Kitchen design in high-tech style - photo interior ideas

kitchen design in high-tech style

Choosing a new look of the kitchen, I want the first thing to create the most convenient, functional space. Take into account all the nuances, needs of family members. A universal option will be the design of the kitchen in the style of high-tech, where modernity and rationalism intertwine among themselves, forming an advantageous solution to a difficult task.

The style is based on applying advanced achievements of science and technology. Present the results of progress with artistic design.

Characteristic features of the style:

  • Use of practical materials;
  • Maintaining the ideas of minimalism;
  • Clear lines, regular shape and geometry;
  • Technological design;
  • The predominance of neutral shades with minor bright accents;
  • Lack of decoration, minimum of small details.
  • Simple but "smart" things;
  • Functional furniture, appliances.

Following the basic principles allows you to maximize the practical use of the kitchen, to organize the way of life, to simplify processes, to increase the efficiency of time use. And this is so necessary for a busy person.

High-tech cooker hood in a large kitchen

Color design

The color solution of the kitchen in the style of hi-tech differs elementary, there are exact shades, without halftones of gradients, ornaments. The basis is: white, black, gray. It is this gamma perfectly highlights the high-tech idea. Although some derogations are allowed.

The color temperature is conceived to be cold, which will also emphasize the "industry" of the appearance. Metallic silver is also called to support the official direction.

The color solution is usually monochrome, the contrast of dark with light is possible. Different from the main scheme, bright, saturated colors are used accent, extremely low dosages.

As a supplement and dilution of the general picture apply red, blue, green, yellow, orange and many others. Their use is designed to draw attention to a certain direction, create an accent, make a fresh note in the overall business atmosphere. Prevalence or random distribution is unacceptable here.

Kitchen in high-tech style in dark color

The color scheme of the kitchen in the style of high-tech obeys the following structure: 1 color of the base + metallic + 1-2 complementary.

General severity, monochrome is preserved in everyday objects: utensils, utensils, other elements exclusively monochrome, preferably consisting of glass, metal.

Two-level ceiling in the kitchen in high-tech style

Finishing Materials

Thanks to the development of technology, the creation of new materials for finishing, constructive capabilities, the style is developing, the demand for this direction is not quenched.

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The advantage in the decoration is given to artificially created materials:

  1. Plastic of all kinds of variations: distinguishable in rigidity, transparency, smoothness, texture;
  2. Metal: steel, aluminum, chrome, nickel, their imitations;
  3. Glass, fiberglass;
  4. Paint, which, including, visually repeat metal, concrete;
  5. Artificial stone, porcelain stoneware, concrete.

The kitchen apron is decorated with mosaic

The first three materials from the list essentially prevail over all the others. Cold shine metal, used in any variations: partly furniture, facing, accessories, small accessories can support the cold of the industrial silhouette. A warm gloss of plastic creates a counterbalance to the cold technogenic jungle. Waterproof materials are given special preference.

Other materials, such as tiles, wood, textile components are applicable, but less often and extremely limited.

Facades of kitchen under a tree in the interior design of a kitchen


The ceiling design in high-tech style is not given much importance. The way: to align, to paint white is quite appropriate.

The most common option is a tension, suspended ceiling. The main negative point for this option is to sacrifice several centimeters of height. This can be a significant disadvantage if it is a small kitchen area.

White matte ceiling will expand the space of small kitchens in high-tech style

If, nevertheless, the choice fell on the tension option, then it is necessary to choose the PVC film because it has a gloss, which will allow a little to expand the space, improve the distribution of light, fits perfectly into the concept of hi-tech style.

An excellent solution for the kitchen is a multi-level design with an abundance of lighting. In addition to the main function, it can act as a space separator if different zones are provided.

The combination of color on the ceiling in the interior of the kitchen in the style of high-tech

Walls and floors

Decoration of the walls is better done less discreet, more neutral. The surface is smooth, without texture. The color solution is monochromatic from white to gray.

Variety can be made if one of the walls is of an accent color, zadekorirovat panels, create an imitation stone.

A good option is the use of decorative plaster. With its help, you can create a masonry effect or a concrete surface. Painting it with paint with brilliance will result in an incredible flicker effect, which will increase the volume, fill with light.

If the choice fell on the wallpaper, more suitable for painting. A low-key geometric texture will create a masonry effect without using more expensive materials. The color of the paint must be monophonic, in accordance with the environment.

Dark curtains and a dark facade of the kitchen combined with a white apron and ceiling

The apron in the kitchen in the style of hi-tech is necessary laconic. The tempered glass, ceramic granite, tile-mosaic, decorative plaster will suit well. Suitable economical options: panels made of plastic, stainless steel. The main rule: strictness of form, compliance with the general palette.

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On the floor of the kitchen is better to lay any coating, creating the impression of a stone. An excellent option will be ceramics (granite, tiles). Laminate is also suitable. Here you only need to choose from the range offered that is suitable for the kitchen.

Another great option - the floor. Textured decoration will be very handy. Gloss and volume effect will suit the style.

Refrigerator in hi-tech style


Furniture кухни обязана нести преимущественно функциональную нагрузку. Главное предназначение приносить пользу, комфорт и удобство окружающим, а не служить исключительно украшением.

Therefore, only those things are used which can not be dispensed with, on an exceptional basis. In addition to the semantic load, the correct forms without superfluity will perfectly fit into the overall picture.

Kitchen set without frills. The best option is to order its execution directly for the dimensions that you need, under the tone of the finish. Facades without clear glass, deaf. The surface is necessary with a gloss or glitter of metal. In the small kitchen, the built-in cabinets-pencil cases fit perfectly. They provide a roomy storage system, add urban color.

A distinctive feature of the hi-tech kitchen is the abundance of "smart" fittings: dividers, retractable platforms, closers. All this is designed to hide kitchen accessories from prying eyes.

U-shaped kitchen in high-tech style

The kitchen does not accept clutter. All surfaces and walls are generally exempted from rails and small kitchen utensils, as well as other household items, household chemicals, and other things.

A table in the tradition of high-tech with a glass top, legs with a metallic luster. Although for this purpose plastic, artificial stone will do no worse.

Another interpretation is that the bar counter is an excellent choice, and when decorating a small kitchen, the only correct solution. The rack will help both zonate space, and will replace the dining group.

The chairs made of plastic are the best choice for the kitchen. Another combination: plastic-leather-metal are applicable. Add functionality and style of rotating seats, modification levels.

If space allows and there is a desire to bring comfort, you can place a small sofa, drawn by leatherette. The purchase of the sofa-transformer from individual modules will make it possible to change the shape, and therefore additionally modify the space. At the same time, the sofa can be made an accent "spot".

Huge kitchen in high-tech style


It is quite natural that technology in a high-tech kitchen should be exceptionally advanced. The most modern models, only built-in. A stylish look, remote control will add "points" to perfection.

The color solution for the technique is better than metallic shades. Although any fit in the interior color will do.

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A great solution will be multifunctional equipment. So you can save space, keep up to date.

Sink by all means stainless steel, artificial granite. Mixer with the latest technology - with a retractable spout, various indicators.

Particular attention should be paid to the hood. It is large, always in focus. Well, if it in addition to its functions will still serve as a decorative element. The original models are now not difficult to find.

In the kitchen in the style of high-tech must be present functional technology


A very important stage in the formation of high-tech style is the correct organization of lighting in the kitchen. Classic chandeliers, sconces, are not suitable here.

Modern electricians - LED tapes (LED-backlight) will certainly fit into the design of high-tech cuisine. Convenient possibility to vary color depending on preferences, moods necessarily will have to taste to the perfect interior. And the kitchen will play with different colors, it will look differently with each change of color.

Numerous built-in lamps are easily distinguishable by non-standard form. Simple, lightweight made of glass with metal. Holders on brackets, plafonds of standard geometry, matte finish.

As stationary lighting fixtures, fixtures, built-in point, ceiling spotlights, cascade of halogen lamps are used. For local lighting - options for a wall with a techno-design, a scattering of halogen lamps.

Natural lighting also has an important role. Window openings are desirable large, it is important that a lot of light penetrated.

Lighting по периметру потолка кухни

Textiles, decor

Windows attract attention only through penetrating light. Closing them with curtains is inappropriate. Therefore, the design of textiles is the simplest, the functional comes to the fore. An excellent choice - barely noticeable roller blinds, blinds, Roman blinds. If all this is not enough, you want more coziness, you need to choose loose, plain curtains for the color of the interior.

Style hi-tech does not allow an abundance of accessories, decorative elements, better if they are generally absent. If the bare walls are depressing, it is allowed to place abstract painting over the dining table, photos of black and white tones, and a characteristic watch. The presence of vases, figurines from acceptable materials is acceptable. Punching is a fashionable decoration. The small number of decor is replaced by the play of light on glass, metal.

Kitchen decor with dishes

Hi-tech does not accept superfluous elements. The most insignificant thing, contrary to the style, is capable of spoiling the perception.

Despite the minimalism and technogenicity, the design of the kitchen in this style is not meant to be boring, monotonous. It's energy, rhythm, the temperament of the whole house.