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Decorative fence

Owners of private property always try to improve the area around the buildings. Create a special design style of the fence, internal fences, harmonizing not only with the facade, but also the surrounding landscape. Beautifully made external fence, which forms a single composition with the house, stands out for its exclusivity among monotonous buildings. In a single architectural ensemble with pronounced neighbors' exteriors, it brings its color to the overall architectural style.

ProtectiveIf installed as an external barrier.
DecorativeComplementing the general view of the building, improving the compatibility with the landscape.
ZoningThe allocation of individual places on the inside of the homeownership.
RestrictiveBlocking free site visits by animals, young children.

Metal fence A small fence for a flower bed  Beautiful colored fence  Fence made of bamboo  Lattice fence  Wooden fence

The construction of artificial fences by its own forces has some peculiarities.

Without knowledge, experience with material, you first have to study the topic, acquire practical skills.

Before creating them, first determine the functions that will perform the fence. The structures, installed as an access barrier, must be a reliable protection of the system from external encroachments. With this appointment, it is necessary to take care of strong supports, the foundation of the future structure. The erection of wooden barriers will require special processing of fence elements. Impregnation, painting will increase the life of the fence. Working with any blanks requires the skill of safe handling. We must not forget that glass elements are fragile, require increased caution when working, protecting against cuts.

Beautiful fence made of bamboo

Selection of material, advice on selection

Fences, as the scenery are not designed for long-term exploitation. Over time, the owners may want to change the design to a more attractive one. Or there will be new ideas, fantasies of registration of an internal personal space. Therefore, for the construction of palisades, fences, it is convenient to use even short-lived materials. The most common, the remains:

  • plastic;
  • wood;
  • bricks;
  • glass;
  • stone;
  • rubber;
  • concrete;
  • metal.

White wooden fence

Some craftsmen create combined structures that have their own color, appeal. And apart from manual labor, they do not require financial expenses. Following practicality, it is better to choose workpieces, which will be familiar, it is convenient to work. The most common for creating picturesque fences is a tree. Properly prepared elements of the construction can operate the structure for up to 10 years. The tree is easily processed, takes the necessary forms. Glass, plastic bottles are the most affordable, convenient when creating a quick fencing.

Types of decorative fencings from improvised materials

Own creation of artificial barriers from improvised means, which is abundant in the farm, does not require special efforts. The main types of decorative fences:

  • flowerbed;
  • palisadnikovye;
  • water reservoir;
  • garden;
  • sectional;
  • ceremonial;
  • zoning;
  • security.

Low fence for decoration Beautiful white fence  Modern fence  Fence with illumination  Red fence  A simple fence near the house

The front gardens are protected by wooden mini fences. On the flower beds, stone curbs, miniature fences, plastic tape are used. Beautifully look pre-painted plastic bottles, installed along the perimeter of the bed. Zoning fences can be made in the same style for all zones. Individually selected for each site separately. Small metal fences are decorated with garden paths, reservoirs, located on the plot. The front entrance of the house is ennobled with exquisite fences, effectively looking at the general background of the facade.

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Decorative fences made of wood

It is easy to make a wooden fence. Requires thin boards, the size of which is determined by the appointment of the fence. To separate flowers from lawns, paths use low fences. With limited access to children, pets are selected from a height of 0.4 m. The configuration of the planks is created from simple triangles topping the decorative fence from the tree to the cut out complex figures. Two blades are stuffed with blanks closely or at a certain distance from each other. Finished sections are digged into the prepared trench. It is possible to establish columns on which to fasten a board fence flush with the ground.

Decorative fence из светлого дерева Log fence  Wide fence  East style  Fence for the flower bed  Fence fence for gazebo

Wooden fence-lattice is collected from the slats. First prepare the contour, and then placing the slats connect them to the base. Between themselves, the elements of the structure are fastened with nails and screws. The sections are installed, fixed to previously buried supports. Even easier to make a wattle fence from the branches of the trees. Optimal version of the willow vine. Between the hammered wooden poles fit prepared branches.

A rock

The erection of impressive stone structures will require the installation of a reliable foundation. A small stone fence does not need a support. Elements of the structure are laid back and provide the shape of flower beds, flower beds, beds. Placed in several rows, they block access to pets, toddlers. For reliability, they are placed on a concrete solution. The most convenient corner stone, it is convenient to stack on each other. The position of the buta in one layer is close to each other, fences of beds, ornaments of garden paths are applied.

Stone decorative fence Decor of stone fence  A rock в основании забора  Fence from wide boards  Classic decorative fence  Block concrete fence

It is possible to make zoning with granite of various sizes, separation of ridges. If there is a small pond on the site, a spring, then the stone is the most suitable decorative element. High granite barriers - reliable external protection of the territory. The construction of a serious system will require the skills of preparing concrete mortar, laying stone, equipping the foundation with a structure. If you set yourself the goal of creating a house with such a fence with your own hands, then having studied the construction business it will not be difficult to erect a structure that will stand for decades.


Bottles of glass are the most common raw materials, which are available to almost every owner of the house. The artificial fence near the flowerbed, the fencing of the garden paths looks very original on the site. Glass bottles are raw unassuming, withstands all weather disasters. Collect the right amount will not be difficult. To increase the strength inside, sand is covered. Beautifully look transparent bottles, pre-filled with painted fine gravel. A glass fence for beds made from bottles will last for many years. The technology of placement is simple: digging the neck down, half the height.

Glass fence

Some home designers like a different layout. They place bottles up with the same plugs. Laying is made in a trench at an angle. This option gives the flowerbed, bed of a special kind.

Glass fence


The simplest tool in the zoning of flower beds is brick. The presence of residues can be used as an artificial fence. To create a flower girl, you will have to master simple masonry skills. Territorial ennobling is performed by styling type:

  • "Zig Zag";
  • Chess;
  • "Vertical".

При кладке зигзагом материал располагают друг на друга с уклоном в 45°. Чтобы элементы стояли надежно выкапывают сначала канавку. Brickи укладывают в нее шахматным порядком, друг на друга с небольшими зазорами, которые заполняют цементным раствором. При кладке в вертикаль один ряд ставят вертикально на определенном расстоянии друг от друга, чтобы можно было положить второй ряд плашмя сверху. Фантазия поможет создать из кирпича оригинальные фигуры. Очень часто им обкладывают клумбы формируя ромбы, овалы, квадратные, прямоугольные фигуры.

Brickное основание для забора


Most often, plastic bottles are used to install flowerbeds from them. You can paint the workpieces in colorful colors. Such a fence will initially frame the beds. Forms are diverse, as far as fantasy is enough. First, the groove is half-heighted by the perimeter of the bottle. Then they are placed end-to-end to each other, covered with earth, compacted. The neck up or down depends on the preferences of the site owner. If the old vinyl records are buried, you can also attach them by placing the perimeter of the beds.

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Plasticовый забор

The formation of flower beds is also performed from sheet plastic. This is convenient when it is necessary to stop the vegetation spreading by the roots. The height of the plastic sheet is selected taking into account the depth to which it should be placed.


Old car tires are good for arrangement of small flower beds, flower beds. In the middle, pour in the soil, plant the seedlings. Some gardeners are engaged in growing strawberries in such improvised beds. Preliminarily, at certain distances, the tires are cut out for seeding holes. The chambers are then stacked vertically. Each tier is filled with earth. The system is stable, so you can place up to 6-8 rubber chambers. After that, the improvised bed is planted with strawberries. The method is convenient when a small plot of land is small. Cameras can be preliminarily whitewashed with lime, painted.

Fence of rubber

For high-quality watering in the center of the column, install a plastic pipe with drilled holes. If necessary, water is poured into it, which gradually flows to the roots of the plants.


Metalические системы удобны для создания декоративных оград. Обычно это маленькие заграждения, устанавливаемые с целью зонирования, украшения территории. Работа с металлом потребует определенных навыков, инструмента. Чаще всего используется электросварка. Сначала подготавливаются отдельные элементы конструкции, затем их сваривают между собой. Такие огорожи прочные, могут устанавливаться вбиванием опорных элементов в землю. Остатки металлопрофилей удобно использовать в зонировании клумб.

Design metal fence Wire fence  Forged fence  Metalический забор из рабицы  Semicircular fence made of metal  Wicker fence for garden

Many gardeners who grow raspberries, blackberries use them as a restrictor to spread the roots of the plant. On the perimeter of the berry, dig a trench to a depth of 20-30 cm, install a metal profile. Then they fill it with earth, they compact it. In the future, the roots of raspberries, other vegetation can not spread throughout the garden.


Artificial fencing made of concrete is easy to make by oneself. First of all, it will be necessary to master the technique of preparing the solution, the proportions of its constituents. For massive exterior fences, the foundation is first laid out. A trench is excavated, a wooden formwork is installed along the perimeter. The created box is poured with the prepared solution. Small fences made of concrete for flower beds do not require foundation.

Beautiful concrete fence

Prepared forms are filled with a solution, maintained until a desired strength is obtained. After that, the formwork is dismantled. The formed volume is filled with earth, planting plants, flowers. From concrete make small flower beds, which are installed at the front entrances to the house, cottage. Common forms: rhombuses, squares, circles, rectangles, ovals.


Decorative fences from living plants are very popular with many owners of houses, cottages. The main thing is to find the appropriate seedlings of the desired species, quantity. It can be trees with a falling crown, densely growing shrubs. Villagers often arrange live barred from the blackberry. The plant is unpretentious, growing at a rapid pace. Distributed by the root system, so you have to equip the underground barrier.

Wicker fence for a flower bed

The natural hedge of blackberry is the cheapest option of arranging a natural hedge. The main thing is not to run uncontrolled sprawl. You can create a natural hedge from the following plants:

  • Grapes of the girlish;
  • Honeysuckle;
  • A climbing rose;
  • Schisandra;
  • Ivy

When choosing a live fence, it is necessary to pay attention to how plants transfer pruning. Some, like juniper, are intolerant of such procedures. Therefore, if these plants are planted, then it is necessary to give them the opportunity to grow freely.


In the arrangement of the adjacent territory, gabions are also used. To create your own hands you will need a metal mesh with a certain mesh size. First, they collect a rigid cage, which is covered with an available mesh. Gabions are made with an anti-corrosion coating. The cage in the grid is made depending on the size of the filler.

Elegant fence from the slats Fence from the beams  High fence made of wood  Fence-lattice made of wood  Low fence near the house  White decorative fence

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The system is created by welding individual wires together. Small gabions of cylindrical shape are used as a separate decor on the site. You can plant plants or assemble a composition from individual elements. The main thing is to have the skills of welding metals. Gabion filler: butyl, gravel, pebbles, granite. Well look arranged in them flower gardens. You can diversify the terrain of the site in small forms, having acquired a ready-made grid, independently having given the necessary geometry, having strengthened by rigid edges.

Decorative fence of branches by own hands

An interesting fence, like decoration, protection of a personal plot is a tuna or a wicker fence. This type of arrangement has ancient roots. It was a common kind of fencing of past centuries. It is made from improvised branches, sticks, vines. Today's landscape design has made the decor of branches quite popular. The building is ecologically clean, natural. This element of Slavic culture has become fashionable today. It can be installed in the garden or protected from the access of animals and children by other grounds of the farmstead. The technology is simple: branches cut from bushes are weaved into established supports, pegs.

Braided fence with own hands

Preparatory work

As a raw material, two groups of elements of a wicker hedge are prepared: supports, rods. For the first thick branches with a diameter of 6-8 centimeters are suitable. You can use metal pipes, wooden poles. The basic principle - the higher the support, the thicker the bars can be used in the weave. Material is harvested from fruit trees, willow, birch. Also suitable are rods from maple, poplar. Harvesting is carried out in the spring, before the sap movement at the trees. In dry, hot weather, it is allowed to cut the rods in summer. The branches are separated at angles of 40-60 °. The dew from the fresh cut pieces is fused. It is allowed to prepare for future use, but before use, the rods are soaked in hot water. Wooden supports are treated with impregnation, they are burned and milled. The most optimal poles are from larch, which does not rot.

Fence of branches

Basic work

After the preparation of the materials, they start the main work. First of all, the pillars are buried. For a fence with a height of one meter, the supports are slaughtered to a depth of at least 0.3 meters. A one-and-a-half-meter wall will require the penetration of poles to 0.5 m. When constructing a low tuna, the excavation of the pillars produces 0.2 m. The distance between the supports is 0.4-0.5 m. The greater thickness of the rods makes possible the more rare installation of poles.

It is important to observe the exact distance between all supports.

Country wicker fence

On the edges of both sides of the hedge are hammered three pillars each, a distance of 0.20-0.25 m from each other. This is done for the purpose of rigid fixation of the vine in the initial, final sections. Then we twist the rods, installing in turn the blanks between the supports. The lower rows of the vine need to be fixed with wire, buried in the ground for 10-15 cm. The subsequent layers of branches are attached with wire around the frame. Begin woven from the thicker side of the rods, overlapping the thin ends of the branches.

After passing three, four rows, the vines must be compacted. It is done by tapping on them with a hammer. The panicles of the endings on the vines are pre-cut. If you use cattails, reeds - laying between the pillars produce an armful of material. After the end of the work, the fence is decorated with national ornaments, antique utensils. To extend the life of the coating, the structure is lacquered.

Braided fence from slats


The options for creating elegant, practical obstacles for various purposes are many. It is necessary to acquire a tool, to start studying carpentry, building and to work out skills. The choice of improvised means for the rapid decoration of the flower garden will take a couple of minutes. Flower beds can be arranged in concrete tanks filled with earth. Such flowerbeds adorn the front entrances, placing them along the perimeter of the porch. Beautifully looked, and in the heat create coolness of the weaving species of plants. Of these, it is easy to create green walls that bloom and amaze with their beauty during the flowering period. On a private plot, you can always create exclusive decors, easily dismantled parts of fences. Fences protecting plants from attacks of poultry, animals, children's pranks.