Small house: the path from the emergency garage to the

Small house with a plot

A small house in the backyard

A small house, which appeared on the site of the garage, was designed by the Khelpslup family. The decision to demolish an old waste building came to them for a long time, but they did not know how to dispose of a new place. The new mini-cottage grew at the far end of the garden, saving a lot of space and decorating the site.

The facade of the building was left without windows to ensure the privacy of the possible tenant. Between the houses a garden is broken, which serves as additional protection for the house.

Large window in the living room

Large window in the main room

Sometimes family friends stay here, but most of the time the building is rented out. The owners paid special attention to the ratio of quality and prices of raw materials. The house itself is built of structurally insulated panels, and on the outside the walls are lined with metal sheets.

In the cottage there are several furnished rooms: a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. Two walls are glazed completely, but garden trees reliably hide the interior from prying eyes.

Interior of a small country house

Main room

In the center of the building there is a kitchen equipped with a stove, an extractor, a fridge and a sink. Throughout the day the house is beautifully illuminated in a natural way, and at the same time it is equipped with LED-lighting, which provides comfortable conditions in the dark.

Bathroom in a small country house

Door to the bathroom

The glazing of the window in the bathroom is frosted, not interfering with the penetration of daylight from outside, but reliably protects the interior from prying eyes. In the same way, the door leading to the corridor is framed.

Matt window in the bathroom


The pride of designers was the display of the construction of a gable roof in the interior.

Triangular window in the bedroom


Owners of the house very scrupulously relate to the personal freedom of tenants. The buildings are not connected and even sufficiently removed from each other so that their inhabitants feel as comfortable as possible.

Path to guest house

View of the guest cottage from the main house

Sketches clearly illustrate the thoughtfulness and convenience of planning the house. On the left is the bedroom, on the right is the living room.

Plan of a country house

Plan home

It is enough to look at this plan to understand how the new building is intimately located (highlighted in yellow).

Planning of a country house with a plot

Drawing of the site and the adjacent territory

We need to pay tribute to the Hellslup family - the cottage turned bright, the planning is rational, and the interior is attractive. Many people dream of glass walls, but do not know that they can have such an interesting shape.