Interesting ideas for design of a private house number

Original house number design

Beautiful house room design

Each house without exception has its own number. But who are interested in boring numbers and tablets? We present to your attention 10 original ideas for the design of the house number.

1 Large numbers on the sliding gates are a great way to attract the attention of people looking for your house among a variety of buildings. Design of a modern private house

House number on the gate

2 An incredibly bright pendant plate with the number will become the hallmark of your house and add a little color to the gray facade. House number on a bright background

Number on the bright plate

3 The neon number will be clearly noticed by those who decide to visit you in the late evening or even at night, but the most interesting is that you can choose absolutely any color that corresponds to the facade or interior of the house. House number with neon lights

Neon Number

4 One of the most unique ways to display the address and add an interesting element to the terrace design is to engrave the house number on a concrete block. House number on the fence

Number on the concrete slab

5 Stand out among other houses will help the combination of numbers and words on a wooden platform. House number on a wooden board

Combination of words and figures in the house number

6 The most interesting option: set the numbers on a low partition slightly further from the house, on a panel of the same material from which the walls of the building are made. House number on the fence

Number on the partition

7 You can also draw attention to the font and highlighting that will highlight your number among others. House number with light

Backlighting of the house number

8 Even a classic can be a unique element, because many people tend to choose simple options, for example, the usual minimalist room on the front door. House number on the door

Classic house number

9 The house number should not just be attached to the wall: set the figures on a bright platform with a small compartment for the plants. Succulents under the house number

House number on a bright platform

10 And, finally, if the house number consists of several numbers, why not place them in a vertical line? House number from large digits

Big figures in the room number