Unusual layout of the house with a minimalist interior

Unusual layout of a small house

Unusual layout of a bunk house

The layout of a two-storey house should be carefully thought out. Such facilities usually do not have a very large area, and therefore the location of the zones in them is often not very convenient. Anyway, but it is affordable and in many ways a good option for people who want to acquire their own home, but limited in means. And with a reasonable approach to design, its interior can become a real designer masterpiece. Especially if the house is equipped with large windows that allow you to solve most lighting problems.

The best way to visually increase the space of the room is to use light materials in the finish. And the construction of compact plywood partitions between the zones and glass sliding doors will create conditions for a rational organization.

Bathroom за стеклом

Interior partitions

The sleeping area of ​​the apartment is a small room with a minimal amount of furniture. The bed is arranged on a low podium. The built-in wardrobe is artfully concealed by sliding doors that copy the wall lining.

Small bedroom

Sleeping area

For the bathroom was allocated enough space, which made it possible to compactly place a toilet and shower in it. Transparent doors make the space less closed, turning the bedroom into a modern suite. 

Bathroom behind a glass partition


The abundance of corners and projections only underlines the uniqueness of the interior. Using natural wood as the main material for wall cladding adds warmth and comfort to the space. The passage between the tiers is decorated with low wooden steps.

Wood trim in the corridor

Corridor and steps

The second level of the room also demonstrates the dominance of natural materials in the finish, especially light brick and wood. The floor is lined with a light laminate that supports the idea of ​​design. In such a small area, a cabinet, a living room and a kitchenette were placed through the rational organization of space.

Small kitchen in white color

Decoration of the second tier

The interior of the cabinet is formed by a large closet, in which there is enough room for working tools, household accessories and clothes. In the niche under the bookshelves, an office was set up, which, if necessary, is hidden behind the sliding door, so that the computer equipment does not introduce dissonance into the composition.

Home office in a niche


Additional storage space is provided by drawers that are disguised in the steps leading to the second level.

Cabinet за большим зеркалом

Additional shelves

Before proceeding with the design of such premises, it is necessary to study in detail and determine the parameters of the available space, and then to think over the compact and convenient placement of the zones.

Layout of the first level of a small apartment

Plan of the first tier

Layout of the second level of a small apartment

Plan of the second tier

Project of an apartment in the house

Position of the apartment in the building

The design of a two-tiered house, described by us, is certainly practical and inexpensive. Therefore, if you want to make your home unique, follow the principles of minimalism, as did the creators of this project.