Optimize the interior of a small house: 9 tips for

Interior of a small house in white color

Interior of a small house: built-in storage system

According to many, the interior of a small house must inevitably experience a shortage of storage space. However, the inability to freely dispose of a horizontal space means only one thing: you need to master the vertical space!

Raise your eyes and you will see a whole world of functional solutions that allow you to unload the floor in the rooms, in order to place furniture in them to your liking and provide convenience in movement to all the inhabitants of the house. Here are ideas for the rational use of vertical space in compact interiors.

1. To reach incredible heights

In an ideal world, cabinets with hard-to-reach shelves do not have space. But in reality, we should not give up the opportunity to use an empty space at the top of the room.

A huge number of things stored in the house, is not in demand for us for weeks or even months. So why do not they find a permanent shelter on those shelves that can only be reached with a ladder (or a familiar basketball player). Things first need to be kept within reach.

Tip: Plan the design of the storage system so that its upper compartments remain open and you can easily see the objects lying on them. For complete confidence, you can mark boxes and containers using labels with labels and colored labels.

Cabinet with bright drawers in the interior of a small house

2. Catch the inspiration on the hook

Wall hooks can become a real salvation in a situation where wardrobes and chests of drawers are sorely lacking. Complete the hooks of the walls throughout the house: in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the laundry, in the playroom and even in the bedroom. And then all the necessary things will always be at your fingertips.

The photo shows the entrance area of ​​a small house, whose owners abandoned the idea of ​​installing a roomy cabinet in favor of time-tested and accessible hooks. A large cloth basket and a pair of chairs enhanced the functionality of this interior.

Tip: Hooks should be placed at some distance from each other so that the things hanging on them do not create chaos.

Hooks for clothes on the wall in the interior of a small house

Do not forget that the shelves have lower surfaces, to which you can also attach hooks. Before us - a tiny kitchen with a shelf that crosses the window opening. It is completely occupied by frying pans and pans, and tables remain free for culinary searches of the mistress.

Dishware storage systems in the interior of a small kitchen

The lack of space in the kitchen is an excellent occasion to turn again to the idea of ​​hanging tea cups and mugs on hooks and pins, very popular in the past. Bright dishes will decorate the interior.

Hooks for cups in the interior of a small house

3. Narrow the range

It would seem that such narrow compartments, and how many books and bottles of wine they contain. It's all about design: the built-in mini shelves are deeply embedded in the piers, which are usually quite difficult to find practical use.

Wine and book shelving in the interior of a small house

Narrow vertical shelves, mounted on the wall on either side of the doorway, can be used to store flat items such as trays, trays and shallow dishes. A shelf above the lintel is better to take the dishes that you use only from time to time, or decor items to your taste.

Shelves around the doorway in the interior of a small house

In the absence of a place for a bar, you can use the idea of ​​installing a built-in wine cabinet - a minimum depth, so that the bottles on its shelves are in one row. This kind of grid will turn it into a focal element of the interior.

A rack for bottles in the interior of a small kitchen

4. Look behind the door

The inner surface of the door is an area that is usually not used at all. In the nursery, it should be occupied by hanging baskets or specially sewn pockets to store toys in them. This idea works well in the bathroom: towels, cleaning tools or hygienic accessories can be folded into large baskets.

Tip: Before following this advice, make sure that there is enough space behind the door for its free opening. In some cases, rubber stoppers may be needed on the floor.

Bag for storing toys in the interior of a small child

In the laundry there are always doors, as a washing machine is a source of noise that nobody wants to hear. Instead of trying to squeeze the ironing board into a narrow gap between the wall and anything else, hang it on the door. To do this, you need a pair of strong hooks.

Tip: be sure to take into account the quality of the door itself and do not try to hang on it something more heavy than it is able to withstand.

Hook for storing the ironing board in the interior of a small laundry

The photo shows an example of the implementation of the budget idea of ​​storing children's books. Transparent pockets will perfectly cope with this task. Many, however, prefer to use such devices for storing shoes.

Pockets for storing books on the door in the interior of a small house

5. Expand the shelves

Open shelves, hanging high enough, will accommodate a large number of things and create the illusion of space. If you do not want them to stand out too much, paint them in the color of the walls. And you can buy shelves from tempered glass. Or do you prefer contrasting combinations?

Open shelves in the interior of a small house

Small shelves in the form of boxes are ideal for use in rented apartments. In order to hang them, you do not need to damage the walls too much. To move such regiments to another place is not at all difficult. The main thing is that they should be light, and they should not be overloaded.

Open hanging shelves in the interior of a small house

6. Line up

Cumbersome cabinets are not the best option for compact bedrooms. Small people have small-sized clothes, and besides it is very light, so the bar attached to the wall or ceiling is perfectly suitable for storing a children's wardrobe. Such a composition will look bright and cute!

Hanger for clothes in the interior of a small house

If you managed to allocate space for a small guest bedroom, most likely, the whole area will be occupied by a bed and a night table. Fortunately, relatives who have arrived for a couple of days usually do not have a lot of things with them, so a wall hanger with hooks will be enough for them.

Hanger for clothes in the interior of a small bedroom

Some storage systems provide the possibility of installing retractable clothes rods.

Retractable clothes hanger

7. Release books at will

Lovers of reading sooner or later face the situation when the number of books in their home reaches a critical level. Parting with your favorite volumes is beyond everyone's power, but the hanging shelves are an option that everyone will like.

The intricate module on the photo only looks like a toy: it can accommodate as many books as there is a full-fledged shelving.

Open book shelves in the interior of a small house

8. Remove from the table

Reiling with hanging containers or wire baskets will help you to free horizontal surfaces from objects that you can not find a permanent place in any way. It is not necessary to fasten it to the wall - the end part of the kitchen table is also suitable.

Suspended container and basket in the interior of a small house

The most popular place to use this device is the bathroom. In the basket you can add various hygienic supplies.

Suspended container for storage of bath accessories

9. To develop a design trend

Vertical garden - a fashion trend, the popularity of which continues to grow (sorry for the pun). Even if your household plot measures the postage stamp, you will get a chance to demonstrate your horticultural abilities. Lattices, frames and fences will actually double its area.

Suspended flowerpots

And what are the secrets of rational use of space in compact dwellings you own?