Ecombo - this is a rustproof mini-house on wheels with

Mini-house on wheels from New Zealand

Mini-house on wheels from the company Ecombo

For those who are all life on the road, a company from New Zealand Ecombo has produced a caravan that is a mini-house on wheels. The body of the motorhome is protected from corrosion and equipped with a solar battery.

Caravan - mini-house on wheels from the company Ecombo

A modest body size of 4.2 mx 2.1 mx 2.5 m is mounted on the aluminum frame of the wheelbase. Inside the compact Ecombo is a full-sized bed and a place for storing things, there is also an opening window and a ceiling fan. It can be equipped with an external tent, which increases the internal area by 8 sq.m.

Mini-house on wheels: bed

A strong dream on such a bed is guaranteed

Mini-house on wheels: you can expand additional sleeping places

In the shadow of the tent can be expanded additional beds

The partition separates the bedroom from the kitchen. In the kitchen area there is a stove, a sink, a cutting surface, a small refrigerator and a storage cabinet for kitchen utensils. There are tanks for clean and used water.

The bathroom is not provided, but there is space for a portable toilet and a hot shower outside. Also on the external surfaces you can install the bike carrier and an extra trunk.

Mini-house on wheels on the river bank Mini-house on wheels: kitchen with refrigerator Mini-house on wheels: on the back wall there is a bicycle

On the Ecombo roof, a device is installed on the photocells with a battery of 130 ampere-hours, to which LED lighting lamps and kitchen appliances are connected.

Mini-house on wheels with photocells for kitchen appliances and lighting

In a house that is not afraid of corrosion, with an autonomous power supply and an additional tent it is convenient to travel and be close to nature. However, while Ecombo can be bought at a price of about 39,000 US dollars only in New Zealand.