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Round table by the couch

The house is the place where we rest, we are charged with energy, we gain strength. Therefore, the arrangement of a house or apartment is an important matter for everyone. Always want to have a nice atmosphere at home, but the atmosphere is cozy. Beautiful decoration, original design, comfortable furniture, exquisite decor - necessary components of home comfort. In our time, the market for design services is developing at a high pace, so the interior design of the house is not a big problem. Now find a good designer for designing your home's interior will not be difficult. The specialist will help to plan both the interior design of a country house and an ordinary apartment.

Style is a harmoniously created image that proportionally combines forms with content. Each of the existing design styles has its own specifics, as well as special distinctive features. This or that style can be used both in a pure form, and in combination with the elements of another. But in order not to "break wood", it is necessary to understand which styles are combined with each other, and which are not, so that the room does not repel tastelessness.

Mirror on the Minaret

But how to choose the one that is right for you? Style should reflect the character of a person, his habits, temperament, preferences. Style is individual, like lines on hands - everyone likes something different. The only question is the choice of the right direction. Listen to yourself, "turn on the esthete", and you will definitely make your house unique, special!

Interior StyleWall decorationFloor coveringCeiling decorationColorsLightingFurnitureDecor
ProvenceFaktur. plaster, wallpaper, paint, prir. a rockFlooring of planks, antique carpetPaint, plaster, trees. beamsCalm, naturalUnobtrusive.Rustic woodenFamily portraits, landscapes, flowers
CountryPutty, plaster, trees. panelsLaminate, parquet, long pile carpetsPlaster, white trees. beamsCalm, warmWarmMassive ancientFigurines, paintings, keram.ware
ArabPaint, wallpaper with patternsTile, cruc. mosaicMulti-step, decor. panelsPastel for background, bright for decorationNon-bright, diffusedArmchairs, sofas, ottomansCrockery, vases, hookah
MinimalismWallpaper, paint, panel, stoneTile, laminateWhite paintContrast of white and darkBrightFurniture-трансформерCh-B photo
High techPaint, wallpaperLaminate, wood, "warm floor"Decor. балкиSilvery, metallicBrightSovrem. technique, furniture-transformerFig. framework, aquarium
EnglishDer. panels, moldings, wallpaperParquetWood, stucco elementsDarkSemi-darknessMassive qualitativeRare collective. subjects
AmericanPaintLaminate, wood, parquet, stone, tilePaintSaturated with accentsGoodIn one styleOriginal. statuettes
ChaletWood, stoneWood, stoneWood, plasterPastelWeakMassive with leather. coatedFireplace, stuffed animals

Bright sofa near the decorative fireplace White sofa and black armchairs in the living room  A picture with illumination above the sofa  Unusual table at the sofa  Black wall in white interior  Table and sofa in front of TV and fireplace

Provence style - harmony of the French hinterland

If you are tired of the dynamic bustle of the metropolis, you dream of a quiet and peaceful life somewhere on the outskirts of the village or in a cozy house on the ocean - the style of Provence will bring your dreams to life. Especially suitable for a provence for the interior design of a country house or a cottage.

Interior with light furniture

This stunning style, which began its history as early as the 17th century, will allow you to plunge into the cozy fairy tale of an ancient French village. Its distinctive features:

  • gentle light colors in the interior;
  • natural fabrics materials;
  • high ceilings with beams;
  • affected by time of boardwalk or stone floors;
  • aged furniture;
  • decor of flowers, floral patterns on tablecloths and curtains.

Light, slightly careless decoration of walls made of stone or brick, high ceilings with beams, antique furniture and household items, light curtains made of chintz or satin, ancient boxes, candlesticks, tender bouquets of wildflowers will help you arrange your cozy nest in the style of Provence. This French style has amazingly combined a subtle grace with rural simplicity.

Pistachio interior of the living room White furniture and stone walls  Mirror over the fireplace in the living room  Picture above the bed  White sofa by the window  Pictures above the sofa

Country — самобытность и широта сельского духа

Помещение в стиле кантри, как и прованс, своим обустройством напоминает тихий уютный сельский домик. Правда кантри берет свои корни от быта и культуры не одного народа, а нескольких абсолютно разных. Country славится своим многообразием, вариантами дизайнерских решений. Существуют английский, скандинавский, немецкий, американский и другие его подвиды, каждый содержит свои, присущие его народу, особенности. Однако в стиле кантри есть общие черты, которые помогут отличить его от других:

  • the dominant role of natural materials in decoration and decoration;
  • ethnic characteristics of the subspecies of the country (originality);
  • natural "natural" colors of the interior;
  • a wide variety of textiles in decor with embroideries and homespun articles;
  • Furniture and utensils, inherent in rural homes.

If you are close to a calm atmosphere and the breadth of the rural spirit - the country style is exactly right for you. When planning the interior design of your home in the country style, consider the national characteristics of the chosen country. Put your soul and love into home improvement, then the result will not make you wait!

A room made of wood Bedroom with chic interior  An old chandelier in the living room  Letters on the wall in the bedroom  Fish from the tree on the wall in the living room  Firewood next to the fireplace

Arab стиль — роскошная яркость и колорит восточной культуры

The Arab style has a fundamentally different character and features. Luxury and splendor, richness of colors distinguish the Arabian style from others. Elegant furnishings, exquisite decor - all this will suit a true connoisseur of art.

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Living room with chic interior

Floors in rooms with Arabic style are usually laid out with tiles of a small size or decorated with mosaic, the ceiling is painted with elaborate ornaments reminiscent of the connections of geometric figures or covered with hinged decorative panels, the walls are painted in one color or covered with wallpaper simulating fabrics with stunning ornaments. Arab mansions like bright shades: usually pastel colors are used for decorating walls, but decorations and textiles can contain bronze, emerald, blue, raspberry, and, of course, gold, which is so rich in oriental culture.

Expensive textiles: curtains, pillows carpets with chic murals and good lighting are the necessary elements of the Arab style. Rich chandeliers and lamps from colored glass will be not only objects of illumination, but also a beautiful decor. If you are a connoisseur of oriental culture, be sure to think about the interior of the house in Arabic style.

Interesting floor in the living room Columns in the living room  Landscape on the living room wall  Unusual ceiling in the living room  Sofa next to the bathroom  Pictures above the sofa

Minimalism — простота и свобода

Совершенно другие задачи призван исполнять такой стиль интерьера, как минимализм. Пожалуй, один из самых популярных и, в то же время, критикуемых дизайнерских решений. Minimalism подойдет любителям порядка, спокойствия и размеренной жизни. Этот стиль по душе тем, кто устает от постоянного мельтешения людей и предметов, поэтому дома хочется, чтобы все было минимально навязчиво и на своих местах.

Orange sofa and green walls

Patterns, ryushechki, bows and other elements of decor minimalism categorically rejects. This strict and pragmatic style does not accept anything superfluous:

  • Minimum number of items;
  • Furniture, сливающаяся со стенами;
  • Wide light windows;
  • Mostly, the furniture is a transformer for multifunctionality;
  • Practically complete absence of decor elements (a picture with a monophonic pattern or a black and white photo is suitable for decoration).

To design a room in the style of minimalism, it is better to use simple decoration, neutral colors, blinds instead of curtains, perfectly flat surfaces. The main principle of minimalism is the breadth of space and freedom, so it is better to organize a good illumination of the apartment, division of the room into zones, adhere to ideal proportions and strict symmetry.

Unusual bed in the bedroom Red elements in white interior  White-pistachio interior of the living room  Picture above the bed  Armchair by the bookcase with books  Suspended light in the bedroom

Style hi-tech - in step with the times

The room in the style of high-tech something like minimalism, but it's completely different styles. The main rule of hi-tech is the use of the latest technologies and an abundance of modern gadgets. The owner of such an apartment can rightfully boast that "it keeps pace with the times": the latest models of technology, know-how in the field of domestic life, advanced technologies will certainly delight anyone.

Red chairs and glass table

As a color design in hi-tech style, it is better to use silvery, closer to metallic, shades. Wide space and good lighting, functional furniture and a minimum of decor are the obligatory principles of a room in the style of high-tech. Of the materials used for finishing, mainly plastic, metal and glass. To cover the floors you can buy a laminate or tile, do not forget about the floor heating system!

Excess furniture is not welcome, but in the lamps can be swung, it is only desirable that they emphasize the strict style and were built into the walls or furniture. On the windows - straight curtains without bends, fabrics, mostly - synthetics, from the décor - restrained in color novelties of painting and wall clocks. If the unquenchable energy and constant movement forward is your way of life, then you will like hi-tech.

Vase with flowers at the couch Living room with lighting  Sofa in front of the TV  Red floor in the living room  Sunset on a picture on a white wall  Armchair by a decorative fireplace

English стиль — элегантность старины

English aristocrats in style knew a lot. In modern times, it is well suited for the interior of a large country house. From home in the English style blows conservatism and history. If you are intelligent, gallant and restrained manners, you are an entrepreneur, appreciate elegance, then you will be comfortable in such a house.

Wood in the interior of the living room

As materials for the finishing of walls, wooden panels, moldings, consoles or thick wallpaper are welcome, parquet and a beautiful large carpet are suitable for the floor, the ceiling can be made of wood or decorated with stucco elements. Euro-windows do not fit into the English style, replace them with wooden analogs. Dense curtains bright color with fringe - the best solution for the decoration of windows.

В цветовой гамме должны преобладать древесно-темные, коричневые тона, которые также помогут обеспечить легкий полумрак при минимальном освещении. Furniture долговечная, лучшие элементы декора — семейные реликвии (старинные подсвечники, фотографии). Для освещения отлично подойдут лампы с текстильными абажурами и одна массивная люстра на потолке. Обязательный атрибут английского стиля — домашняя библиотека, а также камин, который добавит в атмосферу романтики и умиротворения.

Painting and fixtures on the wall Interior made of wood  Cloth on the walls  Skin by the couch in the living room  Lamps and a picture above the fireplace  Shelves in the wall next to the fireplace

American стиль — демократичность и гармония современной жизни

American стиль очень разносторонен, от него при всей его элегантности и изысканной красоте веет духом простоты и гармонии. Американцы как никто ценят практичность, комфорт и демократичность в выборе, поэтому спроектировать дизайн дома в американском стиле способны люди с разным уровнем достатка.

An interesting feature of the American style is the obligatory presence of the focus of the room, which is most often used a certain piece of furniture with a remarkable element of decor, and around it already have other items.

Mirror over the fireplace

In the American style, they usually plan a large living area with an open-plan layout. At color registration of a premise it is better to use shades:

  • кремовый;
  • beige;
  • sand;
  • milk;
  • chocolate.

Стены и потолки чаще всего окрашивают однотонной краской, в качестве полового покрытия свободы больше: подойдет ламинат, паркет, дерево, камень или плитка, правда ковры используются редко. Furniture обычно подбирается из одной серии и расставляется вдоль стен. Good освещение, качественный текстиль, небольшие оригинальные элементы декора — вот признаки американского стиля. Он отлично подойдет современному ценителю элегантности, комфорта и доступности в одном флаконе.

Original table near the sofa Dining room and living room in one room  Pictures above the sofa  Mirror above the bed  Wardrobes next to the fireplace  Mirror on the Minaret

Interior in chalet style - simplicity and comfort from France

The interior design of a country house often includes the use of natural materials for decoration. One of the styles, involving the use of wood and stone, is the French chalet. Simplicity and comfort is the main motto of chalet style lovers.

Особую атмосферу тепла и комфорта создает камин в центре комнаты, вокруг которого планируется вся остальная обстановка. Основное условие натуральности материалов выполняется декорированием помещения с помощью чучел, шкур животных и теплых мягких ковриков. Furniture должна быть массивной с кожаным покрытием.

Interior with wooden ceiling

The style assumes a muted light, but if you need good lighting, use floor lamps, sconces, table lamps in addition to the main chandelier. The design of the room should take place in pastel natural colors without contrasting accents: beige and brown colors are perfect. For textile processing, purchase natural fabrics, for example, linen. The design of the room can be accompanied by interesting accents to the elements of the decor.

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The style of the chalet will appeal to the lover of nature and naturalness in everything. Features of the style suggest that it is better to design such a design for the residents of the cottage. In an ordinary apartment, it will be difficult to achieve the desired effect.

Sofa and table opposite the fireplace Living room with a bright interior  Decor под камень на стене у кровати  Wall decoration деревом и камнем  Pictures on the fireplace  Fireplace in the middle of the room

Features of a modern home interior

The main distinguishing feature of the house today is the greater employment of its owners. The present is such that one has to work hard, spend time outside the home, which often leads to fatigue, depression and even apathy. How can you relax and relax, if even at home "the walls are not pleasing" and everything around is not what it would be like?

Painting on the wall by the couch

The situation at home must be happy and cause only positive emotions. After all, it's home, we come after a hard day to rest and re-energize. Therefore, the home environment should be comfortable. In addition to the correctly chosen basic style, great importance is:

  • Free space in the house. Avoid clutter and excess items, so that the apartment has free seats.
  • Absence of wires in a conspicuous place. Stuck wires are not only ugly, but also unsafe: sooner or later you will stumble over them. Remove them or buy wireless equipment.
  • The right combination of colors in the interior. Use no more than 2-3 well-blended colors.
  • A small number of decor elements. In terms of aesthetics, a lot of decor in one room looks unattractive. Have interior decorations appropriate to make it look beautiful, not tasteless.

Tree in the bright living room Windows of unusual shape in the living room  A bright picture over the sofa  Unusual ceiling lighting  Strip of wood in the interior of the room  Modern living room design

The project of the house: on which room to accent?

When designing a house interior design, consider the following important features:

  • cost of repairs;
  • materials for decoration;
  • favorite colors;
  • liked style;
  • functional and design of furniture;
  • location of objects;
  • other features.

The choice of style is the basis of the future interior design of the house, but do not forget about the purpose and features of the premises, the design of which you are designing. You can use both the general style in the interior of the whole house, and design each room in different ways. And on which of them to focus, decide, based on your own preferences, which room is of particular importance. First, you need to think about how you would like to see each of the rooms.

Piano in the room

Planning the interior of the living room

The living room is considered the "calling card" of every house, because in this room you not only have a rest, spend time with your family, but also with guests. The interior of the living room should emphasize the overall style of the house, which is why it is important to plan it correctly.

Chic chandelier in the living room

When planning the living room, show creative qualities, embody the boldest ideas, so that the room looks elegant and attractive. As a basis, you can choose any style you like: classic, Arabic, high-tech, provence, other styles. For a small living room it is better to use minimalism - it will visually increase the space.

If the living room in the house is conceived as multifunctional, use the division into zones with the help of furniture, lighting and various decoration of the walls. To make a bright accent, focus on one single object, placing it in the center and applying an interesting decor element (for example a coffee table with a beautiful vase). Remember: all elements must be combined, forming a single harmonious style.

Gray-blue interior of the living room Living room with a brown and white design  Orange decor in a light interior  Shelves with illumination in the living room  Patterns on the wall and ceiling in the living room  Pictures on the wall by the fireplace

Interior design of the hallway

Unfortunately, usually the hallway is the darkest little room. In this case, the first impression of the apartment is already spoiled. In this regard, the main objectives of interior design in the hallway is to increase space and organize good lighting.

Backlight in the hallway

Firstly, when decorating an entrance hall, use only light shades. For a floor get a laminate or linoleum in gentle tones, and walls cover with light wall-paper. Secondly, put in the hallway the minimum amount of furniture (more suitable will be modular structures that perform many functions), and do not clutter it with various small details, unnecessary things. Thirdly, if possible, hang mirrors: they visually increase the space and will be an excellent solution for the decor of the hallway.

Attention! Do not use dark colors in the design of the hallway - the space greatly narrows.

The darkness in the room is very easy to remove: install the spot lights in the walls in addition to the main source of lighting. Look at the interior of the hallway from a practical and aesthetic point of view, consider the important points, then you will get a beautiful comfortable room at the entrance to the house.

Sofa in the hallway Blue banquet in the hallway  Blue light on the ceiling  Cabinets for clothes in the hallway  Different flooring in the hallway  Bright pictures in the hallway

Kitchen interior design

Kitchen - one of the most functional in the house places, the interior of the kitchen is of great importance for the modern hostess. In the process of cooking it is important that everything was in place - do not put on the work surface unnecessary items. The room will be decorated with an original design of the kitchen set itself, plus a beautiful finish.

Unusual chairs in the kitchen

For the decoration of the walls of the kitchen, wallpapers are rarely used, mostly the walls are decorated with decorated tiles. When arranging, use all shades of color that you like, most importantly - consider their combination. Observe a single style to avoid inappropriate details.

In the modern style, glossy, metallic, glass surfaces, pastel colors, and even lines in furniture design are popular. If desired, combine the kitchen with the dining room, using the zoning space. To visually increase the small kitchen, use only light colors, use furniture with drawers, sliding doors, niches in the walls. Demonstrate a sense of taste and imagination, because this is your kitchen!

Kitchen furniture of chocolate color Salad white kitchen interior  Kitchen with black and white furniture  Furniture под дерево на кухне  Picture with a night metropolis in the kitchen  Black chandeliers in the white interior of the kitchen

Bathroom interior features

The bathroom is a place where you can not only take a shower, but also relax after a hard day. The interior of the bathroom should be designed so that it is convenient not only to use plumbing, but there was also free space for washing, changing clothes and other procedures. Of course, it is much easier to plan the interior design of a large bathroom, but even if you do not have it, you can and should design a small space so that it is comfortable and pleasant to use the bathroom. How to achieve the desired result?

Black bath

  1. Plan space effectively to get the most from it.
  2. Create the necessary level of lighting. When choosing luminaires, observe safety measures: they must be protected from water ingress.
  3. Use moisture-resistant high-quality finishing materials (mosaic, ceramic tile, marble, stone).
  4. For small bathrooms it is recommended to purchase compact furniture (better hanging cabinets) and plumbing (if there is not enough room for a bathroom, it is better to put a shower cabin)
  5. When designing a bathroom, do not use bright aggressive tones, it is better to use colors that promote relaxation (light blue, green).
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Rug in the form of stones in the bathroom Decorативный камин в ванной  Glass shower next to the bathroom  Strict bathroom design  Corner bath with a step  Shelves with illumination in the bathroom

Design solutions for bedroom design

About the design of the bedroom, as the main place in the house for recreation, you need to take care especially carefully. To get the bedroom of your dreams, you need to provide in it an atmosphere of comfort, pacification for a healthy sleep.

Picture above the bed

It is better to use light soft colors for wall decoration, as a soft floor carpet with a long nap, a furniture besides a bed, which, of course, is the main element of the bedroom, is better to buy a closet with a full-length mirror or a transformer cabinet, It takes up a minimum of space, while allowing to accommodate the necessary things. You can apply color contrast when decorating a bedroom, but so that it looks unobtrusive or emphasize the refined element of the decor in order to give the room its originality.

Plan your bedroom design so that you want to go back again and again.

Bright interior of the bedroom Decorативный камин в спальне  White-orange bedroom interior  Decor из дерева в интерьере спальни  Bedroom with white and gray design  Tree on the floor and wall in the bedroom

Planning the interior design of the children's room

Children are the "flowers of life." Parents always want to provide their child with better living conditions. The design of the interior design of the house with the presence or planning of small family members necessarily includes the layout of the children's room. Here are a few tips to help you when choosing a child's design:

  • Take into account the wishes of the child (after all, he should live in this room, not you).
  • If possible, create a thematic design to create your child's interesting world.
  • Make the room spacious and bright.
  • A child should have a child for development, not idleness. Equip a sports corner if the size of the room allows. And when choosing furniture, in particular a desk, a computer chair, consider the growth of the child so that it does not spoil the posture when doing housework.

Attention! Try not to use too bright aggressive colors in the child's room: remember the instability of the child's psyche.

Children's room with white interior Interesting ceiling in the nursery  Bright floor mat  Children's room with a bright interior  Soft interior in the nursery  Shelves on the wall in the nursery

Tips for designing an interior of a wooden house

Wooden houses in our time are gaining immense popularity, due to their ecological cleanliness and the beauty of wooden buildings. To plan the design of this house, you need to consider some of the features:

  • It is not necessary to organize an epic with interior decoration of walls: wooden walls perfectly fit into any interior and even become its main decoration. For durability, you can cover them with a colorless varnish.
  • To decorate the ceilings most often used beams.
  • It is advisable to cover floors with a laminate or parquet, which is suitable for wooden walls.
  • As one of the materials for finishing it is recommended to use natural stone.

The natural beauty of wooden houses will not leave anyone indifferent. The use of natural materials provides a kind of unity with nature, creates an atmosphere of romance and serenity.

The combination of wood and white walls Sofa and table opposite the TV  Windows on the whole wall in the living room  Mountain view from the living room  Collection of hats on the bedroom wall  Kitchen and dining room in one room

Mansard room decoration

Planning the design of the attic in a country house with their own hands is a difficult task, but interesting, and also quite feasible. First of all, you need to decide on the appointment of the room. Maybe in your view it will be a bedroom, maybe a living room, or maybe a billiard room in general? Then determine the overall style of the room, plan the layout and design elements of the room. In addition, think about how you can emphasize the advantages, and hide the design flaws.

Fireplace in the attic

The most common problems that arise in the design of the attic - is the complexity of work with the ceiling (most often, it is very low) and a small window, which receives little light. All these problems can be solved: invent an interesting finish of such a ceiling, and the window in general can be turned into a "highlight" of the room, decorating it with exquisite curtains.

Bright mat at the couch Bedroom in the attic  Attic with fireplace  Armchair with a lamp by the window  Walls with tiles under the stone in the attic  Living room in the attic

Design of a room with a fireplace

In our time it is difficult to imagine the interior of a country house or a cottage without a fireplace. Often the fireplace is the heart of the home, it is nice to gather around the whole family, and also to retire to read a book or think about the eternal.

Armchairs and table near the fireplace

A fascinating fire with exquisite decoration of the fireplace usually decorates the living room. The installation of this fireplace is a complicated process, time-consuming, and unsafe. Therefore, it is better not to do it yourself. Fortunately, modern technology allows you to recreate all the delights of this fireplace with the help of an electric: it is an excellent design element and exudes heat.

Today, electric fireplaces are made with the help of various materials (marble, stone, metal), so it will not be difficult to choose the model that perfectly fits into the interior of your living room.

Pictures on the wall by the fireplace Strict interior of the living room  Unusual chandelier in the living room Shelves with lighting at the fireplace  The hide in front of the fireplace in the living room  Sofas and a round table by the fireplace

Decorating the outside of the house

After decorating the interior inside the house you can deal with exterior decoration. It depends on it, how your house will look from the outside. To make it easier for finishing work, think about what style you would like to decorate the outside of your house, whether it will be combined with neighboring buildings, what color will be the main one, what will be the design features. It is easier to implement a picture in your head.

Tiles on the walls of the house

With external finishing, you can use both natural and artificial materials. The wood trim will allow the house to "breathe", and the stone will be the most durable, durable option. Also, recently, the decoration with brick is popular. Brick - an environmentally friendly material, because of its features, it is able to protect your house from any inclement weather.

Interesting design of the house Backlit house  Tile under the stone on the walls of the house  House with antique decoration  Blumba in front of the house  House with veranda

Arrangement of the yard area of ​​a private house

Arrangement of yard territories of country houses, cottages is called landscape design. Its main task is to achieve the beauty and harmony of the infrastructure of buildings with the surrounding nature, as well as the convenience of their use.

Sofa with cushions in the yard

Before designing, creating the design of your yard, first determine what you want to place there. There are many options:

  • bathroom;
  • gazebo or terrace;
  • Summer shower;
  • playground;
  • trees, bushes, flowers;
  • dog booth;
  • garage;
  • summer cuisine.

First it is recommended to determine the location, the design of the premises, to do their installation, and then proceed to gardening and decorating the site.

Barbecue and arbor in the yard Table and armchairs in the yard  Fireplace in the yard  Folding chairs around the hearth in the yard  Benches around the fire  Playground in the yard

Is it possible to design the interior of the house itself?

Nowadays there is a specialist for any business, and also with interior design. Today, finding a good designer will not be a problem, sometimes the cost of his services causes difficulties. Not everyone can do it. Therefore, the question arises: is it possible to independently design the interior of your house?

Of course, yes. The most important thing is your desire to make your place cozy and special. Stock up on patience: repair is not a matter of five minutes, especially when it comes to the whole house. Be creative and imaginative, and you will succeed!