Unexpected decoration of a small kitchen, which raised

Kitchen interior with wooden furniture

More air and light

When the owners of the Victorian mansion in Richmond, England, talked about their vision of their new kitchen, the key points were the modern design, the functional use of space and the opportunity to communicate with all members of the family in the process of cooking. Since the management of the family business is carried out directly from home, the owners have plenty of time to practice their favorite hobby - cooking.

The redevelopment of the room was occupied by Johnny Gray, named "The New York Times" one of the most famous and influential designers in the world. He developed a completely unique interior, but at the same time convenient and functional.

Initially, the area of ​​the room was more than modest, and the form did not allow to conveniently place the familiar Furniture for kitchen. In addition, the owners of the house wanted to avoid the typical solutions in the design. The designer successfully coped with the task, installing additional windows in the roof, thanks to which the room is filled with daylight for many hours. The space turned out to be multifunctional and comfortable, combining the working and dining areas, storage compartments and a small home office.

All tables are made of wood and concrete massif, their rounded parts have saved the kitchen from excessive angularity. Gray is an adherent of the curvilinear geometry, demonstrating that the absence of rigid lines allows a person to comfortably settle in a small space, and in practice proves that rounded corners visually increase the room. Interior should correspond to the natural needs of man - that's the credo of a modern designer.

That everyone who is engaged in cooking, could participate in all family occupations, a special concept of the interior was developed. Therefore, the workplace was in the center, the home office - at the end of the corridor, and the dining area - opposite the kitchen island.

Kitchen interior with wooden furniture

Kitchen table-island

The unusual kitchen table-island has an almost diamond-shaped shape, massive legs and a successful combination of light wood and concrete underscore its uniqueness. In its solid top is built a wooden support for knives and a cutting board. Not all people like wooden boards made of wood. And completely in vain, because this material is eco-friendly, easily washable, and the essential oils contained in the tree contribute to the destruction of bacteria.

Unusual island in the center of the kitchen

Unusual island in the center of the kitchen

Built-in stand for knives

Built-in stand for knives

A solid bar allows you to stay behind it to all family members who want to spend time together. All concrete surfaces and supports were made by artisans from Midland under the order.

More details about the design of the surface of the island. For the lining of the working area, a special white tile with platinum inserts was chosen, made according to the sketches of Alex Zdankovich. He himself was installed each element.

Tile in the interior светлой кухни

Tile in the interior

To indicate the boundaries of the white facade, a light night illumination is used. Also in the interior is widely used halogen and LED lighting, emphasizing a special design style of decoration.

Lighting in a white kitchen

Variety of forms of illumination

The wall workspace is incredibly functional. The worktops are made of excellent marble, and aluminum blinds hide kitchen equipment in cases where it is not used.

Ideal place for storing kitchen utensils and stock of products.

Like many designers, Johnny Gray insists on using storage in the kitchen. This allows you to unload space from excess furniture. For the lining of the walls of the storeroom, tiles of the 19th century, miraculously preserved in the family of customers, were used. An elegant pattern on its surface emphasizes eclectic design kitchen.

Pantry in eclectic style

Pantry - greetings from the past

Special compartment for spices, located to the right of the pantry, is very functional and accommodates dozens of jars, bottles and boxes. In order not to distract attention from the white facades of cabinets, the designer made his semicircular doors from metal of a calm shade.

Compartment for spices на кухне

Compartment for spices

In the far corner of the kitchen there is a small cupboard for storing the vacuum cleaner, brushes and other cleaning tools.

Vacuum cleaner cabinet на кухне

Vacuum cleaner cabinet

The home office is at the end of the corridor, next to the glass door and directly under the ceiling window, so that throughout the day it is filled with natural light. A convenient maple table forms a compact combination with a shelf for books and documents. A bright Nepal carpet on the floor indicates the boundaries of spaces with different functions.

Home Office на кухне

Home Office