or multi-level lighting, wall lights.
  • The largest furniture is a bed, the other elements should have a light, unobtrusive design.
  • Against the background of a light palette, you should use one small bright accent, for example, curtains, pillows, a rug.

Mirrors are the best elements for expanding space. One large mirror or wardrobe with mirrored doors will do its job. It is better to install in front of the window, but exclude placement opposite the bed.

Cabinet at the door Blinds on the window  Built-in bed  Shelves on the wall by the bed  Lamps at the closet  Mirror cabinet in the bedroom

Color Solutions

The bedroom is designed for rest, sleep, so you need to get rid of bright, screaming colors, irritatingly acting on the nervous system. It is necessary to stop at calm, calming colors. To visually expand the space of a small room, it is recommended to use light pastel colors. Dark colors on the contrary will reduce the room more, will crush.

If there is a desire to decorate the walls with bright photos, pictures, bizarre drawings, it is better not to realize these ideas. They will cause dull or funny thoughts that do not allow you to sleep peacefully, so a one-color palette is preferable.

Built-in lamps in the interior of the bedroom

Tip: The design can be diversified by decorating only on one wall, which is located at the head of the sofa or bed. It can be decorated with brighter or with patterns, patterns.

White nightstand and chest of drawers in the bedroom Glass shelf above the chest of drawers  Modern bedroom design  Lilac Bedroom Interior  Unusual clock on the wall  TV on the wall in the bedroom

Decoration of walls, ceiling, floor

Light colors should be used in the decoration of a small bedroom. Visually the space will expand, the room will look good. From materials for walls choose paint, wallpaper. In the presence of a perfectly flat surface, glossy paint is perfect. Wallpaper is more preferable monophonic. It is interesting to see the presence of bands, from which the horizontal position will expand the bedroom, and the vertical will make the ceiling higher. Wall-paper, especially on the whole wall, is not recommended to use. They will give the rest of the details an even smaller, lesser-meaning look.

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Backlight in the bedroom

For the ceiling, a simple option is to paint in white. More exquisite and expensive way is a stretch ceiling with a glossy surface. It well shades the surface, allowing to expand the space visually. For a floor the excellent decision is a laminate or a parquet which is put diagonally. A cheaper option would be a linoleum, imitating a wooden surface.

Lamps on bedside tables near the bed Shelves above the bed  Elegant Bedroom Interior  Furniture с подсветкой в спальне  Forest on the wall in the bedroom  Beams in the interior of the bedroom


Spaciousness in a small bedroom will be preserved only with minimal amount of furniture. The abundance of details will pile up the premises, will not allow you to move freely. The bed plays a major role in the bedroom. However, for the convenience and beauty of only one element is not enough. Need other furniture, such as a storage cupboard, chest of drawers, bedside table. A variety of shelves, niches add practicality and functionality.

In a small room you can get rid of unnecessary elements, and you can choose them as functional as possible. A modern modern interior is able to perform its functions if the following recommendations are observed:

  • The bed is best chosen with drawers at the bottom, where you can lay down your underwear and other things.
  • Without legs, the bed is visually smaller.
  • Instead of a standard storage cupboard, a chest of drawers or a high rack is suitable.
  • Built-in furniture takes up less space.
  • To save one style, it is recommended to use furniture from one headset.
  • Furniture не должна быть одного тона со стенами, чтобы не сливаться с ними.

The original bed Shelves with lights next to the TV  Metal bedside table near the bed  TV in front of the bed  Lamp and shelf with books above the bed  Skins on the bedroom floor

How to arrange the furniture correctly

When arranging furniture, it is necessary to remember, it should not prevent passage. The cabinet should be installed along the wall near the doorway. The bed should be placed near the window in the far corner so that it does not clutter the room and does not interfere with the passage. In addition, it will provide enough light.

In a small bedroom you also need to be guided by certain principles of furniture arrangement:

  • It is necessary to draw a sketch on which the sizes of walls, dimensions of furniture, sockets, fixtures will be specified.
  • First of all, it is necessary to determine the place for the bed.
  • We need to decide what kind of furniture is needed.
  • Partitions and screens are inappropriate, since they steal precious centimeters.
  • Shelves above the bed to hang is not recommended, as well as use sharp corners.
  • Mirror opposite the bed, according to psychologists, can not be installed.
  • Modular furniture is the most preferable, because it allows you to fold the sofa at the right time.

Wood in bedroom decoration Bright picture above the bed  Large wardrobe with window  Wooden wall in the bedroom  Shelf with pictures above the bed  Sliding door in the bedroom

Textiles & decor

The bedroom design will not tolerate the presence of a large number of accessories. Massive frames, an abundance of photographs, shelves and other wall elements will not play in favor of expansion, will serve as a clutter of the interior in a room of small size. A single picture or a mirror is enough to decorate the room. The shelf can be hung one, and it is not recommended to fill it completely.

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Textiles should be, but in a reasonable amount. Do not hang canopies or coarse, heavy curtains with a large pattern. The material should be light-weight, preferably monophonic or with vertical stripes. The accent will be a more saturated veil or a few bright pillows adding mood to the design.

Bedroom in dark colors

Tip: to visually make the ceiling higher, you need to hang curtains on the cornice near the ceiling. They should be monophonic, and the folds that they will form will make the effect of vertical bands.

Pictures in the bedroom A photo of a tumbler in bed  The combination of white and purple flowers in the bedroom  Photo wallpapers in the bedroom  Picture above the bed  Shelves with books on the wall

Small bedroom with balcony

The presence of a balcony will be one of the options for increasing the area. These two rooms can be combined, adding an additional quadrature and natural light, which will make it much easier to enter the room. The bedroom will acquire a zest, which can be played out in an original way.

Such an option must be documented, the restructuring agreed with the relevant authorities in order to avoid illegal re-planning. In addition, demolition of the septum can be unsafe, therefore, consultation of a competent person is simply necessary.

Patterns on the ceiling

If documents are received, then further work is performed. The first step may be to strengthen the structure. Next, you need to insulate the balcony using foam, mineral wool or extruded polystyrene foam. If the house is cold and the room is angular, it is better to make a warm floor or install an electric heater.

Use the liberated space can be in a variety of options. After removing all the partitions completely, the room will become one-piece, and make an additional place for rest, for example, by installing a comfortable rocking chair. If you leave the partition, then with the help of zoning there is an opportunity to build a workplace by putting a small comfortable table. The main fantasy and room can be changed beyond recognition.

Chandelier with candles in the bedroom Patterns on the wall  Ceiling with light  Table with a chair on the balcony  Ottomans on the balcony  Pictures above the bed


The design of the bedroom makes it comfortable, beautiful, functional. Any room, especially a square shape, is filled with the necessary elements, relying on the degree of importance. The modern world is filled with smart furniture, sliding shelves, other structures that maximize space. It is important to use light colors for the decoration of walls, ceiling, darker for the floor. Each item, accessory complement each other, in the case of a small room they need a little, so as not to make the bedroom visually even smaller.