Creating a modern room: photo of the prefabricated house

Photo of prefabricated house от дизайнеров

Photo of prefabricated house

These photos of the prefab house will show how you can save space. In this example, the project of the prefab house, made by designers from Hong Kong, which was named the house of the new generation, is shown.

Prefabricated house - photo of one of the apartments

One apartment in a prefab house

The construction of this house was made of aluminum, which guarantees durability and ease of construction when carrying and installing. The structure of the room is reminiscent of the houses from films about the distant future, where the open space dominates.

Photo of prefabricated house: гостиная

Living room with large windows

The huge windows-compartments allow to harmoniously combine external and internal space and significantly reduce the need for additional lighting.

Photo of prefabricated house с большими окнами

Functional design of the apartment

The interior of the apartments of the prefab house is very functional: behind one of the walls is a modern bathroom, and the kitchen, which does not differ in size, perfectly harmonizes with the rest of the space.

Photo of prefabricated house: план

Floor plan

Photo of prefabricated house: конструкция

Construction of prefabricated house

Despite all the simplicity of the design of the prefabricated house, its design hides a huge functionality: due to lack of support it was decided to use the outer part of the apartment as this support.

Prefabricated house - photo of architects

Architects Eric Quong, Andy Lee and James Lowe

The architects of the prefabricated house, in response to numerous questions about the strength of the material used, assure that aluminum is an excellent choice. Aluminum is a strong, lightweight metal, resistant to corrosion, wind and fire and capable of serving as a noise isolator.

Prefabricated house - photo layout

Model of prefabricated house

The creators argue that the apartments of the prefab house are very mobile and can be rearranged if desired.

Photo of prefabricated house: архитектурная планировка

Architectural planning of the prefabricated house

Prefabricated house - photo layout квартир

Model of flats at home

Despite the huge number of advantages of this type of buildings, there are several important problems, for example, the duplication of roofs and walls, which usually does not happen with conventional construction. However, the experience of architects guarantees the strength and durability of this building.

Photo of prefabricated house: другой вариант планировки

Another variant of the prefabricated house layout

So, undoubtedly, this kind of house is to date innovative in design and architecture. Preserving the stylish interior, characteristic for modern houses, there is a huge saving of space and resources.