Cloakroom in odnushke - is it real?

To store all things in one place is convenient and pleasant, but this requires a lot of space. In one-room housing each square meter is worth its weight in gold, but this does not mean that the dressing room is not accessible to him. Of course, it will not be the same as in Hollywood movies, but interesting ideas of storage of things can always be implemented.

  • Ten Useful Tips
  • How to independently make a dressing room

In most cases, people complaining of a lack of living space, suffer from a lack of skills to use it, rather than from its lack. You need to be able to keep things and this applies not only to clothing.

How to store things in a one-room apartment

Ten Useful Tips

Properly dispose of personal items is capable of not only a dressing room in a small apartment. The creative design and experience of long-living people in the same people gave rise to a number of useful tips, thanks to which you can competently organize valuable space:

  1. On the wall in the hallway or on the balcony you can hang a bicycle, as well as musical instruments on the walls. Just take care of a reliable fastening system.
  2. Instead of traditional shelves, you can use baskets. Based on the interior, they can be woven from a vine or wire. These are handy and mobile items that designers often include in alternative tips, where to put clothes on.
  3. To add shelves more privacy put things in separate containers or baskets, and only then put them on the shelves.
  4. If one wall is occupied by a shelf with shelves, paint the design in one color with a palette of the interior. This will give the room more harmony.
  5. The doors of cabinets can also be equipped with shelves.
  6. Another useful tool is hanging pockets for shoes. They can also be placed on the doors of the cabinet and make room for the shoe cabinet.
  7. In storage systems, like pockets for shoes, you can store underwear or hosiery.
  8. In the bathroom you can install more corner shelves, where it will be convenient to store personal care products.
  9. Magazines and newspapers are conveniently placed in a plate dryer or in grids suspended from a table.
  10. You can get rid of blocking the kitchen with perforated tiles. In its holes are inserted hooks and suspend pans or other utensils.
  11. Get the drawers under the bed. An alternative is plastic containers. They can store old or seasonal clothes.

It is important to use the space of a one-room apartment competently. Cabinets and shelves are easy to fill, but the equipment of a small room is a skill that comes with experience.

How to independently make a dressing room

How to independently make a dressing room

If a full dressing room in the same room is needed and can be installed, it's time to determine what it will be. Its "filling" depends on the number of things. If you hang in such a closet will only have daily or outerwear, you should allocate more space for the crossbar and shoulders. To save pillows, blankets and other large-sized property should be more deep shelves.

If you do not know how to make a dressing room in your own house, carefully study useful recommendations.

Training is carried out in three stages:

  1. Determination of suitable location. It can be a niche in a room or a corner wall, the main thing is that the design should fit into the room. A wardrobe can replace the furniture wall. It will take the same place, but it will be twice as functional. Designers have long popularized this idea, because there are at least 10 reasons to remove the wall from your apartment.
  2. Drawing of the project. For its implementation, measurements of dimensions are made, the number of shelves and boxes, and their location are indicated.
  3. Procurement of materials. The dressing room is best made of lightweight materials, so drywall is best suited. Also, metal profiles, fasteners and brackets, finishing materials and tools will be needed.

The design can really be made to order, having given your project, but such a pleasure will be costly. The only thing you can not skimp on is fasteners and guides. Their quality depends on the duration of operation.

Work on the installation of a dressing room

The installation of a dressing room consists of the following:

  • The place where the construction will be located, cleaned and primed.
  • Separately form the frame and attach it to the wall.
  • "Skeleton" cloakroom is covered with a heater and plasterboard. This provides additional sound insulation, and also leaves room for wiring.
  • Shpaklyuyut seams, leveling unevenness and priming the entire surface.
  • Carry out the finishing work inside and out. Materials can be any, but it is important that the appearance of the dressing room is combined with the interior of the entire room. The best option - to paint or paper over the wallpaper with the walls.
  • For a floor covering the laminate, linoleum or a tile will approach. Everything depends on material possibilities. Carpet is undesirable for small dressing rooms: it absorbs dirt, and it is difficult to thoroughly clean it in cramped conditions.
  • The interior layout consists of three levels:

- upper mezzanines for hats, hats, travel bags, etc. - the central part with shoulders and shelves - the lower level where the lockers for shoes, boxes for laundry and other things.

  • Conduct electricity and check the ventilation system.
  • Hang mirrors and add the necessary accessories.

Wardrobe in a small odnushke - a convenient place to store many things and the competent use of living space.

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