Fresh trends in painting the walls in the apartment

Painting walls with paint is becoming an increasingly popular form of decoration. The use of paints enhances the possibilities of decorating in the chosen style. For this, it is only necessary to decide: in what color to paint the walls?

Even a monochromatic white wall becomes a field for the manifestation of fantasy. It is decorated with patterns, artistic compositions and decorative elements.

  • Nuances when painting walls
  • Trends and design options for wall painting
  • Combinations of colors for painting walls

Nuances when painting walls

Nuances when painting walls

It is important to use reasonable combination of colors for painting walls. There are certain combinations:

  • related shades: pastel, neutral or classic black and white;
  • the principle of degradation is applied - the transition from a dark palette to a light one;
  • Combining colors with brightness and saturation.

When combining colors, a paint tape is used, which allows you to separate clear boundaries.

For registration of borders, moldings, mosaics and slats are used.

When geometric painting is worth paying attention to the saturation of the color scale. The combination of a bright wall and graphic configurations is used on one of the walls. Thus, a certain zone is allocated: a game zone, a dining room or a recreation area.

Dark shades are used in the interior, but the rule of application of colors is observed: no more than 3-4 shades are used. In this case, bright tones are combined with muffled ones.

Dark shades are applied in the interior, but the rule of application of colors is observed

There are different options for painting walls:

  1. Considering examples of painting the walls in the apartment, you can choose the coloring in one color. In this case, the surface is covered in several layers of paint with a roller.
  2. Textured paint is characterized by a heterogeneous relief, which is obtained by using various devices, from special rollers to a piece of polyethylene or cloth. With this method, several colors of paint are used. A background is created, and a pattern is applied from above.
  3. An effective technique is artistic painting.
  4. An interesting solution is the use of a stencil.

Trends and design options for wall painting

Trends and design options for wall painting

Repair requires financial effort and effort, so it is so important to correctly define the design and color palette. Being interested in fresh trends, do not forget that the fashion is changeable, and the repair is done for several years ahead. But some tendencies of painting the walls will be relevant for a long time.

They should be studied in more detail:

  1. A classic element is a zigzag. This pattern is applied carefully so as not to overdo it. For painting, not bright colors are used: silvery, pistachio or light gray. Do not put a similar pattern on the walls, which are constantly in sight.
  2. The wave does not belong to strict geometric figures. This element is used on a certain site or on one of the walls. It contains several alternating shades of a certain color. Waves are applied to the wall in any direction.
  3. Color blocks are suitable for gaming spaces. It is recommended to apply colored elements gently and use a harmonious palette. This option is suitable for decorating a dining room or kitchen.
  4. The original idea is the use of alternating strips. Decorative ornaments are combined with the main background. In a room with white walls, a strip of color palette or achromatic scale is used. The beige-brown room will be complemented by red, green and blue colors.
  5. The diamond is an accent spot and allows you to replace some interior items. This pattern is used in rooms that are deprived of furniture.

Color has a great influence on the quality of sleep.

Before painting any picture, the walls are leveled. After all, joints and cracks will spoil the effect of any ornament.

To apply patterns, paint is applied with a mother-of-pearl effect, which helps to create shiny panels.

When deciding which color to paint a bedroom, it is worthwhile to consider a pastel palette of Scandinavian style or use a combination of white and black when creating lace patterns.

Color has a great influence on the quality of sleep. Therefore, when painting walls, harmonious combinations are selected.

In the trend, the use of natural colors. This combines red and green colors. Or choose the shades of turquoise and gold. If you like the autumn motives, then we should consider the orange-red palette. Floral motives are considered as an actual trend.

An extravagant solution is to attract plant drawings or animalistic patterns in the Russian style.

In fashion, painting the walls of the kitchen with slate paint. On this surface you can draw with chalk.

Combinations of colors for painting walls

Combinations of colors for painting walls

How to paint a room in two colors and how difficult is it? It is difficult not in the process of staining, but in the selection of suitable shades. With a scant choice you need to achieve harmony and skillful combination of colors.

When choosing a color, the psychological characteristics of a particular person, the illumination of the room and its purpose are taken into account. In addition, the dimensions of the room are taken into account.

Painting the walls in different colors is suitable for apartments with a small area. At the same time, the room dimensions are adjusted and the room is divided into several working areas.

  1. For bedrooms it is necessary to select complementary colors or shades of the same color, the combination of which will help restore peace and psychological comfort.
  2. Children's rooms and kitchens are decorated with contrasting colors. In this case, the rooms are perceived zoned.

Successful solutions are a combination of yellow-brown with beige, dark brown and dark blue or a combination of cream and light beige.

Successful solutions are the combination of yellow-brown with beige

Do not use gray with blue. With a combination of two colors, some one should dominate.

Any color allows you to visually change the area of ​​the room. Cold shades look more remote. Blue, green and blue colors visually expand the space.

Warm tones appear closer to the eyes. In this case, the predominance of orange, red or yellow will make the room compact and cozy.

The right color choice allows you to create the right atmosphere in the room. And knowing the rules of the combination of colors and modern trends will help create a unique and stylish interior.